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Lyle Baptist- The Beginning

Novel By: Mel Armstrong
Literary fiction

In this first installment, we meet Lyle Baptist a local pastor in a small town, in a dream, we see his past, which could very well link to his future, as he finds himself in a struggle of good vs evil, his friend Bleu who recently died, becomes an aid as an angel, and tries to keep him alive, but as Lyle becomes embroiled in the world of drugs and finding a gay lover, his job becomes seemingly harder, and it seems it will be in vain, only time will tell, as he also tries to warn Lyle of the succubus and her plans, this is the first in many for a small novel View table of contents...


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1974-Many reports of paranormal are captured or told everyday, but in the small town of Conway, NH, things were seemingly quiet on the surface, long before the church that stands there today, there was a cult, that worshiped sex and used drugs to become 'one with nature' and to as they put it 'communicate with the gods'. But one night, one cultists wish to speak to one, came true, and in the most unexpected way, possession of one of their own, a young woman by the name of Leli, who we will come to know later. At the time, the cultist member was alarmed and nearly fainted, but that turned to glee, as they realized what had happened, but this quickly turned into a disaster, Leli, had become possessed by a succubus and a very powerful one, one that would not rest till the catholics and all who worshiped god would be ran into hell. She lived on long after the cult was disbanded and done away with, disguising herself in many ways over the years. Oh she chose her victims, mainly the pastors of the church that had been built over the cultist grounds, which she thoroughly enjoyed haunting, and following to their parsonage, where they lived. Sometimes they had families, which were easily dealt with when they realized, they're loved one had fallen for another woman and maybe even multiple partners. In the end, they all fell to their deaths, and Leli lived on. Only a very few tried to resist, but to no avail, she slipped out of their nets at the last second, and downed another victim in the process. To this day, she still lurks, and now, another pastor is coming, she awaits his return, a return to the town where she first laid hands on him as a 14 year old boy, leaving her seal on him. Present day Lyle Baptist tossed and turned in bed, having a dream he'd thought he'd discarded the memory of, a night that had been wild and also a blur, but for some reason, it reached out to him, trying to draw him in, and that frightened him a bit, he pulled away till his eyes snapped open. "That dream? why" he muttered, as he sat up. He moved to the window and opened the curtains, it was 7 am, and a sunday, he needed to get moving anyway, to prepare for his first day as pastor in Conway NH. He smiled and gave thanks to god as he prepared for the day, showering, brushing his teeth and so on. He pulled into his parking spot at the church and waved hello to some of the ladies standing outside chatting, no doubt waiting for the church to open its doors. He stepped out of his car, locked it and walked to the back entrance, once inside, he greeted his secretary miss Lyttle, who smiled and waved, a little too long. He stood there a good five minutes before excusing himself, he had an odd feeling about her, one he could not place with a finger, but it occasionally bothered him, they had already talked about how low cut her blouses were, the day before he was to start preaching. As he took his position behind the pulpit, he noticed someone in the audience he didnt recognize, a young lady with long raven hair, and goth makeup, a few of the ladies in the pew next to her were whispering among themselves and looking at her, of which she took no notice, he'd have to talk to her afterwards, he thought to himself. Shortly after the sermon was over and they had gone through their program for the morning, he went to look for the young lady, her dress was impossible to miss, he had thought, what with the red and sequins, and the chains that glittered in the sun. He scanned the crowd till he saw her leaving out the door, he followed, and just barely caught her as she reached the end of the church parking lot, she spun to face him, and for a moment, he was shocked speechless, her eyes are what did it, they were a shade of red he had never seen, and what was more, he could tell they weren't contacts, she merely smiled at him, which made his knees feel odd, like they could turn to jelly in an instant. " Did you need something pastor?" she asked in a smooth voice that caressed his ears like silk. It took a moment before he found the ability to speak, " I was just going to tell you, that our dress code may not be strict, it still says you should wear your Sunday best" he finished with a hopeful smile. She looked at him, and tilted her head, " You mean that one paper on the bulletin board? that thing?" she laughed, which made him feel strange in his head, right down to his toes. " Uh, yes, that one, i don't mean to offend you, but being in your Sunday best means, nice dresses..." He trailed off, noticing his insides starting to melt, and he had no idea how or why, it made him panic a little. She seemed to know this, and walked right up to him, tilted his chin down, and shocked him even more with a kiss, it made him dizzy. She stepped back and smiled, "See you later, preacher" she sang out, as she seemed to float away. As he drove home, which was a short drive, he thought about what had happened and it made him blush a little, he pulled into his driveway and parked, then sat there a moment, and got out. His lunch was small and consisted of a sandwich and green beans, with a glass of iced tea, he turned on the radio and listened to the daily devotion of a local radio station. Afterwards, he retired to the den and turned on the television, and turned it to wheel of fortune, and laughed some, the people these days, had very odd taste in attire, but stayed within reason. He went back to the church to work on a few things, mainly the potluck dinner that was scheduled for the next weekend, as he sat behind his desk and opened the window, a curious smell rolled in with the breeze, one that startled his mind awake, he quickly walked outside and looked around, and followed the smell, he soon started hearing voices beyond the trees, and got close enough to see a smal pow wow of people. There, the smell was thick and it was making his head light and almost made him giggle, it was pot, he knew it, he made to turn around to leave when: "The hell, who is that, show yourself!" a deep voice demanded, than another chimed in, a soft female voice "Screw that, are you nuts? it could be the cops, and you don't care, as usual" a less feminine, but still light voice replied to her " Cops? really jazz? out in bumfuck nowhere? the only cops we got is a local sheriff and he don't come around here on sunday's you should know this, im buzzed and i know this" "Fine" said one more, another female "but you bring him in here, let's see who it is" "Me? why me" said the light male voice "because numnuts, you the one who said it couldn't be anyone else, so we're all curious now" deep voice told him. A hand thrust out and pulled him into the clearing, where he was faced with an odd assortment of people. The first one to speak up was a young black man with a do-rag, he looked at him and immediately exclaimed: "hey yo, its the preach!" "Hey, you're right!" said a teenager with wide rimmed glasses. The two females he saw, one was dressed in a shiny skirt and velvet colored top, black like the other, then there was a creamy white female, blonde hair, that reached past her elbows, she was in a tube top and skirt, and combat boots. The black male spoke up, "Jazz, show the preacher to his seat" he said with a knowing smile, the woman named Jazz, who turned out to be the black female, took his arm and sat him down, "easy there preach, you look like you been second handing it, haha, probably means he wont need much more" she laughed. " Hey AJ, pass the blunt" she told him. AJ, the black male, handed her a lit blunt and she held it out to him, " now just lean in and inhale, then hold it, got it?" she asked as she put it up to his mouth. He hesitated, but slowly took a hit, he somehow remembered how to do it, even when he swore he didnt know how to. He held it, and after exhaling, started to feel the effects, he felt loose and relaxed, and things started to get warm, a content moan escaped his lips and Jazz giggled. "Man, hes high as a kite" she laughed, he touched the other girls shoulder, and instantly pulled her to kiss, licking her lips. The girl shuddered, and grabbed him down there, making him moan, " Damn Candice, you got him hooked" he barely heard AJ remark as he went down on her. He tugged on her top, till the breasts popped out, and scooped one up in his mouth. He heard her moan and she arched her back. "Let's go back to my place, before romeo gets too heavy on her, haha" AJ said, laughing. Once there, he sat beside her on a couch, and took turns smoking a joint, each time licking the inside of her mouth, while she seemed to grab his junk with each hit, making him want more, and loosing control. She led him to a room, and pushed him onto a bed, undressing, till she was nude, she pulled out a condom and tossed it at him, "lets get it on, now!" she yelled, jumping on him, and for an hour their bodies clung together, he pounded in and out of her, even going for her mouth, making her swallow his stuff as it poured out, moaning he kissed her hard, and plowed some more, till another hour later. They stumbled out to find the others drinking 40oz beers, the wide rimmed glasses guy handed him one, swaying a little, "Glad you could join the partyyy" he slurred, and giggled, Lyle looked at him, and suddenly felt aware of his staring, he stared back for a minute then dove into his drink. " Thats Marvin." Candice told him when he asked, she sat on his lap, and kissed him, till when he looked up, marvin wasnt in the room, he got up and told candice he'd be back, stumbled into the kitchen to find him, drinking a bottle of vodka. Marvin slowly noticed him, and smiled, "Well hey there, wanna share a drink with me?" he slurred. Lyle nodded, but ended up plopping on his lap, Marvin poured him a shot and poured it in his mouth for him, it was hot, and Lyle sputtered for a minute, "It gets easier, here, try again" He poured another and this time, Lyle ripped it out of his hand and downed it, then took the bottle and drank from it, "ooo, that's ballsy for a first timer" Marvin chuckled. Lyle looked at him "fuck you, i drank when i was 14, i aint no ..first timer" he said holding down a hiccup. Marvin giggled, "you're drunk dear" he laughed, and for a minute the two looked at each other, then kissed, Lyle felt even more alive this time, and craved more, he couldn't stop kissing Marvin, and he didn't want to stop. Before long, Marvin took him to a room and undid Lyle's zipper, taking his member into his mouth, making him moan loudly, he pushed it in deeper, and could feel drool coming from his mouth, he kept pounding it in till finally, it came, he moaned softly, and Marvin lifted his mouth, wiping excess from his lips. He kissed Lyle hard, and pinned him down, and slid his own member inside of him, Lyle gasped for he hadn't done this before, then it felt hot, and he wrapped his legs around him, "p-pound me, pound me please!" he begged. Marvin kissed him, and obliged, going deeper everytime, Lyle moaning and grinding, sucking on his lips, then, Marvin finally came, it was hot, and it felt like a wave of passion was spreading through him, he'd never felt this close to a man before, and he was eager to do more, next thing he knew, he was at marvin's house, or thats what Marvin told him, and gathering a few belongings to move in with Lyle, the rest of the night went by, and when morning came, he was shocked. Lyle opened his eyes at what he guessed was noon, head pounding, he sat up and instantly noticed he wasnt in bed alone, he looked down to see the young man he'd seen the other day, sleeping away. It took a moment of thinking, but some bits and pieces found their way into his memory, and he instantly looked down again, and realized, he'd slept with a man, and liked it, a lot! For some reason, which confused him, he liked that it had happened, and would gladly do it again, the thoughts we confused, the body ached for it, and also for some asprin or pain reliever. Meanwhile, outside his home, in the shadows, stood Leli, a smug grin on her face, "I've found you, once again, and i will claim you in due time, all in time, just keep on the dance you've been set on, and your reward will come" she said with a grin, laughing on the inside at the puppet she'd found once more. This was far from over, she would make sure of that.


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