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Tags: Blue, Twilight

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When you realize that place your in isnt one we're you belong, all the mysteries may be uncovered... View table of contents...


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Blue Twilight

Chapter 1: Fleeting

The night trembles, Freezing the air that succumbs the body Into a state of stone,

where you know you can't escape from it... Neither from me...

"It's so cold... I don't like this place, it brings back bad memories, I should better put a quick pace if I want to arrive home fast."

I see her walk toward the people and enter an alley, as I follow her cautiously, she turns into corner she stops to wave her hand for a taxi,

as the taxi stops, she enters and closes the door of the car. So she is to go back home before not saying good bye to her friends , either me.

"Intresting." I whisper to myself.

Next day at school in math's classroom she appeared confused, was it that she didn't remember our encounter last night?,

I don't know or maybe is that It wasn't so important what she learned from me, she might not believed that I had changed, that we will see, Salome Dear.

"Salome, you forgot about us yesterday and didn't said goodbye, Where you ok?"Salome looks at Andrea and smiles forcefully.

"I'm sorry, is just yesterday I didn't felt to good, the music was loud and I felt dizzy, then a headache was forming in my head."- she glances at her other two girlfriends.

" So I decided to leave, it wasn't t my intention to leave you girls behind like that." She said while I was walking toward her,

her friends looked worried at her.

"Well hope u get better, girl we don't want you catching something bad, we are going to our seats so you can rest."Said Andrea moving to their seats

She sighs and sit down in her seat; I knew she was going to ignore me she thought

I was a womanaizer Buyt didn't realize my change; I teach out to touch her hair and lean from behind her toward her ear and whisper.

"What about me?"The hairs from her neck roses up and she turns around Almost paralyzed as being shocked by my voice.

"What are you doing?, shouldn't we never know each other? She glances at me, her light brown eyes bored.

"Weren't you the one who said That our meeting was secret,..., thought you were more astute than this."

I chuckle and pull my front hair away from my face. Wow I never thought she would remember something so stupid that I said,

she took it seriously it seems. As I let go of her hair, I look at her serious.

"Cutey, do you think I care about what others say about us?" She glares at me and plays with her hair.

I sat in the chair behind her as she finished glaring at me. Fierce.

"Us?, there has never been a relationship between each other... Dear." She said with sarcasm...,

I never knew she would thought about me like that. "When I watched you in these past six months, I've seen a change in me, you might have notice, maybe a little bit, don't you think?" I stare at her trying to find a trace of recognition

but they went cold all of a sudden, She turns her body around and looks at me indifferent,

and smiles one of the smiles I did to impress all the girls. "We'll I think you must put more effort than you've been doing, Joseph."

She says sternly and turns around, the teacher enters the room and the same boring day begins.


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