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Lunarians (Discontinued)

Novel By: Amatsufox
Literary fiction

Its a story about people who turn into wolf spirits at night and use their magic powers to protect the world from an evil darkness that wishes to take over the world!

(Currently not working on, unless gets more views/comments)
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The moon was high in the sky in the background. On the hill was a woman, whose hair was white as the moon and wore a dress of silver that came down to her ankles. At her side was a large silver wolf; around his neck was a black collar with a silver moon charm on the front. The wolf turns towards a child standing at the bottom of the hill and growls, but is quickly silenced when the woman strokes his head.

The woman walks over to the child; her bare feet moving silently over the grass. She kneels down and ruffles the child's hair. "You have to stay here little one, but know that I love you." She turns to walk away as the child reaches for her but his feet won't move. She turns and waves goodbye and says, "Goodbye Fisk…" The name rings in his ears over and over…

"Fisk…Fisk…GET UP YOU SLACKER!" A thirty-five year old red head shakes the sleeping young man napping with his head laying on the checkout counter. "Your father didn't leave me to watch you so you could sleep the day away!" Finally she got fed up and pushed him off the counter, his balance broken and he tumbles to the ground.

The young man rubs his head of black hair as he looks up with narrow sleepy eyes. "Geez Aunt Tori, you don't have to be so rough." Fisk was a young man fresh out of school, having just gotten through his introductory classes, and was still wondering what he wanted to do with his life. His father was away on an extended trip so he was watched over by his Aunt. She owned a decorative furniture shop where he was currently employed. It was quite the hotspot when the tourists came through but during the dull summer days it could get pretty boring.

Tori crossed her arms and shook her head. "Nephew or not I won't tolerate you sleeping during your shift." She sees the look on his face and glares. "I know you aren't giving me dirty looks after all I have done for you."

Fisk rolls his eyes as he stands up. "I keep telling you that's just my natural look." As if by a curse Fisk had rather narrow eyes and a rather indifferent attitude and when combined it gave him a very angry look on his face. He got in a lot of fights because of it, well that and he had was a bit of a wise ass. "Besides if you want to know a dirty look, there is a mirror over on the wall." That comment got him a smack on the head with a newspaper.

She huffed at him and pointed to the door. "Look its late, so get going…my soaps are coming on soon." Tori lived upstairs from the shop while Fisk lived in his own apartment about two blocks away. It was a fairly nice city, a few gangs here and there, but they mostly kept to themselves. So Tori had no shame sending her nephew in his twenties out on the dark streets.

Fisk just stared blankly back at her, since most people saw it as a dirty look he just rolled with it. "Yeah just send me out on the dark streets…I'm going to get stabbed up on of these days." Fisk took his work shirt off, his normal T-shirt was underneath due to the colder weather. He grabbed his coat from the hanger as Tori got the drawer from the register.

She blew off his look and laughed at his comment. "The cops come in here once a week to complain about you beating up punks on the street, who I will mention are sometimes twice your size." She grabs a ten from the register and puts it in his hand. "Plus I don't pay you full time at ten an hour to be a squatter. Now go buy a burger or something then get right to bed, I want you in early tomorrow to help me move in some new merchandise." She gives him a kiss on the cheek then pushes him out the door. Fisk was like the son she never had, she was hard on him but only because she cared. Though she was sure Fisk didn't see it that way.

Fisk hears the lock click and sees the open sign flipped over. He sighs and starts the walk home. Lucky for him there was a burger joint just off the road he used to get home, just one alley through the buildings and he would see the sign glowing in the night. He didn't even have to say a word when he walked in, there was already a bag with his name on it. A quick nod with the man at the register, the exchange of money and change was done in silence. Fisk liked the night shift guy, he knew that Fisk didn't enjoy long talks after work and since he was there every night their arrangement was set in stone.

He didn't have much time to finish it as he went back through the alley again before he heard someone clear his throat. Fisk turns around to see his favorite trio of idiots. They were part of this dumb little gang that liked to do crappy art work over every wall in the east part of town. Ever since Fisk interrupted their fun one night when they decided to mess up his aunt's shop they had a personal grudge against him.

The guy in the middle, John, cracked his knuckles and was the first to speak. "Well looks like we bumped into you again. Maybe this time we can treat you to some nice bruises." They thought they were tough, but they were rather puny for street punks. "Alright Max, show him what your made of!" The one named Max, to John's right, was planning to speak against such a plan but a quick glare from his leader knocked that notion in the head.

Fisk sighed as he removed his jacket and got into a fight ready stance. "You guys try this every week and you haven't learned." Fisk got in plenty of fights because of his disposition, and from that came stories of how tough he was which brought more tough guys wanting to try their hand. Fisk's name as a street brawler was slowly becoming famous among the cities more infamous occupants. He had offers to join the police force multiple times but Fisk wasn't really motivated for upholding the law.

Max charged forward, not even thinking about what he planned to do. Fisk was quick to response, digging his feet into the gravel and reaching out his hands as he crouched. He grabbed Max by his shirt and belt and coming to stand, using Max's momentum and the strength in his legs, picking Max up and tossing him right into a trash can. Max groaned as the can fell over with him in it. John motioned for Kenny, his other goon friend, to try his hand. He was defiant and didn't hesitate to make a go for Fisk. He wasn't as well built as Max however and Fisk just planted his palm on his forward as Kenny flailed his fists at Fisk who was safely out of range. Fisk let him go and with a side step and an outstretched leg Kenny tumbles over and falls onto Max who just pulled himself out of the can. Now both were in a heap on the ground, dazed and confused.

John slapped his palm to his forward and shook his head. "Why do I keep you guys around?" Looking up as Fisk rolls his eyes and checks the time on his cell phone. "You think you are some big shot don't you? Well unlike these nitwits I have been working on my skills and I won't be taken out by you so easily!" As he declared this he pointed straight at Fisk who still seemed to not care about him at all. John clenched his fist and started yelling. "Stop ignoring me you idiot, we are having a brawl here."

Fisk sighed and flipped his phone shut and stuffed it in his pocket. "Look I have to be up early tomorrow for work so if we could wrap this up that would be great!" The lack of concern in his voice nearly sent John into a frenzy, but he knew better then to let his anger get out of control. He calmly brought up his fists and got into his stance to. Fisk smirked as he dropped into his stance. "Keeping calm and sizing up your opponent, I guess you are learning something."

They moved closer and starting moving into in a circle, neither wanting to take their attention off the other. John went in for the first move with a right jab, but Fisk shifted his shoulders out of the way and then moved in with one of his own as John pulled his arm in. John ducked under his punch then went in for a low punch aimed at Fisk's gut, Fisk saw this and brought his outstretched arm down in an arc and pushed John's arm away as he stepped back. Their eyes still locked John pushed forward with a succession of quick jabs as Fisk stepped back. John took a chance and took a big swing with his left hand, bringing his left shoulder forward, Fisk started to shift his body away from the hit when John quickly pulled his left shoulder and arm back using the momentum to bring his right arm and shoulder forward and throwing all his weight into a punch aimed towards Fisk's face. Fisk still in mid dodge quickly bent his knees and brought his body down. He felt John's fist grace his cheek as it swung by and hit the wall behind Fisk. As John pulled his hand back in pain Fisk used the chance to get his balance back and hook his foot behind John's and pushes him off balance and sending him to the ground.

Fisk quickly plants his foot on John's chest before he could get up. "You were close…if you hadn't hit that wall you would have had me off balance long enough to get a hit in. If only you had paid more attention to your surroundings." With His shoulders shifted to the side, his legs bent, and leaning backwards Fisk wouldn't have been up to right himself before John got a hit in, not that Fisk was worried. He had taken plenty of punches before from bigger guys, he frankly only dogged John's punches out of sport and reflex. Fisk lifted his foot so John could scurry away with his still dazed crew as Fisk grabbed his jacket and left the alley. "Better cut through the park tonight, one fight is enough for me." He now turned his attention to the park that stood between Fisk and his house.

Usually he favored walking around the park because the sidewalk was better lit and no one could surprise him, but tonight he favored the dark paths of the park since it hid him from view as well as any potential brawlers. He could feel the grass crunch under his feet as he cut through the field towards his apartment.

He saw movement in a bush, and then a silver wolf walked out from behind it. Fisk stopped in his tracks as he saw its eerie glow. "You…you're the wolf from my dream, but that can't be possible." Fisk quickly felt his face and head, maybe John had actually landed a hit, that or he hit his head on the wall when he dodge back. After making sure he was fine he took a few steps towards the wolf, the wolf growled at him and took a few steps back. Fisk put his hands up and stepped back also. "Alright keep your cool, I wasn't going to pet you or anything." Even with the distance between them he could see the black collar and moon charm on the wolf. Seeing that collar dispelled any doubt that this was a different, it was absolutely the wolf from his dreams. This made him wonder if he would see that woman too.

A howl brought Fisk out of his thoughts. The silver wolf was howling which caused the silver moon charm on its collar to glow brightly and engulf the wolf. Fisk covered his eyes as the light shown. When the light died down the wolf was gone, in its place was a man covered head to toe in silver fur. He had claws on his fingers and toes and a long wolf tail. He wore a leather chest piece that left his stomach uncovered, a pair of knee length leather shorts, leather shin guards and forearm guards, and the black collar with the moon charm was still worn around his neck. If the appearance wasn't odd enough his hair was a darker shade of silver and went down past his shoulders and his ears were big and triangle shaped like a wolf's. He was like a wolf-man, but more man then wolf…and his yellow eyes were locked onto Fisk.

The wolf-man raised his arm and a tendril of light came from the moon charm and moved to his hand and started to form some kind of object. It came into the form of a scythe, and when it had formed the tendril faded away and the light scythe turned into a real one. It had a chain on the pummel that led to a ring around the wolf-man's wrist. Fisk snapped out of his amazement, knowing he was in danger, but he was too late as the wolf-man charged at him and swung the scythe at Fisk.

Fisk wasn't sure if it hit him or not, it was moving so fast. But he felt his back hit the ground then everything went dark. The wolf-man stood over him as a ball of light came forth from Fisk's chest and started orbiting around the wolf-man. He had a look of distaste as the scythe in his hand turned back into light then flowed back into the moon charm.

A woman peeked out from behind a tree, her hair white in a dress of silver. "You did not have to be so rough with him Grimore…I feel your swing was a personal one." She walked over to the wolf-man and grabbed the ball of light and held it close to her. "His spirit is as brighter then I had hoped. He will make a fine warrior." She took a moment to admire the ball of light, running her hand over it in a stroking manner.

The wolf-man, known as Grimore, was engulfed in another flash of light and was back to his wolf form. A snort left his muzzle. Do you really believe he can achieve the victory you seek; he didn't put up a fight at all. Grimore's mouth did not move but his thoughts called out telepathically to the woman. It was obvious that the wolf had some personal grudge against Fisk. His tone was very condescending.

The woman reached down and stroked the wolf's head. "You say that every time I pick a champion…you are so jealous for my favor despite being my eternal companion." The wolf just huffed in response as the woman looked back at the ball of light. "He will do fine. He is strong like his father."

Grimore bared his teeth when the man was mentioned. I hate that man…he is an arrogant fool. Besides that though…if he is supposed to be this great warrior then why has his spirit not evolved like the others? The wolf's look of anger softening into a look of concern.

The woman laughed as kissed the ball of light. "I sealed his powers long ago, I couldn't have the enemy find out about him till it was time. Now I must trust he will walk the path of greatness." After she kissed the ball of light is started glowing and changing shape. When it was all over what lay before the woman was a black wolf with a grey collar but with a similar moon charm on the front. Only on this wolf the charm was black and lifeless. The woman waved her hand and the wolf slowly got to his feet and opened its eyes. The look on its face was one of near unconsciousness. The woman kneeled down and cupped the wolf's head in her hands and spoke. "Rest now my champion…when next you sleep run with your kind as you were always meant to."

Grimore looked on with jealousy as the woman gave the black wolf a little nudge and he went flying back into his body. Grimore walked over to the still unconscious form of Fisk and huffed. Am I to assume you want me to return his body to his home…because I would much rather leave him here in the dirt. The woman smiled and stroked his head again and Grimore huffed in defeat as he allowed himself to be stroked. I will bring him to his home, when he awakes he will think he just had a wild dream…at least until he falls asleep that is. With a bit of work Grimore got Fisk onto his back as the woman watched with a smile and seemed to fade from existence. After she was gone Grimore took one last look around before groaning. You better turn out as well as she hopes…but if you don't I will enjoy burying you…Grimore enjoys a happy thought before dumping Fisk on his bed and flicking the alarm switch on the digital clock by his bed. Having used his human form to unlock the door with Fisk's keys and carry him inside. After making sure the front door was locked after he left he faded from existence as well.


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