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The Glitz Of Glamour

By: aurorablack

Chapter 1, Brigett loves her new dress that she brought for the formal, but not as much as her best friend Chelsea, or her gorgeous boyfriend, Jacob.

Bridgett stared in the full length mirror, admiring the slim, sparkling and glowing figure that stood before her. Her hot pink dress sparkled, mostly from the lamp that rested on her bedside table. The sequins and beads glowed and twinkled as she turned around, making her dress into a disco ball, a disco ball that she smiled at and admired so much, it was so worth the $500.
Bridgett's brown curls bounced as she trotted back and forth, watching the dress flow with her movements, also revealing the bead-tangled, black high-heels that she wore. She smiled at herself, this was defiantly the right outfit. The dress, the shoes, her hair, it was all perfect, just the way she wanted it. She then spotted her camera on the bedside table next to her lamp. Smiling, she reached for it. She posed and pulled the facial expressions that only she was known for, smiling at the camera. Her photos would look great on iPage, one of the top social networking sites most of her high-school friends were registered on. She then yawned and shut the camera down, placing it back where she found it. She then bent down and undid the buckles on her heels. She sighed and relaxed her feet, rubbing then in between the fur that was her carpet. She then undid the side zipper on the dress and slowly removed it from her body, being ever so careful not to make a tear or rip in any part of the dress. She then carefully placed it on the clothes hanger and hung it up on her four-poster bed. She then flicked the switch of her lamp, making the entire room fade into darkness. She then climbed into bed, snuggling the covers over her body. She then slowly opened her eyes to see the moonlight shining through her window. She then turned over and looked up to find a sparkling, violet dress hanging from her four-poster bed. She smiled and then closed her eyes, hoping that tomorrow night would be just as amazing.
Chelsea smiled at Bridgett as she walked through the school gates, something about her today made her so happy.
"Guess what?" Chelsea asked Bridgett, her smile growing wider.
"What?" Bridgett replied, eager to know what was making her so proud.
"Ok, you know how I said that Richard has been giving me looks over the past couple of weeks..." she explained.
"Well, I asked him about it last night and you know what he said? He just asked me if I wanted to be his date for the formal.."
"Oh-em-gee, that's amazing!" Bridgett exclaimed. Richard was possibly the second hottest guy in the school, and Chelsea was just lucky enough to get a date with him.
Someone then wrapped their arms around Bridgett's waist andheld her close to them. She knew who it was but pretended not to care. The person then kissed her cheek, and then lips. A beautiful, but powerful kiss. When they broke the kiss, Bridgett opened her eyes to find the hottest guy in the school staring at her.
"Hello beautiful," he smiled, whispering in her ear.
She giggled. "Hello, Jake." Jacob Tango was the most popular, the most gorgeous boy in the school, and he was Bridgett's. She smiled and kissed him again, feeling the sensation that Chelsea was watching them. Chelsea coughed once and they broke off again.
Blushing, Chelsea asked, "Can we go to Peters now?"
"Yes," Bridgett sighed, dragging Jacob with them. Peters was possibly one of the most eatable food restaurants in their town. They went there almost every day instead of going to school.
The three of them walked straight through the gates, just before the bell rang to issue people to their classes. Jacob, Bridgett and Chelsea just continued to walk towards Peters, not giving a care in the world about school.

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