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The world is on the brink of war, and Mark Dalton, a former Green Beret, is the only thing keeping China and the alien species known as Poraxi from taking over Earth and its neighboring colonies. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 23, 2010    Reads: 231    Comments: 19    Likes: 9   

Poraxi: Prologue
I dream of the sky, blue against the fluff of white clouds. The city below filled of men, woman and children smiling as they raise they're hands in theair. They are free, and war will never again curse the people…
…but that is a dream…
…eventually, every man has to wake up.
November 11th, 2076
The Communist Rebirth was over, and both Russia and North Korea surrendered to the United Freedom Association. The world, for a brief period, had declared peace. But lately the North American branch had noticed unusual seismic activity in China. "If this is their attempt to restart the 'Black Dragon' project," President Sofia McClendon quoted on that fateful day, "We cannot afford to just stand by and allow communism to spread to other countries, especially not through such a brutal force. We are mobilizing Reconnaissance units and Special Forces to find out what is going on, and to keep peace between the UFA and the rest of the world, and its people!"
They should have sent the whole damn army…
December 6th, 2076
We were Green Beret. Best of the best, we were told. Battle-hardened vets with years of combat experience, ready to take on any challenge. The dark green Type-42 MI Power Armor (and occasional Type-48`s for the Heavy Weapons users) covered us head-to-toe. We were the Elite fighting force of the US, UFA, and arguably even the world. Our first task was to eliminate all hostile Chinese forces within Lotus Tower, the most heavily defended Chinese military base, constructed about ten years back as a way to keep hostile forces from taking out projects such as Black Dragon, which was the one thing that could have ended the war in their favor.
But we weren't just there to pointlessly slaughter soldiers. We needed to find and extract project "Return" from that base. Our mission was our life, and Sgt. Major Harold Jackson knew it best.
"Everything depends on YOU! Remember who you are, and who the enemy is! They have superior Type-56 HG Power Armor, and they're weapons aren't bad either. But we are Green Berets, and we will triumph, again and again, until the enemy wets their damn pants with fear! We will storm this tower, and we will bring it falling to the ground! Isn't that right, Corporal?"
"Without a doubt, sir," I responded.
"Can I get an Oorah!?"
We all let loose with a big "Oorah!"


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