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Broken Bonds: Dracomancer Chronicles

Novel By: Demyx306
Literary fiction

Ever since he was a child, Enryt Joenis wanted to serve in the Asorian millitary as a Dracomancer. His best friends Miqa and Celeste supported him all the way through school, and when he was given the oppurtunity, he joined the military.

War weary after seven years of service, he came home hoping to see his friends again...

... Only to find out they got married, and had children.

With his only friends outside the military unable to spend time with him, Enryt goes into depression, turning into a vagabond.

Drunk, dysfunctional, and working as a Freelance assassin, he soon starts to affiliate with those he once sought to defeat... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 31, 2011    Reads: 59    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Broken Bonds: One

Enryt was walking home alongside Miqa and Celeste, just like every other day before. Sadly, this would be their last day together. With the Asorian Supremacy Wars growing ever more bitter, the age minimum was pushed to fourteen years of age, with the exception of Dracomancers, who were always twenty or greater.

"I know I've asked you before," Miqa brought up, "but are you really sure the military is your calling? I always thought you would join a Mechanised Mobility Guild."

Celeste spoke up, in Friean rather than Asorian, as she always did.

"Vaiect urec sculim voli?" [Or why not stay here and finish your education?]

"Because" Enryt finally answered, "My mother and father were soldiers before, and I wont break the family lineage. If they were alive, they would agree."

Miqa sighed. "As long as you're sure of it."

Enryt smiled. "Since when have I been wrong?"


"Rise and shine, Buttercup!"

Enryt woke up, laying alonside his dragon, Wyv, and some some of the other Dracomancers. Among them, Pualis and Orivcon stood above Enryt.

"Come on, man! Don't want ya to get court-martialed, do we?" Pualis was being obnoxious as always, and would have continued if it weren't for Orivcon cutting in.

"Seriously, get up before Sauron get's pissy. That Kortan needs to take a fucking chill-pill.

Enryt got up, looked up at the Gamma Squad Commander, heading in his direction. "Speak of the devil, here she comes. Brace for impact..."

Sauron punched Enryt in the gut. "Get fucking serious, Joenis! I'm tired of your pussyshit games! Get up, get mounted, and get out of my face!"

After getting set up, Enryt gave Wyv a hunk of Balverine meat to sooth its nerves. You ready for this, buddy? The dragon nodded its head, then crouched down to let Enryt on its back. "Then let's do this!"


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