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Brendon a well balanced 17 year old spirals out of control after the death of his father. In and out of trouble with the law he finds no connection to anything in his life apart from the love of his life Tory. Only problem, he cant control his anger problems and lashes out at the one he loves most... Tory. View table of contents...


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Hi this is a tester chapter to a story I have in mind of writting, please could you read and comment on what you think good or bad comments are learing curbs for me thanx I hope you enjoy.


Closing the cabinet door Brendon stared at his reflection in the mirror, taking a deep breath he closed his eyes. Brendon hated was what was staring back at him, to any stranger he looked like a well-adjusted and normal 17 year old boy. He was tall and well built, though he came from a family of shorty's. Somehow by some abnormality he towered over them standing in at six feet, two inches.

For most of his school life he has been athletic, especially in rugby. He was the captain and hooker for the Tiger's rugby team at St Mary's sixth form college.

Brendon never thought of himself as handsome, his green eyes were big and slightly slanted, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never tame his wild, curly blond hair. It always either stuck up or curled no matter how much gel or wax he would slap on.

Brendon inherited his curls from his mother; she would always tell him to be proud of having them as any of his sisters would have loved to have had them. Of course he was the eldest of 6 children, himself being the only boy.

Opening his eyes he stared hard at himself frowning with disappointment as the tears filled up and escaped from the corners of his eyes. He couldn't stop them from falling, they just kept coming. The sick feeling he had in the pit of his stomach worsened as a heavy weight constricted itself around his chest.

He struggled to breathe as the feelings of despair, confusion and grief consumed him, he crumpled to the floor and sobbed hysterically. He would not let his family see him cry like this, thinking to himself he was weak for doing so.

The bathroom door opened, Tory saw him on the floor and rushed to his side. Bending down she pulled him up off of the floor and wrapped her arms around him pulling him into her chest, she tried to calm him in a soothing voice

"Brendon, I'm so sorry, I love you."

She tried desperately to think of something to say that would help him, her mind came up blank. She rocked back and forth cuddling him and whispered repeatedly.

"I'm so sorry"

Tory had known Brendon most of her life, they had played together in playschool form the age of five. She had always been the pretty popular girl in school with straight black hair that fell past her shoulders and rested half way down her back. Most girls envied her long eyelashes and emerald green eyes.

Her father was a Maori from the southern islands of New Zealand and her mother was Scottish. Her lightly olive skin complimented her natural looks. Being a natural athlete she tried out for many sports and finally found she was naturally good a gymnastics.

It was a typical story of boy falls for girl next door; they had been a couple for 3 years and had gone through hell and back. Last summer Brendon's father died in a car accident devastating the family. Being the only boy and being the eldest of six, Brendon took it upon himself to stand strong and become the rock for his family. Only he couldn't do it he bottled his grief and shut down from his whole family including Tory.

His grades began to slip and he got into trouble with the police over street brawling, landing him into court with a caution and community service. Tory felt trapped, she desperately wanted to end her relationship with Brendon. The last time they had an argument, she turned to walk away but he grabbed her arm tightly and didn't let go. She had to yank her arm away as his grip tightened around her arm, he left bruises that time.

This time when she said she wanted to leave he locked himself into the bathroom with a broken piece of glass. He threatened to commit suicide, crying that he couldn't live without her.

Seeing Brendon in this state really scared her, she loved Brendon with all her heart but she couldn't keep the charade of a healthy relationship up any longer, they were falling apart.

Ever since the Death of his father, he had been gradually been getting worse with his mood swings and had become depressed for long periods of time. They stared to argue more and more with each argument getting closer and closer to becoming physical.

The last argument he grabbed her leaving bruises, when he saw them he broke down and cried for Tory's forgiveness.

This time he had grabbed her really hard when she tried to walk off and punched a hole in the wall close to her shoulder. That really shocked Tory, she was now at her wits end, his mother was in pieces as she could only watch as her eldest and only son slowly destroy his life.

Brendon cried himself to sleep in Tory's arms, the warmth of her body helped to release the weight that was constricting his chest. He knew that crying only made these feeling worse; he couldn't ignore the emptiness that had slowly been eating away at him since his father's death.

Everything in his life seemed meaningless, except for one thing, Tory. She was his life line connecting him to this reality and to any sanity he had left. He hated himself for hurting her every time she tried to get him to open up to her; she was only trying to reach out to him and help.

He never means to hurt her, but he gets so frustrated and loses his self-control and lands up lashing out at the person he loves the most…her. Brendon knows that what he has done to her is wrong if his mother ever found out she would be distraught.

Tory gently laid his head to the floor and quietly got up, she silently moved to the door and slipped into the hallway, Brendon rarely sleeps and she wanted him to get as much rest as possible. Mrs Richards was at the bottom of the stairs, looking down to her Tory gave her a weak smile in a hushed voice.

"Hi Mrs Richards."

"Hun how many time have I said please call me Dianne."

She gave Tory a loving smile; Dianne loved her as if she were her own daughter. Tory had been there for Brendon when Steven his father had died. Looking up to her she could see how stained and exhausted she looked, she glanced from the closed bathroom door to Tory with a puzzled expression the look on her face answered the unasked question. Dianne's heart sank as she spoke.

"Brendon cried himself to sleep?"

Tory couldn't bring herself to speak as to why he had so in silence she sadly nodded. She couldn't bring herself to tell Mrs Richards that her son would sometimes lash out in anger or frustration towards her. She knew it would kill her and of course it's only a phase he is going through because of grief right?


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