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The Glitz Of Glamour

Novel By: aurorablack
Literary fiction

Bridgett Tailor has been popular since the second grade. Her looks, her friends, her gorgeous boyfriend were all perfect in her life. That is, until a new girl named Andrea had moved to her school. Andrea had taken over Bridgett's life and stole everything from her, but is this really a bad thing? View table of contents...


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Peters was located right on the lake, and only just around the corner from Holloway High. Bridgett and Chelsea would always get the breakfast special instead of being at school. This morning it was fruit salad with a side of cinnamon toast. Bridgett, Jacob and Chelsea grabbed a 3-seater table and waited for 5 minutes before the waitress came along for their order.
"Can I have the breakfast special?" Bridgett asked. While the waitress was writing this down, Chelsea quickly added in, "Can you make that two?" Chelsea smiled at Bridgett. Somehow, whenever Bridgett did something, Chelsea had the impression to do the same thing.
While the waitress was discussing the meals with Jacob, Chelsea brought up the conversation of the Year 11 Formal that was on tonight.
"So, you got everything ready for the formal tonight?" Chelsea asked.
"Of course," Bridgett replied. "The dress I ordered in is so beautiful."
"How beautiful?" Chelsea stared, as if waiting to hear the most magnificent story ever told.
"It's hot pink for one reason," Bridgett explained, placing in every detail. "The sequins are lined across the top and swirls of beads are around the bust area. But the best part about the dress is how smooth and swayful it looks."
"What about the shoes?" Chelsea asked with such interest.
"Oh my god, the shoes, " Bridgett sighed. She was being so dramatic but so passionate about this event it almost killed her. "They are black with 2 inch heels. They have a soft soul and it feels so great under your feet you never want to take them off. The straps cover your feet just under your toes and are decorated with line of hot pink beads that match so well with the dress."
"Wow, you are going to look so beautiful tonight." Chelsea complimented. "I'm so jealous of your beauty."
Bridgett smiled. She knew how beautiful she was and everyone who past her agreed. Her naturally brown and curly hair with her ochre tanned skin, gorgeous brown eyes that sparkled in the sun, pale pink lips and a slim body with a D sized bust. She was the complete package of beauty and everyone knew it.

Spraying the last few drops of perfume on her soft skin, Bridgett waltzed into the lounge room where her mother was waiting with a digital camera, ready to be the paparazzi of Bridgett's night.
"Oh, Brie, you look so beautiful." Her mother smiled and the pictures began coming. Bridgett would pose and smile so gracefully that the Queen of England would be jealous. This went on for a full 30 minutes before they both heard a horn out the front. Bridgett's Mum opened the door and smiled, saying, "Your limo is waiting."
Bridgett smiled and walked out the front door, eyeing a sleeky, black limo that was right in front of her. Next to the door was Jacob, who smiled and would occasionally fix up his black tux. Bridgett's Mum, still being the paparazzi, took a photo from each and every angle that Jacob and Bridgett were at, until they begged her to stop. The chauffeur then came around and opened the door. While Bridgett and Jacob climbed in, Bridgett's Mum took 20 pictures until the limo drove off into the distance.
They arrived at Lenderberg Hall in 20 minutes. Jacob paid the driver and got out of his own side to open the door for Bridgett. Bridgett made a dramatic entrance out of the limo and everyone stared. They were of course 30 minutes late, but Bridgett simply smiled and said, "Sorry for being fashionably late." Everyone smiled and laughed and continued on with their night


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