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St@rs above our L0Ve

Novel By: KulSteph
Literary fiction

Rodrick first saw Analisa in a marketplace buying food for her family. Both fell in love instantly.
But a serial killer is behind both of them.
Now what will they do?
Will they seperate or still be together?

Find out by reading this fiction story.
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Submitted:Jul 26, 2012    Reads: 32    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Chapter 1


Late night,down on earth a couple was escaping from a...serial killer."Stay down and when I say go you go,okay"Rodrick told Analisa in a whisper,she barely heard. Footsteps where coming forward to them. "Rodrick whatever happens tonight,I love you and I'll always do,"Analisa told Rodrick giving him an apassionate kiss. Rodrick looked at her then sat up and jumped up and forward against the killer. "GO," Rodrick yelled to Analisa,and she started to run.
She ran faster than ever knowing that her life was in danger. Knowing that her true love was going to die. She heard screams very far behind,"Hey,girl,you will never go far you know." She knew it was the serial killer,the one who killed five couples,and they were number six. She ran more faster seeing some houses at the distance, knowing that she could save herself and her true love.

Rodrick woke up, he saw he was in a cabin, wasn't I in the forest when I attacked the man,what happend and where is Analisa? He got up from the little wooden bed. He got outside and saw trees and a stream he saw he was in the middle of the forest. Rodrick felt desperate and he called his love,"Analisa are you here,please answer me." He heard no answer only the echo of his voice from all around the part where he was. He then heard a noise coming from the back of the cabin. He walked slowly,trying not to make a sound so that whatever was behind the cabin couldn't know he was there. He watched behind a pile of wood,a woman who was the most beatiful woman he ever saw. She was wearing a turqoise dress with a light green rubber band in her straight not tangled hair. She was walking so delicately,like if the earth would open up and guble her down,so soft and slowly so much pacience on her face.

She then got on the little path beside the cabin and entered the cabin. Rodrick followed her and saw what she was doing. "Oh my,where's the man?"she asked out loud.

"I'm here," Rodrick said.

"Oh," she said then smiled at him when he got closer to her.

"Who are you,"he asked,"and where am I?"

She said,"My name is Veronica,and well..you are in some kind of part of the forest."

"Where exactly did you find me and how come you live here," he said without stoping until finished the sentence.

"Well,I escaped my home over like 5 years ago and I lived here since," she said not looking at him directly at his eyes.

"Wow,really literally here for five years,I can't even imagine being so long away from my family."

"Yeah,and well your first question,I found you about a mile far from here,I wassearching for food and I heard screams and noises then I saw a man throwing you to a rock and you went unconscious,then the man screamed something about a girl not going to escape,"then Rodrick interrupted her.

"What,not escaping oh no,Analisa?!"
"Hey can you take me to the nearest city,please," with a face of worry on his face he asked her. She accepted and she told him to follow her and both went ahead trying to find the path to the nearest city.


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