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Natalie's life is tormented with her abusive father. She is bullied a lot and after a lot of pain, threats and struggle, she finally finds peace. She meets Danny, who tries to befriend her and change her life. Find out how? View table of contents...


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Natalie didn't know what to do and she thought of sharing this sad incident with someone. She was disgruntled and was angst because of the threats. She could feel herself sweating off and taking short breaths. She felt a little relieved as she was finally free. She could go to college and get tensed about the threatening project. Or, she could go to her hostel and rest herself up.
She nervously went to her college and tried to calm herself down in the bathroom. She washed her face and got ready for the class.
She came outside the bathroom and was almost near the cafe, when Sammy, another tall and a handsome lad, greeted Natalie.
"Hello Natalie! whatcha' doing in the lab area?"
"Oh, hey, I just went to the bathroom."
"Ohhkay! Hey, listen. Can you give this lab notebook to Danny?" He gave his notebook to Natalie.

"Oh yes. No problem." she answered him and left for her class.

Natalie was reluctant to enter the class. She didn't know if she could hide her emotions of fear and could focus on her studies. After taking a deep breath, she enters the class and finds her seat mates, Danny and Nikki. They had already occupied the bench by the windows. She quietly sits there and Nikki joyfully speaks to her.

"Hey Natalie! How are you?"

Natalie, who is in thoughts of the dangerous work, gets scared with her sudden "hello."

"Oh hey, I'm… fine.. You?" She replies confusedly.

"Ohhh Don't Ask Natalie!! I can't tell you how excited I am!!"

Danny is surprised by her dramatic gestures and asks her impatiently, "Oh! Good. What happened?"

"Oh Dannyyy! Guess what?" She was thrilled.

"My sister got engaged!" her happiness was overflowing and she couldn't control herself.

"OHHH! Congratulations!!" he replied to her in an enthusiastic manner and from there he turned towards Natalie and he returned her notebook back to her.

"Thank you" said Natalie.

"You're Welcome." After a little pause, she remembered to return his notebook too.

"..Oh, Hey…" She tries to inform him. He turns towards her and says,

"Um…Yes?" he wanted to ask her if she was alright but waited for her to speak up.

"….Um… I met Sammy… on the way to the class. And…" before she could utter anything else, she lost her confidence and paused.

"And.. what? Is everything alright with him?" He started to worry about him.

"…Um…" Pulling out his notebook from the open desk metal book box, she continued.

"…um…Yeah..Sammy is fine! It was…" she was getting shy and nervous.

She was scared, disturbed and nervously frowned and closed her fist. "It was that he told me… to give you his notebook to you…" She sighed and took a breath.

"Oh! Thank you" taking his notebook from her hand.

He continued, "You made me scared." He paused, "Sammy is my best friend since childhood…" Before Danny could say anything, the class professor entered and the lecture began. "Oh the class" and they got busy with class while Natalie was still distressed about the dishonest work she was about do that night.

After the class, Nazia comes up to her and she wanted to strike a little chat with her. Natalie ignores her and makes an excuse after she is half way into a small story.

"Heyy Nazia…I don't want to be mean, but I am sorry I am not in a good mood to listen to this right now. Sorry"

Nazia (concerned) : "Oh, I am sorry! Is everything okay?"

"Yeah… It's just that I'm a bit occupied today."

"Oh okay. Good luck with everything and hey, remember, do not stress out…" Nazia responded calmly.

"ohkay. Thanks. I gotta go" And Natalie went off to do the clinical work at the hospital. She wondered what had made her so shy. She was struggling.


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