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In My Hands A Prophecy

Novel By: Natsfreewill
Literary fiction

Tags: Hands, Prophecy

In my hands A prophecy,

As u can see I have been writing my original story of that stupid human now the upcoming sequel has now shown its way!!!!, enjoy, This story is told by Rubi, Suou’s worst nightmare, turned into a new kind of vampire and struggles to find herself her truth, everything that has to do with this upturning quest, enemies, surpirses and maybe romance is about to appear…?, be the judge and clear this case….
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Submitted:Jun 4, 2012    Reads: 10    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   


Today I wake up looking with new eyes, new feelings, new desires, today my world turns around in a special and dangerous quest that might cause my life or my death; I open the curtains of my bedroom and open the curtains of my bedroom and open the crystal doors to the balcony so the fresh air of morning touch my skin; it's been a day since my world has given a 360 circumference roulet circle; I went down stairs and realize again that Suou was making breakfast; It's a long story on how he ended up in my house but the thing is that I meet him in school when I was transferred there, I was the tipical new girl but with red eyes, a lot of crazy and hurtful things has happened and now I'm here as a new kind of vampire and Suou as my Guardian, I'm still trying to get used to this.

"Morning, Rubi…"

Said Suou cooking an omelet in the pan and looking side way at my direction.

"Morning, baka…"

I went at the kitchen and beside him; I knew this was going to make him mad haha.


He glances at me but doesn't respond and looks at the frying pan, I reach out for Suou's ear and pull it down.

"Oww, what was that for?!"

He asks surprise and a lil' hurten I smile at him but I felt so down; so hurt inside so mad; I look away from him, I guess he realize how I was, because he grabs me by the shoulder and pull me to him in a friendly embrace; I kinda start to smell something weird before it really smelled wrong.

"Suou, your omelet is going to burn and turn to rock…"

Suou jumps in embarrassment and looks at the omelet that was starting to burn a little bit.

"You and your new senses, are you psychic or something?"

I smirk at him; well It would be good to read his mind but I can't read his mind and it bothers me, but I can read well the mind of the humans , I thought it as if I was used to say humans all the time…creepy.

"Well I can say I yes but right now my psychic powers are on vacation."

I snicker and look at the tableware and look at the box that sat there with runs and symbols that made a pull toward it for me to go there and open it, but since yesterday night it's been more stronger; Suou puts the omelet in the table and a pour blood bag in a glass cup; It smell hits me but since I was a new kind of vampire I could feed on humans blood but it didn't last long I had to feed on a vampire pureblood to be alive; I look at Suou and he waves at me to sit down and eat I did and finish.

"Suou, today we're going training with Tokimo sensei tonight, what about Red Mansion?"

He looks at me and shock a smile with a cough, how fun….; I have to tell myself that doesn't know about my bloodlust for vampire blood.


"Father…, they couldn't have done such a thing?!"

I said hitting the floor with my fists; something unexpected happen; Suou hugs me, holds me in his arms; my heart hurts to much I broke; I start to cry in his arms something I didn't did such a thing for 6 years now.

"We will find who did this and kill them, I promise, Rubi…"

And there when I smell his blood a perfume so thrilling I wanted to get lost in it shocked me and when I saw Suou's blood pumping in his neck, there I realize that I crave more for vampire blood.


I went to the dishwasher and clean my plate; Everything was getting weird, the doctor of our school knew about me. Maybe he knew about Suou and last but not least he's an vampire there so much questions and answers that hasn't been done; I finish Suou looks at me cautiously but when I catch him looking he looks away, kind of embarrass that he was caught looking.

"Suou., what type of vampire are you?"

I ask randomly as we got out of the house and into the streets a good walk didn't kill anybody besides showing expensive cars wasn't my style; yep I have a dear to die black stripes white Ferrari, a 8 cilinders and it did roar; anyway we walk by the main park of the community and went into and alley were we came into a totally familiar street; I realize now that he didn't answer my question.

"Isn't this the street for-"

I was cut there, somebody came behind me and I swear if it wasn't for Suou's quick alert reflexes and instincts I would have gone berserk and kill Tokimo sensei.

"Oh it's a grand pleasure to see you two youngsters getting ready for your first lesson…"

As I see Suou and Tokimo sensei, who was dress as a high aristocrat, with long sleeved black cloak, channel black button shirt, black pants and black combat boots; As both of them stood beside each other, even if Suou was wearing teenager clothes they both look from another dimension now that my new eyes looked, Tokimo sensei stated.

"Ready to be trained and Reborn."


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