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There Is Always Light

Novel By: Maisie Weston
Literary fiction

Werewolf Tale

Light is all Emerald needs. She has gone through so many romances and confusion that when she finds out something that she has always been kept in the darkness about she desperately needs some sort of Light.

This is the first part of the Trilogy. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

I trudged downstairs. Everything in the house was going as normal and as boring. I ate some breakfast that Declan, my annoying older brother, had prepared. I so couldn't wait till I shifted for the first time. I could go out for a run and be free for once... but no, I had to be 14 and everyone knows you can't shift till your 16. Tough life here?! Anyways, I was lucky because my father was the alpha of the largest pack in Britain. Yes I'm British so get used to it! (English to be specific) Being part of the Diamond Rose pack was absolute luxury. Our territory was mainly made up of countryside meaning we were able to have a school just for werewolves!

"Emerald! School starts in 10 minutes! We're going to be late!" Declan called for me. He was annoyingly 4 years older then me and was leaving school at the end of the year. How lucky is that?! Well, I'd better not start going on about how jealous I am because that will get Dec more angry at me. I quickly hurried to the front door, grabbing my bag on the way.

"Bye Mum! Bye Dad!" I cried out before slamming the front door and hurrying to Dec's car. He sighed as I got in and started the engine before I even got myself buckled up.

"5 minutes till the bell rings! Your such a slow coach," I rolled my eyes at Dec as he started the engine. It seemed like it was so important for him to get to school on time today.

"What's up with you today? Looks like you've got your knickers in a twist," I gave a small giggle, but Dec just kept a straight face. "Alright, alright, but why are you in a huff about being late for school all of a sudden?" Dec pulled the car up at the school before giving me a 'duh' look.

"It's Melody's birthday! I don't want to let her down by being late again!" Dec cried before getting out the car. I did the same, but slowly just to annoy Dec even further. As I shut the door finally, Dec gave out a low growl in the back of his throat. He immediately locked the car and rushed over to the school. Casually following him, I tried to look cool as I entered the school. However, some new kid decided it would be a good idea to run into me.

"Whatch it bitch!" I cried out. The boy looked startled and put his hand out to help me up.

"I'm so sorry, I'm new here and I was in a rush to get everything..." he froze as his eyes and mine met. I looked at him confused. I waved my hand infront of his eyes.

"Hello? Earth to newbie, do you hear me?" he jumped suddenly and apologised. I sighed and he went over to open the door for me, giving a creepy smile.

"Uh... thanks?" I said in a confused manner. That guy was odd and not in a good way. I felt uncomfortable around him after he looked into my eyes. Wait, no! He is so not my mate! He can't already know, he hasn't shifted yet?! "So... when did you join the pack?" I questioned him as we walked towards class. I went with the fact that he was probably in my class because he never left my side.

"I have always been a part of the pack, I was just home schooled," he gave a hint of a frown but it didn't show.

"Why where you home schooled?" I asked, being my nosey self. This time he did frown and moved away from me slightly. I stared at him confused.

"Promise you won't get people to gang up on me?" I nodded, still confused about why people would- "I'm one of the pack's Omegas," I stumbled backwards and gasped. My mate shall never be an Omega! Though, he might not be my mate, just... love at first sight. Anyway, enough of that. He was an Omega and there was no way I was gonna hang around with him.

"I-I'm sorry, I have to go," with that I ran towards the classroom and left the Omega in the corridor just as the bell chimed. I slipped into the nearest seat and rushed to get myself set up. I felt the heat rising inside of me. No, he wasn't my mate, he was probably checking me out. EW! I shall not let an Omega check me out!

Right then, the Omega stumbled into the classroom, almost tripping over onto Mrs Haren. She tutted and motioned him to the seat next to me.

"Next time, knock Mr Harrison. I don't want you turning up late without being respectful at least," the Omega nodded and sat down in the spare seat next to me before he started getting his books out. This was the chance I got to check him out. He was a lot cuter then earlier. He was just perfect with his messy brown hair and Caribbean sea blue eyes. His cheek bones matched his face in perfect proportion. He was just... just perfect!

"Emerald, Sorry if I'm interrupting, but I would like to get this lesson going instead of watching you eye up young Lucas here," everyone in the class turned to look at us and burst out laughing. I then felt a deep red blush pour over me and I bet Lucas had the same blush to. This day was going to go on forever.


At lunch time I sat with my besties Hannah and Ella. They gossiped all lunch time about the hot bad boy Markus in the year at above us, but I played no attention. I just kept glancing over at Lucas who was sitting eating his lunch in the corner. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Being an Omega is not the best position in the world to have I imagine. Being that he was frightened about people ganging up on him because of it.

"Emerald, pay attention!" We're talking about Markus here! The one who looks like he has a crush on you," Ella sighed in frustration. I quickly whipped my head back round to them blushing. I gave a nervous giggle and they sighed.

"Really, you need to stop daydreaming these days, Ella and I are going to head over to Markus and his group. You coming?" I silently nodded and we all stood up. We then casually made our way to Markus and his lot. They seemed to not realise we were there until Hannah coughed.

"Yes Hannah?" Zachary asked. He was the main joker of the group. The one who thinks of all the pranks etc. He was sloppily eating his meal. I felt like giggling at the sight of it.

"We were wondering if we could sit with you this lunch time... please?" Ella quietly. This must be the only time Ella has shut her mouth all day.

"Sure, so long as you can put up with sloppy pants here," Riley motioned to Zachary who punched Riley in the arm. Riley burst out laughing but Zach snarled at him. Hannah sat down and so did Ella; I however stood standing.

"Are you gonna sit down or what?" Zach asked me. I felt a little embarrassed by this because they were all staring at me.

"Er... sorry, I was daydreaming," I slid down in a seat next to Markus. Suddenly, they all started getting into a conversation. I lost track of what they were saying so I just pretended to listen and nod. After a couple of minutes I noticed Markus get bored and slip his arm around my waist, I looked at him for just a second and he smiled. This caused me to smile to.

"Are your friends always like this?" Markus questioned me quietly so no-one heard. I nodded and he sighed.

"Can we go somewhere quieter please?" Markus paused for a second before agreeing. We both stood up and held each other's hand. "We're just going outside for a bit, see you later," they all played no attention to what Markus said so we decided to just leave them.

As we left the canteen I couldn't help but feel warm inside. I didn't actually realise Markus had a crush on me because he seemed to have tons of girlfriends anyway.

"So..." Markus said as we sat down under the nearest tree. "Are you free this weekend? I mean, I don't mind if your not, it's just..." he scratched the back of his neck as he asked me. I felt my cheeks flush red and gave a nervous smile.

"Of course I'm free. What day are you hoping to go out?" I smiled so more as Markus' face lit up.

"Saturday at 7, I felt like taking you out on a surprise date," I suddenly filled with excitement. The hottest guy I'm school asked me out on a date! Oh my goodness what am I going to wear? How do I tell my friends? I wonder where we are going? Oh this is so exciting!

"Yea, I'm free then. I there something I should specifically wear?" my heart is now pounding in happiness. I can feel the warm blood pumping round my body.

"Nah, just a casual outfit, don't dress like a slut though...." he trailed off at the end as the bell rang, symbolizing the end of lunch. We waved each other goodbye as we entered back into the school to endure the rest of the school day.


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