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Natalie's life is tormented with her abusive father. She is bullied a lot and after a lot of pain, threats and struggle, she finally finds peace. She meets Danny, who tries to befriend her and change her life. Find out how? View table of contents...


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It had been hardly three hours since Natalie was working that day in the emergency ward. She was looking after the different patients who had come either from an accident, children's fever, body injuries or body pains. Suddenly, there was a loud scream from far behind. She was alarmed and enquired the nurses standing by about the loud clamor. They all were clueless and puzzled. Soon she could hear the clamor getting louder and clearer. She realized that it was a women's voice who was weeping spontaneously. Natalie and other few nurses rushed near the emergency ward door and saw a young girl, who was bleeding profusely from the chest and was lying unconscious on the stretcher. The doctors rushed her to the operation theater and she could see the poor mother of the victim sobbing uncontrollably. She overheard the nurse telling the mother,

"You'll need to report this to the police. This is a criminal case and they'll be here any minute soon."

Natalie was shaken and was getting emotional. She was curious to find out that how did she go in that condition. In a few minutes, the police arrived and the officers started interviewing the mother.

Police officer: "Namaste"

Mother: "Ji, Namaste"

Police officer: "So, we got a call from the hospital. Your daughter was attacked."

The mother was afraid but she got the nerves to tell the truth. "Yes."

Police officer: "What is your name?"

Mother: "Ji, Akriti Chutervedi"

Police officer: "Your daughter's name and age?"

Mother: "Purvi Dhavan, 24 years old"

Police officer: "Is she married?"

Mother: "Yes"

Police officer: "Husband's name and age?"

Mother: "Harsh Dhavan, 30 years old"

Police officer: "Where does he live?"

Mother: "Um…I think on Hari Mandir Rd"

Police officer: "Ohkay so what happened?"

Natalie got attentive and wanted to hear what had caused Purvi's condition.

Purvi's mother tried to explain in the accented Hindi. "So, Purvi and Harsh got into an argument and Purvi's mother in law misunderstood the situation and… (crying)…stabbed Purvi with the knife in anger into her abdominal chest and…" Her mother was in tears and couldn't stop. Natalie was taken aback to hear about the inhumane and insane deed of the women.

"What?" the police officer muttered in a slow voice and continued, "Ok. So, what exactly the argument was about?"

Mother: "Ji…I really don't know…the servant at the home told me that as she came home, the door was open and she was shocked to find her lying on the floor with the knife… and... and first, she tried to find both Harsh and her mother in law… but, she couldn't find her. Then, she immediately called me and that's how I'm here…"

Police officer: "Ohkay. So how do you know they were having an argument and her mother in law stabbed her?"

Mother: "oh I think Purvi told the servant when she was conscious…"

Police officer: "Ohkay, we will try to figure out what happened and let you know. Please tell us your number and if you have Harsh's number, do tell us too."

Mother: "Oh thank you. Here's my number, "0225762---"

Natalie was shocked and she slowly turned away from the door and gasped. She couldn't believe that a mother in law could do this. She was heartbroken to hear about the violence. She wanted to cry but she held her tears and tried to be confident. For she was an intern, she knew many terrible and awful cases would come and she needed to become strong.


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