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Natalie's life is tormented with her abusive father. She is bullied a lot and after a lot of pain, threats and struggle, she finally finds peace. She meets Danny, who tries to befriend her and change her life. Find out how? View table of contents...


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After the tiring day, Natalie was dismayed by what was happening around in the busy city of Mumbai. She came back to her hostel at around 10:30pm and went to sleep. She didn't remember that she had to get ready for risky job. Suddenly, she got a "PRIVATE NUMBER" caller ID calling and in sleep, she answered.

"Hello?" Natalie sleepily asked.

"Are you ready for the job?" She heard a silk voice.

As soon as she heard the sentence, her eyes were wide open with shock and fear. She puffed and asked impatiently,

"Who's this?"

"SID!" he said.

Natalie was shocked and jumped out of the bed. She looked at the clock and it said, "12:40 am" and got petrified. She slowly and quietly walked to the bathroom and got ready for the work. She was deeply nervous and was praying that she's safe. Suddenly, she got a buzz sound.

"One message received" her mobile said.

"FROM: 02234670054

"The car will come at 1:00am. Be outside"

She again looked at the clock, "12:56am" and she got more terrified. She looked at the sleeping Nazia and quietly sneaked out of the home. It was very dark outside. No voice could be heard from far, far away. She was waiting outside in the silence of cold. She was terrified. Suddenly, a white car came and she got in the car while she quietly listened to the instructions.

She soon reached into an empty, secluded building where she was dressed as the pharmacist and had gotten fake IDs. She reached the hospital and the two assistants dodged the security guard while Natalie and a few more men sneaked in to the hospital. She quickly went to the pharmacy corridor and a boy sneaked the group into the pharmacy and closed the pharmacy with the metal shop security shutter. He had used the noise silencer and succeeded in the first step. Natalie held her breath and they further tortured her. The pharmacy was dark inside. They had to use the torch lights to alter. One of the drug suppliers blackened the security camera. They put a tape on Natalie's mouth and tied her arms and legs with the rope.

She was threatened, "If you ever open your mouth up, or try to lecture me right now, your friend will be murdered."

He then pulled her with her hairs, "Understood?"

Natalie fearfully nodded. They then untied her and ordered her to change the medicines. Her hands trembled. Her sweat was dripping down her face. She was anxious and was very scared stiff.

While altering the medicines, she was very tensed and prayed and hoped that from somewhere, any help would come. Suddenly, she saw a few useful medicines and tactfully hid a few boxes in her purse. She remembered that her friend, Nazia used to have asthma attacks and she had to go to buy her new medicines the next day, i.e. the day she was altering the medicines. She saw the medicine, "Beclomethasone" and wanted to take a few medicines for her. She opened a bottle of this medicine and threw the tablets into a brown bag. Then, carefully, she dropped that bag into her purse and altered the medicines. She was terrified but soon, all the suppliers and Natalie had altered more than half of the medicines.

Suddenly, one of the supplier got a message on his phone by Sid which read,

"It's enough for today. Come out now. I suspect something is wrong"

Natalie and other suppliers quickly cleaned up the pharmacy and checked everything thoroughly. They turned on the lights of the pharmacy and the boy who had sneaked them in also succeeded in sneaking them out of the pharmacy and the hospital. They went back to the building to report to Sid and Rajveer and after their approval, they could go back freely. She was dropped at her hostel and after a little tension; Natalie was finally in her home without any trouble. Natalie was very scared and guilty of the consequences but she was helpless.


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