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The Glitz Of Glamour

Novel By: aurorablack
Literary fiction

Bridgett Tailor has been popular since the second grade. Her looks, her friends, her gorgeous boyfriend were all perfect in her life. That is, until a new girl named Andrea had moved to her school. Andrea had taken over Bridgett's life and stole everything from her, but is this really a bad thing? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 18, 2011    Reads: 10    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Bridgett's head pounded against her skull, leaving an annoying pain in her head. She lifted herself out of bed and the pain grew, making her moan in displeasure. She couldn't remember anything from the night before and her head just resisted to remember. She slowly walked to her bedroom door, opening it slowly but painfully as the creaking made her head even worse. She slowly walked downstairs and into the kitchen, opening the cabinet to take out a box of pain-killers. She grabbed a used glass and turned the tap to get herself some cold water. She threw the tablets into her mouth to the back of her throat and swallowed the water with them, the cold running down her throat and sending chills through her skin. Her mother then came in and asked, "How was last night?"
Bridgett's head pounded as she tried to remember what did happen.
"I can't remember," she cried. "My head is killing me."
"Did you take some tablets?" Her mother asked, turning on the kettle. The sound of the water bubbling made Bridgett's head hurt more.
"Go and lie down," her mother suggested, pulling the tea bags out of the cupboard. "I'm going to ring the school and tell them you're not coming."
Bridgett nodded and headed to her room. She turned the computer on and then crashed on her bed, waiting for the pain-killers to kick in.
Half an hour later, her mother came to her doorway and said, "I'm doing an early shift this morning. Are you going to be OK by yourself?"
Bridgett nodded and her mother replied, "OK, well I'll see you at 3, OK?"
She nodded again and heard her mother's footsteps down the hall and the close of the front door. Bridgett slowly gained the strength to lift herself off her bed and sat at the desk of her computer. She logged onto iPage and plugged her camera into the hard drive, loading her pictures onto the site. She went over to the switch on the wall and flicked the fan onto high. Watching it start, she headed over to her bed once again and tried to get some sleep.
Her phone then rang and she groaned as she picked it up and answered it.
"Hello?" She spoke.
"Hey, Bridgett." She heard Chelsea say on the other end. "Where are you?"
"At home, " Bridgett groaned. Her head was throbbing from the pain.
"Oh, rough night huh?" Chelsea laughed.
"Pretty much. Though it was a good night."
"Did you and Jacob do it?"
Chelsea laughed at Bridgett's exclamation. Bridgett just groaned again.
"Hey, there's a new chick at our school today," Chelsea explained.
"Really?" Bridgett asked, her head to much in pain to care.
"Yeah, she looks like a slut," Chelsea explained. "Though, she hasn't said a word since she got here."
"Maybe she's shy?" Bridgett suggested.
"Maybe, we could ask her to join us in our group."
"True, that seems like a good idea." Bridgett was always open for opportunities to have new people hang out with her.
"Ok, well I hope you get better Gorgeous."
"Ok Chelsea, I'll see you tomorrow."
"Love you."
"Love you too." And then she pushed the hang-up button.
Bridgett then slowly took a swig from the glass that rested on her bedside table and looked at her computer. The uploads were finished, so she clicked 'Done' and flicked through them all. There were heaps of good ones, especially of her and Jacob. She then logged out of iPage and crashed back onto her bed.


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