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Number 1 (Sequel to Number 17)

Novel By: DemonWriter
Literary fiction

As the title says, Number 1 is the sequel to Number 17. It takes place in the past, long before Number 17. It's the story about a little boy that looks like a girl becoming Albert's first victim. If you've read Number 17, then you(if you remember the chapter mentioning the boy) know of the boy's fate. At first, Albert seems like a caring and loving father, but after he finds out that the kid isn't a girl but a boy, Number 1 encounters hell. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 14, 2013    Reads: 92    Comments: 10    Likes: 4   



It was so many years ago when it all started. At first eye he may seem like such a nice man who could be a wonderful father figure. But as the year passed by I began to hate him and I was terrified of him. He caused me so much pain.

Albert, or Master, fed me and clothed me and sheltered me. He would sing to me lullabies every night until I fell asleep. Of course he was horrible at singing and I only pretended that I fell asleep to shut him up.

I was eight when he found me. Being homeless and having no money, I accepted his invitation to live with him. Stupid me, walking across the street, wished for a home to stay at and a parent to love me for who I was. There was only one problem at the time.

Master Albert thought I was a girl.

I should have kept my distance from him ever since the beginning. None of it would have happened if I was smart enough to walk away. I was an idiot to not care about who offered me a place to stay.

Remembering the wonderful days when he fed me human food and clothed me didn't last long. Soon Albert would feed me his left overs whenever he had any, which wasn't much. If he thought he was starving me to death, I would end up eating dog food. Albert was in shape, but his weight kept rising due to his gluttony.

The days were great before he suddenly changed into a monster. More like Satan. He must've been related to Satan, because he was a cruel bastard to me. Still, I continued to love him as if he was my own father and I continued to do as he said. Yet, as we all already know, it only brought me death.

That blonde 12-year-old boy that Lily/Number 17 mentioned was me. I laid in a big, dark and empty room. That wasn't there first time I went there either, the time after my death. The empty room scared the hell out of me. There were many times when I would do something-I don't know what-to piss him off and he would toss me into that room like I was some garbage bag full of dirt.

The dog... There was never a dog in the first place. It was like he was preparing for the day when he would torture me, serving me a bowl of dog food, like he knew I would come.

He kept telling me stories about how he always wanted to have a daughter, but those words were lies. I never told him about my sex because I was afraid that he would hate me. As obvious as it was, I was right.

Everything I did was all for him to love me more than anything. Then he found out that I wasn't a girl, but a boy instead. That was when my hell started, when I became Number 1 and no longer was...

Thanks to him my name completely left my mind. Though there was this journal that caught my eye. It was one of the two he kept in his desk door. One was orange and it didn't have a title on the cover, so I decided not to look. But the yellow journal had a title on the front that piqued my interest. It was titled Number 1.


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