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My Aspiration, My Fortitude

Novel By: nadialopez
Literary fiction

A simple script for readers to enjoy.
This is a story of Ayesha, who lives with her five evil step-brothers in India. These step-brother's mother gets Ayesha's father killed and try to get a hold of his property. Later, the brothers plan to kill her and Ayesha overhears their plan. She escapes into her homeland, Pakistan. Over there, her paternal family is what she deals with. She is shattered by betrayal and learns to trust the people who love her. What will happen next? What does fate hold for her? What's her story? To know more, READ,SHARE & LIKE! View table of contents...


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Scene i

In the hot summer wind, Ayesha(Aashi) was waiting for her brother Anirvan(Anu) and Avinaash (Avvi) to pick her up out of her college gate. She grabbed her cell phone in her hand impatiently and started back for the gate when suddenly a hand stopped her. She turned back to look for the hand and was astonished.

"Bhaiya[1]! What are you doing here?" said Ayesha in a slow voice.

"Came to pick you up sweetie!" replying her in a wondering mood.

"Come on let's go, Avinaash is getting late!"

"Late for what?"

"He is really hungry. He hasn't eaten anything since morning as he didn't have his breakfast because he was getting late for college."

"Oh! I see…"

"Ok let's go now"

Ayesha started for the car and sat in it quietly and started to remember the rudeness of some bullies in the college. She was wiping her tears down when Avinaash, in a jolly mood turned back to talk to her. He took a look at her and asked Anirvan curiously,

"Aaji bhaiya, yaar[2] did you see something unique and something different in Ayesha today?"

"No…I didn't. Why?" said Anirvan with great astonishment.

"She is looking so worried and upset." Avinaash replied.

Anirvan turned back and looked at her, "really? I don't find her upset. What happened to her?"

"Ayesha!" he called her.

Ayesha wasn't hearing him and was thinking about college.

"Ayesha!" he called her out twice. Still, she didn't listen, "Ayesha!" she nervously turned her face up and said, "Yes Bhai[3], did you call me?"

Anirvan: "Yes Ayesha, what happened? Is there a problem?"

Ayesha: "No Brother…well, actually I am just missing mom so much, I haven't talked to her in a while…"

"Ohh, take a look at her Anirvan, see how upset she is and crying. C'mon sis! Seriously?!" (Avinaash laughed)

"Don't worry Ayesha; we all brothers are with you. Aren't we? And you'll see, everything is going to be alright in a few days. Hm?" A consoling Avinaash said.

"Ok…fine" a worried Ayesha replied.

"And see, any problem that would bother you, we both will help you together and will always protect you." added Anirvan. "What do you say?"

"Exactly!" Avinaash agreed with him.

Scene ii

(They reached home and as soon as the car stopped, Ayesha opened the door and fled to her room immediately. Vishaal, Akhilesh and Aadesh were watching her running worriedly and were surprised, they tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen.)

Aadesh (Aadi): "Ayesha! Where are you going? Aashi…"

Akhilesh (Ilesh): "Ayesha! Listen to me!"

A surprised Vishaal (Vishi)asked, "This…what happened to Ayesha?"

Akhilesh: "I don't know."

Meanwhile, the two upset brothers arrived. Aadesh asked Vishaal impatiently, "What happened? Why Ayesha looks so upset?"

"We don't know. We ourselves our wondering, what's going on with her. She's not telling us either!" Replied Anirvan.

"Let's go upstairs and check." said Avinaash immediately.

The brothers hurried upstairs to enquire Ayesha about her worries. They knocked the door and kept on asking her to open the door. But Ayesha kept silent and started to cry. She was thinking that how should she tell her brothers about the incident.

Ayesha: (while crying) "what should I do bhai?? How should I tell you? I wish mom was here, I could share with her my worries and my I would feel less burdened. But, I am the only sister. I am afraid of telling you. I want to take your help but I am scared."

After wiping her tears down; she opens the door and sees Vishaal and Akhilesh standing there. Smiling, she asks them, "Bhaiya? You guys?"

"Bhaiya!?" she called them!

Both: Huh? (Both were thinking)

Akhilesh: Aashi? What happened to you? You seemed nervous and ran upstairs? why?

Ayesha: Umm…umm…oh..uhm…oh yes! You know what? Today our class chose and voted me to become the president for the Biology Presentation at the inter-collegiate competition!

Vishaal: (thinking…) then why were you crying?

Ayesha: Oh that's because they were tears of happiness! And after the competition they are going to celebrate my achievement!

Akhilesh: Hmm..Are you sure that's the matter?

Ayesha: Yes, I am 100% sure…

Vishaal: "No…I don't think that's the truth! I bet something else is bothering you!"

Ayesha "Bhaiya! I'm telling you there's nothing to worry about! You don't trust me?"

Vishaal: Alright, come downstairs and let's go get lunch!

Ayesha: Sure!

(They leave)

Scene iii

Ayesha again becomes worried and after getting fresh, she comes for lunch.

Ayesha was working very slowly and lazily. To help her, Aadesh suddenly comes to kitchen and calls her, "Ayesha!"

She suddenly turns back and he rubs his fingers in flour and spreads some on her face!

"Bhaiya! What are you doing?"She asks her frankly.

"I'm just chilling you my dear!" said Aadesh joyfully.


"Hahahaha! hehehehe!..." (he laughs)

Ayesha: Ok Bhaiya, will you do me a favor? If you already came to help me, please put these on table..(Handing over a dish and plates)…Please?

Aadesh: Oh! Who told you that I'm here to help you?

Ayesha: What? You aren't here to help me? Fine! I will get upset with you! Huhm! (She gets upset with him)

Aadesh: Oh, my dear sis! here, I'm taking these to table!

Ayesha: Thank you Bhai!

Aadesh: You don't have to say thank you to me dear! Your smile is telling me how happy you are!

Ayesha: …And bhaiya, yours favor is telling me that you really care about me!

(They both smile and hug passionately.)

Vishaal calls, "I need food!"

"It's coming! Wait!"

Everyone eats together but Ayesha sits far away in the corner of the table. She becomes very slow in eating. She was still very anxious and nervous thinking about the incident.

Avinaash: (to Anirvan): Bhaiya, did you receive the letters from Lucknow College?

Anirvan: Oh yeah I've already sent the copy to mom and dad and I gave the original copy to Aadi Bhaiya.

Avinaash: Oh alright! I almost got worried whether they got it or not…

Vishaal: Hey! Aashi, why are you sitting far away? Come, sit here with me!

Ayesha: No Bhaiya, I'm fine here. Actually, I just wanted to sit here…(she makes a sad face)

Akhilesh: Why? What happened? Come on sit here!

Ayesha slowly takes her plate and sits next to Akhilesh.

Akhilesh: So now, tell me, why did you sit there?

Aadesh: Oh yaar! Forget it, she wanted to!

Akhilesh: Ohk…Fine! (Sarcastically)

Scene iv

(Anu and Vishi are conversing)

Vishi: Bhaiya?

Anu: Yes? What happened?

Vishi: Bhaiya…that…that…Actually, I… wanted to talk to you about a thing…

Anu: Yeah? Say…What happened?

Vishi: That…umm…that…

Anu (getting a bit annoyed) : Start talking yar!!

Vishi: Bhaiya…will you help me?

Anu: Help you? But, for what? Why? What happened?... Why are you so nervous?

Vishi: Bhaiya…(scared)…that…that day…Outside Ayesha's college, a few boys were threatening me to hand over…3 million rupees to them in 3 weeks…or…

Anu: 3 million rupees?

Vishi: Yes 3 million rupees…

Anu: Or what? (Shocked)

Vishi: or…they will hurt her!

Anu: What? (Surprised and shocked)…

But, why would they do that?

Vishi: I have no clue…I'm getting very perplexed when I think of all this threat! They must be very erotic and miscreant guys!

Anu: Hm..So that's the matter! Don't worry Vishi, we'll definitely find some solution….(pats him on his back)

Scene v

Ayesha is lying in her room. She is listening to some music when she receives an "unknown number" call on her mobile phone. At few times she ignores but then the phone rings a couple of times. She panics and runs downstairs to give her phone to her brothers.

Ayesha (crying): Bhaiya! Bhaiya! An unknown number is ringing a lot. I am scared. Will you please take it?

Anu: Yeah! Give me.

He attends the call and says; "Hello" the boys get scared on hearing a male voice… (Silence)…"Hello…" They hang up the phone… "Hello"… "Hello"… "Hey if you didn't want to talk…why did you call at first place?"….(Silence)…"Hello!"

Anu( talks to himself): "Weird…They hung up!?"

Anu: "Who called you?" he asks

Scared, Ayesha hugs Anu and quietly says, "I don't know bhaiya!"

The phone rings again and this time Anu tells her to pick up the phone.

"But…I'm scared!"

"Why are you scared? I am with you…Huhm?" consoled his brother Anu.

She sacredly replies, "Yes" and picks up the phone.

"Hello" she said frightened

"So, you are scared of us? hm?" a powerful male voice said. He continued, "I'll meet you outside the college at 6 pm tomorrow. Do come otherwise.." he hangs up the phone. Ayesha is frightened. (Screen freezes)

[1] Brother in Hindi

[2] Dude/Buddy in Hindi

[3]Also means Brother in Hindi


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