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The Glitz Of Glamour

Novel By: aurorablack
Literary fiction

Bridgett Tailor has been popular since the second grade. Her looks, her friends, her gorgeous boyfriend were all perfect in her life. That is, until a new girl named Andrea had moved to her school. Andrea had taken over Bridgett's life and stole everything from her, but is this really a bad thing? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 17, 2011    Reads: 22    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Inside Lenderberg Hall, it had been turned into an enchanting ball. The walls of the hall were usually dirty and unbearable to look at, instead they were covered in lilac crepe paper from the floor to the ceiling. The room hung silver stars from pieces of string and sparkled each time the disco ball would shine its little lights on them. The DJ had metallic paper strung on the front of the mixing board. Lasers and colourful lights were shining around the entire room and people were already on the dance floor, pacing to the beat.
"Bridgett!" Bridgett heard someone call from across the room. She glanced over at the other side of the hall to see Chelsea with Richard. Bridgett smiled and waltzed over to her best friend, dragging Jacob behind her.
"Hello Chelsea," she smiled, twirling in front of her, showing of her beauty.
"Wow, you weren't kidding when you said hot pink!" Chelsea pulled her camera out of her small handbag and started shooting Bridgett from all different angles. Bridgett posed and smiled her best and soon enough, everyone was taking pictures of her and her beautiful dress. Bridgett craved the attention she was getting, she enjoyed every minute of it. She loved the flashing lights, the smiling people, the gossip of her beauty. Everyday someone would compliment her on something different about her, wether it be her hair, make-up, clothes, jewellery, just something different everyday. It was just her life, and she enjoyed every minute of it.
The dance floor was going off. Everyone from Year 11 at Holloway High was taking turns in stepping up their moves and creating a scene. Of course, nobody was as good as Richard. He knew his stuff and challenged almost everyone to a dance off. Of course, nobody agreed to do it, but Richard just nodded and continued to own the dance floor.
"My god, isn't he something?" Chelsea sighed at Bridgett. Bridgett just smiled and nodded whilst Chelsea ranted on about Richard. Until she realised her own was missing.
"Hey Chelsea, have you seen Jacob?" Bridgett asked, searching around the room.
"Yeah, he went out the back with Taylor Jenkins," Chelsea told her. "He said to tell you he'll be back in a few minutes and possibly have some more knowledge on Geometry."
Bridgett smiled. It was so like Jacob to dig information out of other people. He did it all the time, sneaking around trying to get the best points on each major test to pass. Of course, he would pass this information onto Bridgett, since he was hers.
Bridgett then spotted Jacob and Taylor coming back into the hall. Taylors hair was messy and so was Jacob and Bridgett questioned this when he came and sat down.
"Oh, Taylor fell into the rosemary bushes and when I tried to help her up, I ended in there myself." Jacob explained. He then smiled and he kissed her, making her blush.
"Ok everyone," Taylor announced over the microphone. "It's time to announce the King and Queen of the Year 11 Formal."
Bridgett smiled as Chelsea pulled her and Jacob onto the dance floor, waiting for the results.
"Ok, the Year 11 King is...." Taylor worked to get open the envelope and when she did she smiled and announced, "Jacob Tango!"
Everyone applauded as Jacob made his way onto stage and letting Taylor place the crown onto his head.
"Ok, now it's time to announce the Queen of the Year 11 formal...." Taylor struggled again to open the envelope until Jacob leaned over and ripped the top off with ease. Taylor blushed and continued on with the announcement.
"Bridgett Taylor!" She finally announced. Everyone cheered and applauded. Even after winning the spot of Queen two years in a row, everyone still applauded her. Bridgett walked straight onto stage, got the crown placed on her head and then got an exciting pash from Jacob, right in front of everyone. This time, she wasn't embarrassed.
After the announcement of King and Queen, people were beginning to leave the formal.
"Ready to go to the afterparty?" Chelsea asked, grabbing her shawl and bag.
"Ok, there's nothing left to do anyway." Bridgett grabbed Jacob's arm and dragged him out to Richard's car, where Chelsea and Richard were already inside, ready to go.


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