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This is the story of three girls who unhappy with there lot in life set out on a journey of self discovery. With hilarious consiquencys along the way.

Author's note:
I hope that you enjoy Road-trip and would love to read your comments as I slowly submit each chapter.
I would also like to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.
(((((hugs))))) Joss. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 6, 2009    Reads: 138    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Jess stood squarely in the middle of the floor as her three oldest boys fought violently around her. They had been fighting like this on and off all morning and it had all become too much for her. She couldn't be bothered to shut them up anymore and instead stood there and waited for the inevitable.
Sure enough their father bellowed out in a rage. His sleep having been disturbed the greatest sin anyone could commit when it came to Rob. She knew that now would be her last chance as any minute he would be charging down the hall in a rage and it would be her and not his precious boys that would get it in the neck. Another Sunday ruined.
Jess, however, just stood there gazing at her two young boys who sat, no doubt, taking silent notes for the future.
She did not rush forward to stop the boys as she normally would but instead just stood there wanting to scream, everything all at once, becoming too much for her to bare. She was fed up of walking on egg shells, fed up of trying to care for a bunch of rowdy boys, and fed up of fighting to keep the house clean when all they wanted to do was destroy it. But most of all, she was fed up with being pregnant but Rob was adamant he wanted more kids and Jess was only managing to hold him off by making up stupid excuses.
"For fuck sake, Jess," She heard Rob bellow, his angry voice causing something inside her to burst.
In auto drive she ran to the hall snatching up her bag then pausing briefly as she tugged open the dresser drawer and gazed at the two sets of keys that lay recumbent inside.
Did she dare? She had never even considered it before but right now she felt reckless, daring, and suddenly alive with mischief, and why not? After all if she was going to walk out, why not go the extra mile? Either way she was going to piss him off might as well do it in style.
Hearing movement from the bedroom she hesitated no longer and snatched up her husband's car keys, her mobile phone, and her coat and dived for the front door.
Once outside she did not pause but climbed into his precious skyline jamming the keys in the ignition and without so much as a backward glance she slammed it into gear and with a screech of tires flew out of the driveway adrenalin cursing through her veins. Rob was right about one thing the skyline was amazing and to think she'd let him get away with owning such an amazing car while she'd plodded around in a beat up old truck.
Music blaring she sang out with joy loving the speed of what felt to her like an exotic beast of a car. Smiling joyously as it clung to the corners like a waxing strip to hairs and forced her back in her seat whenever the turbo kicked in. This was living. This was what she had been missing for years but not anymore. Now she was going to have fun and enjoy her life.
Sadly the feeling did not last and soon the realisation of what she had done crashed in on her. She had walked out on her family. Just snatched up her things and gone, and where? Where could she go? Rob knew her inside out and where ever she went he was bound to work it out and come find her eventually.
She should go back of course. Call it a moment of madness, but no, no she couldn't do that, if she did she would bury her feelings forever. Deep down inside of her where even her closest, most trusted friends would not be able to delve.
Her life would be misery.No! Things had to change.Rob had to change and the only way he was ever going to realise that was by getting a hard sharp reality check.A hard sharp reality check that she had every intention of giving him, although it was with somewhat less enthusiasm than she would have hoped.


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