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Excerpts From The Past

Miscellaneous By: Snowflake7
Literary fiction

I found lots of old random writings in my old high school notebooks, this is an excerpt of one of them. Hope you enjoy (:

Submitted:Mar 8, 2012    Reads: 10    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


I strain to open my eyes, they feel frozen from sleep. I take a deep breath, there is a sense of comfort in the air. Tick, tock, tick, tock, the aluminum clock ticks away, seconds after seconds become past, written in stone, forever unchangeable. I try to look around, but my neck is stiff, I'll have to manage with my peripherals. I look to my left and see a machine monitoring my heart rate. I look to my feet and see I am resting on a small bed and wearing a thin hospital robe. I try to raise my arm, but it feels as if i don't have one. A strange feeling, feeling no part of your body, as if I'm nothing but a connection of thoughts trapped in an immovable shell. The walls around me are a shade of light blue, probably to keep the atmosphere in the room calm. I haven't been here before, I don't know this place. How did I get here? I try to think about the last place I was but I can't remember anything, it's like I can't focus in my head and latch to any memory. I'll try something easy, just to get my brain going. What is two plus two? Four, I answer to myself. I still know some math, that's a good sign. What is my name? My name is... I pause in my mind. I can't recall anyone ever saying my name.
I want to scream for help, call for someone to save me. I am a scream locked inside an empty fragile shell.
The door opens to the left of me, finally someone to help me. A nurse pushes a cart next to me. She pulls out two blue latex gloves and fits them onto her hands. She reaches and grabs something off the cart. I can't see what it is. Does she know I'm awake? Does she know I'm trying to call to her?
She turns to face me with a needle in her hand. She puts the needle into my arm and squeezes the liquid inside me.
I can feel the cold liquid disperse inside of me. I feel it travel through my arm slowly, still, I can't feel my arm, just the cold liquid begin to flow through the hollow shell I'm trapped inside. It begins to move up my shoulder, now it creeps to my neck and splits to a different path. One still continuing up my neck and the other slowly reaches the center of my chest, with my heart beat the cold branches and shoots in all different directions suddenly throughout my body. I feel the liquid pass my eyes, a shivering chill. It engulfs my whole brain. Instead of feeling muscles in my body all I can feel is the liquid coursing through it.
My whole body flinches from the cold, this startles the woman but catches herself and calms herself down. I try to blink, something to get her attention, but I'm still too weak. I move my eyes rapidly, she finally notices I'm awake.
She opens her mouth and begins to talk. I can't hear her though. Her expression changes from one of surprise, to concern. She moves a strand of her hair away from her face and rests it behind her left ear. Her body blocks the light from behind her. It brings out the color of her vivid green eyes and shines against her dark brown hair. Her lips move again, still no words. Her rosy cheeks flush away as she quickly turns around. She breezes out of my vision as quickly as she entered. I try to move my legs, get up and follow her, but my legs are still numb. Numb like the rest of my body. I look out the corner of my eye and see my door slowly closing, compressing the light from the hall so it will not enter my room. My heart jumps and begins to race wildly. I feel my body pump adrenaline though out me, just like the liquid the woman shot into me. Slowly my finger muscles begin to tighten, and then the muscles leading up my arms. It feels as if now my empty shell is being filled, very slowly. The door has almost completely shut now, cutting off all light to my room, which will leave me alone, immovable in the darkness.............

That's all for that story, seriously, there was nothing else...wish I would have know what was going on in my own story, but anyway let me know what you think, I'll appreciate any comments. Thanks for reading :D


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