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Charlie.Browne. -A Glimpse-

Novel By: kYmizsofly
Literary fiction

Charlie.Browne. is an abused young girl from Dallas, Texas... View table of contents...


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P.art.1 Meeting the Woman--The set-up

El Memento #1: Inspired by Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)

It was a hot afternoon; Jackson Vasquez Zapata walked to the café New Amsterdam Coffee Haus, in "Sunny South" Dallas, Texas.

It had no air, but fresh and cold lattes on the house, since the air-conditioner blew out earlier in the day.

Having the table by the front door was very important/it allowed one to see two sides of the world: coming in/going out.

Jackson's routine: get a coffee, secure the table by the front door, and view walking literature.

He had never seen her before. He noticed she was reading Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos.

"Hola Senorita," Jackson says to Charlie in passing. She looks up for a moment and smiles.

He continued to walk, turns around, looks at the back of her shirt, and chuckles at the imprint painted 100% CHINGON.

Jackson decides to walk back and conversate with the seasoned Black beauty....

"De Donde Eres," he says, hoping Charlie would respond.

Charlie looks up from reading her book, surprised by the good-looking Afro-Mexican, not admitting to herself that he was her muse.

She replies, "Soy de Dallas, Texas. Would you like to take a seat?"

"I would love to sit and chat about your travels to Mexico, or did you just buy that shirt from a street vendor in Texas," he asked, while pulling a chair from the table.

Jodeci, and there #1 hit, Come and Talk to Me plays lightly in the background of the small café. Pictures of Miles Davis, Ernest Hemingway, and famous Amsterdam Coffee brands adorned the walls.

The young writer looks attentively in her eyes and listens while she talked.

"Actually, I got this shirt from the dance company that I perform with here in Dallas. They paid me to do research two months ago about Afro-Mexican dance in the Yucatán. I was required to learn the language before traveling. I enrolled in Vida Study Abroad School in Cuernavaca, Morelos," Charlie says.

"That is quite interesting because I am from Cuernavaca. I wrote for many newspapers all over Mexico City. How long have you been coming to New Amsterdam," Jackson asks while sipping a latté.

"Oh! I have been coming here three years now. Every since I saw the sign I knew this was the place for me. The atmosphere is great; I usually get to sit out side on the porch they built. I'm able to think a lot about life and my work," Charlie utters quickly.

Jackson eased back in his seat, feeling relaxed, he wanted to know more about this interesting specimen before his eyes.

"So tell me more about you're dancing." He asked earnestly.

Charlie was not about to reveal her life story in one day. The subject got her in trouble more than once in her past. She had come too far to let someone in/like that.

"Right now, I just want some light topics to deal with if this conversation continues," Charlie says while trying to keep her composure about the subject.

Jackson steadily looked into her eyes and decided to respect her wishes.

A few months later...

Jackson was sitting in Amsterdam Coffee, he ordered a drink, and began thinking again about the image he would help her paint of what he thought she might say-this would make the nationals.

She would probably be late Jackson thought to himself while reading over the mounting notes taken in previous meetings.

Charlie.Browne always had something to say, it came out in dance, never in words... but dance. The story would resurface through a dream, written on paper, about a family with lies/secrets.

The woman walked through the door, up to the bar, and said she was ready to talk about the life she once knew.

The night before, it happened, the dance.

He was ready, given the green light to tell-






the story, by her.him

There was one condition:

  1. Charlie had difficulty calling her story; the approach had to be disjointed and nonchronological.

Anonymous, September 7, 1997


Charlie.Browne.2.Butahflies.&Painky.Lillies ©2010 litARTMedia


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