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Ring thy bells

By: bella singh

Chapter 1, the world is going to end soon.. Ridge is out of his wits. he is unable to understand anything.. would the HERO be able to save his world?



“Time has come to set the soul free”.  The whole street was shouting and the mass was raged, but his eyes were fixed on her, his mind was running wildly. Who was she? God knows, but he will save her. The bloody sight was overwhelming. It did not scare him, just increased the urge to get her away from the mess. “what the hell is wrong with me. gonna wrestle with dozens of wild animals for some one I dont even know. Damn me! They are coming closer” he thought, strengthening his grip on new friends (since a month). He got ready for what was coming up next. The good old M27 felt very good in his hand along with the nice katana in his belt. Ha! He was ready. He will blow their brains and then take her along with him. The beasts bellowed in vexation “nasty food”. He aimed for the head and SHOT..

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