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What happens if you start confusing virtual world with the real one? Would you be willing to give up something really important to you for the virtual reality's sake? View table of contents...


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- I -

"You coming or what?"

"Yeah, hold on… I have to repair my gear first"

"How bad is it? I mean, this will be a quick run and I have a mender bot"

"Dude, I am like at ten percent"

"OMG! What, you just stand there and let the mobs kill you or something?"

"STFU, man! I was freaking raped by orcs!"

"LOL… I told you to use your invis but nooooo"

"Yeah, yeah… Dammit, it cost me almost a plat! Son of a bitch!"

"Well if you are done then move it! I gotta make dinner soon. Wife is coming home in an hour"

"Just tell her to get herself an account :P"

"I did and she told me that if she will get an account, it'll be in a law firm with a divorce lawyer"

"LOL Sucks to be you then"

"No shit"

"OK, I am almost there. I have to make sure that I don't get violated again"

"Sigh. Hold on. I am omw to meet you. There is a guy who can see through invis… Brt"



"Hey, whatever happened to that Lilly person?"

"No clue. She was following me everywhere and then she was just gone. It was strange"

"Did you /petition her?"

"No. I figured it was just some kid so I never bothered. To be honest I kinda miss her LOL. I mean she was annoying but kinda cute"

"LMFAO you are sick!"

"Whatever. Okay, you ready?"

"Yeah. Let's do it"


"Well that was fun huh"

"Yeah. I am mad though. I wanted that cloak!"

"He doesn't drop it often. I got a decent bow off of him once."

"I killed him like seven times by now and he never dropped the damn cloak!"

"Wanna do it tomorrow?"

"Ugh, no. First of all we are locked out now for what, eighteen hours?"

"I think it's twenty"

"Yeah. Plus I promised Blaine that I will spend the whole day with him. He gets really pissed lately about me playing"


"I don't know. He keeps saying that I spend more times with my guildies than with him"

"WTF? Wasn't he the one who gave you the game in the first place?"

"Yeah, last Christmas. I told him that but he was all like "I didn't realize that you'll be spending seventeen hours straight online" I don't know why he even cares! I mean he used to play Anarchy all the time and I never bitched about it. But now he is all like "Those games are evil" Ugh, sometimes I wonder if I should divorce his ass or something…"

"ROFLMFAO!!! You are funny…"

"LOL. I know. I am kidding. I'll just play when he is at work"

"Oh crap!!!"


"Son of a bitch!! The wife is home! I just heard her car. Shit, I was supposed to make dinner!"


"Gah, she'll kill me! Seriously, she is a damn epic times four, beyond aggro…"

"Get in the kitchen, pretend that you are in the middle of something"

"Ugh, okay. See you tomorrow… Oh wait. No, see you Friday?"


"Okay, bye Sam"

"Ttyl Dale"

I sighed and zoned out. Damn, I will have to repair again! I gritted my teeth and waited for the zone to load. After I spent almost thirty gold on repairs I felt so frustrated that I decided to just log off. In my current state of mind I would just get myself killed again and then I would totally lose it. I logged off and went outside for a smoke.

I sat on my porch and started thinking about what happened to me. I was hooked on the damn game worse than I was hooked on smoking. I was always one of those people who made fun of computer geeks. I could never understand how someone can spend more than two hours playing some stupid game. I mean, wouldn't it be insanely boring? And then last Christmas Blaine got me this game. He said something about him feeling guilty about playing his game so often so he wanted me to play a little too. At first I laughed. Me playing an online game? Whatever. But then I decided to give it a shot. I was bored one of those days and created a character.

I loved the graphics. It looked almost real. I think my first character - now I don't call them anything but toons - was a wizard. I tried playing for a little while and realized soon enough that my head was hurting. The damn game was hard! I never played a MMORPG before, I would occasionally play Tomb Raider or stuff like that so the whole idea of using spells and standing still instead of running was completely alien to me. It took me two weeks to get my wizard to level twelve and I couldn't believe when I saw some people getting from level one to twenty five in less than two days.

I almost quit right then and there but realized that I had a free month worth of subscription and decided to stick with it until it runs out. By the end of the month I made several more toons, deleted my very first wizard because he was beyond pathetic by that point, and before I knew it I could level a toon from one to twenty in one day without much effort. Six or so months later I had two level seventies and I considered myself somewhat of a pro. I told Blaine that I needed Saturday nights all to myself because it was a raid night and at first he said okay. After three or so Saturdays with me spending every single minute online, he started to get upset. "Sam", he said. "This is becoming more and more ridiculous! I have Saturdays nights off and I would love to spend them with you!"

I looked at him with surprise. "Blaine", I said patiently. "The raid starts at six and the zones are usually pretty big… It'll take us a while to clear them"

"I know" he said bitterly. "You stay up until five in the freaking morning!"

"Well, after we are done I have to go and repair, sell stuff, buy stuff, upgrade spells and whatnot… I mean, it takes time!"

"Sam" he sighed. "I just want to spend more time with you, that's all"

"You have your little game too", I snorted and he stared at me.

"I quit Anarchy for good three months ago", he said quietly and I blinked. Really? Weird, I never realized that.

"Okay", I sighed. "Tell you what… I want my Saturdays because there is no way in hell I am missing a single raid! I need my DKP. So how about we'll make a deal. I will keep my Saturdays but I will spend an entire day with you on Thursday, how's that?" Thursday was his another day off. He worked as a computer analyst for a big company around here and thankfully he made enough money so I didn't have to do anything. At first it sort of irritated me but after I got into my game, I was beyond ecstatic that I didn't have to interrupt my playing sessions just because I had to go to work.

Blaine gritted his teeth at that but he agreed. Tomorrow was Thursday and he almost made me swear on the Bible that I will not log in tomorrow even to check my sales on the broker. I shook my head. Damn, I better go and log back in right now. I needed to list some stuff for sale, because if I won't log in tomorrow then I won't make as much money as I hoped. I had three or four Master spells on my main toon and I knew that each one of them could sell for at least fifteen plat. Maybe more. I stabbed my cigarette in the ash tray and went inside.

I logged in and had my nose buried in the broker window checking out the prices when the screen made a soft popping noise at me. That meant I got a tell. I looked at the chat screen. "Hey", it said. "I am back" I grinned and started typing.

"Made dinner?", I typed.

"No. Wife said that she knows me too well and she realizes that I didn't get my ass to the kitchen until I've heard her car. She ordered pizza"


"Yeah, I guess… She was pretty pissed though. Went to bed without saying a word"

"Sleeping on the couch tonight then?"

"LOL yeah. Not the first time"

"Dale, you slept on the couch for the past week LOL"

"I know. It's my damn vacation! Can't I play without feeling guilty on my vacation?!"

"Sounds fair to me"

"Me too. But she keeps bitching and moaning every time I get into my office. When she has days off I never say a word when she watches her damn soap operas all day. I mean, the woman won't even get off the couch unless she has to pee. I swear to God, if she could pee in the jar, she would."


"Hey, are you planning on staying longer? Or are you about to log?"

I thought about it for a second.

"I am putting my stuff on the broker right now. Will take me about twenty minutes. Do you have something in mind?"

"Well, it looks like I have all night to myself now so I was wondering if you wanna hang out maybe?"

I grinned. I liked Dale. My toon was a kick-ass ranger, his was a paladin with uber gear and Master spells. We could duo pretty much anything. I met Dale a month ago after I joined a raid guild called "Final Destination" He would always be online it seemed, and whenever I was bored, he'd say he'll come over so we could kill stuff together. Then it became our thing. We wouldn't even group with anyone else. I mean, why split the loot between four or six people in the group when we were perfectly capable of killing anything we wanted without anyone else? We would spend almost every night together, sometimes up to ten hours straight and soon enough we became really close friends even though we never saw each other in real life. He told me his real name, I told him mine.

I remember when he LOL'd me when I said my name is Samantha. "I seriously thought you are a guy!", he said and I laughed. "Yeah, well", I typed back. "I am playing a male toon and I know how to hold my own… But I am not a guy and I am straight too :P"

"Cool", he said back then.

I glanced at the clock. It was only seven thirty. I could spend a couple of hours killing. We could go after several namers and actually get something worthy from drops.

"Sure", I typed quickly. "Give me twenty minutes. Where do you wanna go?"

"Shrug", he typed. "Don't care."

"Let's do a quick run of the Blood Priest's Tomb", I was lusting after a certain breastplate the main mob dropped in that dungeon for weeks.

"Sounds good. Let me stack up on food and drinks, and some arrows. Meet you there in thirty minutes?"

"Okay. Gonna go make some coffee too"

"Oh hell yeah! That sounds awesome! I'll do the same!"

I started unloading my stuff on the broker and did a quick price check on some items. I was beyond happy when I saw that the spells that I had for sale were actually quite rare. That means that if someone wanted them, they had to cough up the cash. I grinned, finished my pricing, bought some poisons - running out of poisons in the middle of the run is suicidal if you are a ranger - and went into the kitchen to make coffee.


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