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This is My Once Upon a Time

Novel By: BH Anonymous
Literary fiction

A high school aged girl tells her story, holding deep secrets that she has never told anyone mixed with the complicated life of a typical teenager. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 13, 2012    Reads: 42    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Some Things You Need To Know

Well, this is me. Walking down the street as the sun is going down, my shadow appears anorexic; you can barely see my wrists if I turn them to the side. I'm not actually as skinny as the setting sun makes me appear, but sometimes I feel like it. About once a week. Over the weekend I eat and eat and by Monday I get the feeling that I am obese, though I usually gain about two or three pounds, no more. That's when I start dieting. By Friday, I've lost all of the weight I gained over the weekend, and get paranoid about having an eating disorder. I do not want to have an eating disorder. So, on Fridays I see my emaciated form in the mirror and decide not to care about my weight anymore, since no one else seems to. My boyfriend, my friends, my family, my distant acquaintances... they all like me just fine how I am. So after a whole week of losing weight to look good, I always blow it on the weekends because I am afraid of having an eating disorder. The ironic thing is this probably IS an eating disorder. A mixture of binge-eating and anorexia. Interesting combination. Call it what you will, that's my life. After all, everyone has some crazy in them.

So here it is, Monday, and I'm walking down the street to try to lose my hips. I don't suffer under delusions of being fat. I know I'm tiny. My hips, on the other hand... See, all the fat I eat goes to my hips. ALL of it. I often wish most of it would migrate to my chest instead, but that's just my body. Sometimes I accept it. Usually on Fridays. But it is not Friday. It's Monday. So I'm going on a long walk to burn calories before dinner. I would be running, but my mother won't allow me to run when I'm sick. I'm sick a lot lately. I try to be healthy. Nutrition is my passion. Once I get out of high school I'm going to study nutrition in college. I would do something with fashion, since that's my real passion, but carreers in fashion are much too competitive, and nutrition is a growing feild, so I think I'll stick with that.

I try to use my growing interest in nutrition as an excuse for my figure. I've lost about seven pounds since freshman year. I'm a junior. It hasn't been lost in an entirely healthy way, but I try to eat well and exercise even though I admittedly don't always eat quite enough. I guess there's more about me that you'd be interested in, aside from my unusual eating habits.

The name is Anne Partzi. I'm a junior in high school, but you already knew that. I'm attractive, at least I think I am, because people often tell me I should be a model. I'm 5'7.5", and the weight is usually in between 112 and 117 pounds. Usually around 114. I reallyshouldbe a model. I've got long elegant legs, a slim figure... my small bodily problems lie in my large hips and small chest. Maybe my hips aren't as big as I think they are, but like I said, that's where I store my fat. I would still LOVE to be a model though. Iloveclothing. I design it, and I wear the hell out of it. If I'm in a unique outfit, people notice but don't judge. That's just who I am and everyone is used to it by now. I wear interesting hats and heels and accessories... everyone loves it. And people love me. My friends do, anyway. I'm not popular, but I'm well liked. Hardly anybody hates me. The few people I can think of are my sister, her friend (well, if that's how you would classify the guy with a girlfriend that my sister sleeps with anyway), and my boyfriend's crazy ex. And Melanie, but I'll tell you about her later. It's kind of a long story. But not nearly as long as mine. Aside from those people, I'm pretty well liked. It's hard to explain where my psychological issues lie, exactly. On the surface I have nothing to complain about. I have a loving family, friends who adore me, good grades in advanced level classes (I'm very bright), endless college solicitations, and an amazing boyfriend. I don't really know what's wrong with me. Depression runs in my family on my mom's side, so maybe I have that. I swear I have ADD, but my parents don't believe me. I have that weird eating disorder, though no one knows about that. That's the one secret I've kept. I'm bad at keeping secrets. I don't even have any secrets. Except that one. All the others I've told at least one person. My best friend Kyra knows absolutely everything about me, even the stuff she doesn't want to know. And my other best friend Kate knows everything that happens when I fight with Kyra. Basically all my friends know everything, though, Kyra and Kate just know it first. Oh, and Kimmy, but I don't talk to her quite as often. She's not as easily accessible sometimes. I know, my three best friends start with the letter K. Sometimes I stand out in that way, but no one else seems to notice. Last semester in English I sat with my three friends Jack, Juliet, and Josie. I'm always sticking out, but like I said, no one else notices.

I'm not observant. Other people notice more than me, especially about people. I can't describe a person if I tried, but my friends notice height, eye color, fingernail shape, shoelaces,everything. I'm not like that. I notice things when I hear them, but I tend not to pay very close attention when I see someone. I'll never forget your name or your face, but ask me what color your eyes are and I'm completely gone. I guess that's one of the many perks of being Anne.

There's not much else for me to tell you right off the bat. I guess you'll learn most of my details as you hear my story. It may not be extravagant, romantic, hilarious, or even remotely entertaining, but that's just who I am. You'll get to know me by what happens to me. If there's one thing about my life that should keep you interested, let's just say it's complicated.


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