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Your Life, My Dear Ami.

Novel By: Alice Night
Literary fiction

Ami Medler, now a freshman in high school, was not the prettiest or the smartest girl in Duncancity high. She cannot really remember her memory up until the age of 8, and she didn't want to find it. she loved her life as Ami and being near her best friend, Gray Michaelis, made life great. But Ami feels stoker by someone. Or something. She now get pieces of the past she had. but will it be a good thing? Will Ami and Gray stay the same? Or will their lives be destroy by Ami's fate? Is the stoker good or evil? Is the stoker intertwine with Ami? Which side will they all chose? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 28, 2013    Reads: 48    Comments: 6    Likes: 2   


The smell of French fries with way to much salt hit me on the face just like a pop quiz on Tuesday. The crowd of people trying to get to their usual spot and the others trying to get in line to get lunch. The laughs of girls as guys flexes in front of them. So lame. I maybe a girl but i just wonder why they like that. "Hey Ami, over here." I turn to find my best friend, Gray, walking towards me. He was light-skinned with black hair that always beats the color of the night sky.6 foot 8 inches tall. Gray was the captain of the football team and baseball team, now working to be the star player on the basketball team. "Hey." He sits on a chair nearest to the door like always with his rock star smile. "Sooo, how was biology. Did Mr.Brookies yell at you again? He looked really mad when i walked in to class." Mr. Brookies, he may look like Santa clause but check your list twice because he was more like Ebenezer Scrooge from the Christmas Carol before the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. I sigh and answered "Yeah, but this time i didn't do nothing. When can't the principal come when Mr. Brookies is cussing us out." I sat next Gray and he childishly punches me on the arm." That's ok, because one day you'll become the first female president and get revenge on him. And yours truly will be by your side all the way." I rolled my eyes and took out some Pocky snacks out of my black and blue paint backpack as the crowd swallows the space of the cafeteria.

The hall for biology was now in it rush hour and traffic jam with fights or friends just talk to each other. Either way the last hour came, for time will not stop for one moment or for one person. As I try to go the other way from the flow of people, something cold hit me on the arm with the feeling of something watching my moves. I turn a whole 360 to find myself in a room. The sounds of music came from the wall as if they called me. I've been here before. The floor crashed down under my feet. I screamed but the same cold hands grab me before hit the bottom. I never notice the dark blue and blood red ribbon dress I was wearing. The dress was bringing me down. "Please, please help me. i don't want to die." Tears came falling from my eyes. The person with the cold hand twitch and with a silky, smooth voice said, "But you can't die you're a ..." but when he was about to finish the sentence my arm gave away and i fell to the darks of hell with me and my screaming voice.

"mi,....Ami...... God tell ,are you ok? Ami wake up!" Gray's worried voice hit me like cold water during the heat of summer. Surprising to the body but the loving feel of it. "Gray, what wrong? what happen?" I said with bewilder in both my voice and my eyes. Gray lift his head from my hands,"You ok. GOD Ami, you scaried the fuck out of me. What happened in the hall? You were in the arms of a Senior ranning toward the nurse. Are you sick or something?" He's trying to make a joke to make the mood better but i think.. he can't right know. "Gray, am fine. What time is it anyway." I looked at my small golden watch,which my grandmother gave me as a present when i truned 8, which reads 3:24pm. "Holy Crap. Gray, I have to get home now." I jumped out of the nursing bed graped my backpack and ranned as if my life was on the line. Which might as will be if i don't make it home on time.


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