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Reverence of the few

Novel By: PinkNotes
Literary fiction

Trey is encountering near death experiences and seeing angels of demons? What is he to make of what he see's? Is it even real? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 15, 2012    Reads: 138    Comments: 23    Likes: 12   

Reverence of the few
'Whatever keeps that smile on your face, is yours.'

"Goodbye forever, ______". Crumpled on the ground, I look up but I'm half blind from the blood running out of my left eye, all I see is the barrell of a pistol staring me down. I breathe in suddenly but I take in all the scattered ashes on the ground and cough razzily. I lift my hand to knock the gun out of my face. My hand doesn't even move, the best thing I could muster was wriggling my fingers.

My voice squeaks like a mouse as my gravely voice sounds."Stop...you...wrong." My whole body quivers and aches just saying that sentence. She looks down and smiles. White. An odd color to wear when your killing someone... a white dress escpecially. I spit out some of my blood on the ground and out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of the tips of her hair, blond and covered in blood...my blood. Is it weird to be jealous of your own blood? Right now I would love more blood in my body, I feel like I'm empty and the dizziness is overwhelming.

"Why would I do that? When you see a cock roach, you squish it." She spat at me. I gathered all my energy and spit on her pretty little prada shoes, as she pulls the trigger.

The chains that keep us together

There is a long golden, glistening chain that keeps the gates of hell closed. This chain makes sure that no demons can escape from hell and reak vengence on earth. Without this chain horrible and unpredictable things can happen. People will be more tempted to sin in everyday life and people will notice this, but no one will know why. Unexplainable things will happen and people will become corrupt. These chains let us know our sanity is safe, and keep us protected from the evil of hell.
All hell has broke loose. For an unknown reason the chain has broken. The links have scattered and are lost in the world. Luckily the demon's are still bound to hell by there sin but now there is a oppurtinity for them. Whom ever finds a chain link will not know what it is and most people may even pass by it without thinking a thing of it. But if someone keeps that chain link it will fullfil what they most wish for. If it is a selfish wish or evil one a demon will come to fullfil it and things will become unfortunate. However, if the wish is good and selfless a angel will be summoned to fullfil this.
Humans today aren't so good. The chances of demons being summoned are strong and the angels know that. We can only hope no one will find them. Or maybe humanity will come threw for us all.

"You shaved my eyebrows off you little freak! I'm going to kill you, brat!" I scream at my little brother, Aldenas I chase him down the hall slipping on the hard wood floor in my socks.

My little brother is laughing in that annoying high pitched and fast way. "Shut up!" I scream.

But as I round the corner I loose my balance and slam into the floor. My brother starts laughing even louder. I look up furiously at him, to see him about ten feet away, mooning me. I scramble to my feet as he pulls his pants up. That one is definately gonna cost him. Just as he start to run again I'm already right next to him and I tackle him to the ground. I pin him on his shoulders and stare straight into his eyes as he starts to whine about letting him go, oh please. I roll my eyes. My eyebrows got shaved off and now I have a major headache from banging my head on the floor, there is no way I'm letting go.
"Ok you little butt wipe, what's it gonna be? A punch in the arm or in the stomache?" I ask very sweetly. Alden screams out like a baby and whines. I grimace, I hate how he thinks he can get whatever he wants just by whinning and being a jerk. You shave my eyebrows and moon me and excpect me not to be mad? How does he not think this isn't comming to him.

"If you don't stop then it's gonna be a kick were the sun don't shine." I say nicely. Yet again Alden lets out a scream. When is he gonna learn that he needs more than crying to get out of things? I shake my head. He's gonna get it.

"Trey! What do you think your doing to your brother?!" A harsh shrill voice? Oh, shit, it's my mother.

She grabs me by the collar and tugs me off of Alden and onto my feet. Pushing me aside, she kneels down to help Alden up. "Why are you always attacking your little brother? Honestly, I didn't teach you to act like this."

She examines Alden to see if he's ok and stands him up. "Mom. Just look at my face."

My mom sighs and turns around to look at me putting a hand on her hip. I'm pleased to see her face in astonisment. "What did you do to your eyebrows?" She gasps.

I give a 'are you serious?' face. "Ok, mom, ALDEN did this. Why do you think I was tackeling him?" I ask.

Mom points to the kitchen table. "Go eat breakfast and sit over there." She says sternly. Geez, on top of it all I have to go to school today too.
I do as she says and walk into the kitchen and sit down. I look at her kneeling so she's at Aldens level. She's talking to him in a strict voice. Come on mom, dish it out on the little mucus. She sends him to a corner and he sits down looking at the wall. I really hope that's not all she's going to do. She walks over to me.

"Where's your breakfast?" She asks.

I shrug. "I'm not that hungry." My mom raises an eyebrow and turns around to the counter to get an orange.

"Here it's good for you, now go out to your bus stop before your late, we'll talk about how you handled your brother later." She says flatly. I get up without saying another word and grab the orange out of my moms hand.
As I walk out the door the cold wind slaps me in the face. Ugh. I can't believe she's pissed at me for that. The little troll deserved it. As I reach the end of the driveway my friend Jessica is approaching so I wait for her.

"Hey" Jessica says.

"Yeah, hi, do you want my orange?" I ask.

Jessica smirks at me but grabs it out of my hand anyway. "Your skin and bones you know." She laughs under her breath and gives my shoulder a playful punch. I smile. Jessica has a magical way of making me smile.
Jessica is pretty cool, she's a relatable and friendly person. But she's always saying she needs to loose weight or some junk like that. She is an average weight and is super short. Her hair is a dirty blond and a short style that is longer at the ears but shortens as it reaches the back of the head. Her face is full of freckles and I love teasing her for it.

"So how's it going, wannabe ginger?" I ask smiling.

She glares up at me. "You better watch it, bean pole. Woah! Where did your eyebrows go!?"

I frown. "Who do you think did it? Alden." I scoff.

She shook her head. "Did you kick his ass?"

I shook my head. "Nope my mom, caught me."

Jessica rolled her eyes. "Next time drag him to my house, you can get him there." She jokes. It's true though, Jessica's parents don't really care much what she does so their totally fine with anyone she brings home, I'm jealous.
We both smile. The bus suddenly pulls up and me and Jessica's eyes get huge, since we're still four houses away from the bus. We both begin to run frantically. I knew I was late, but not this late. Dumb, brothers. The wind starts to blow wildly agianst us, great just what we need. My dark brown hair is flying up wildly and I probally look like an idiot, this is when I regret having shaggy hair.
Jessica and I start to try to get the attention of the bus driver. We're only two houses away now but I can see the bus driver pull the lever that closes the door. Ipick up even more speed.

"Wait, up!" I yell. But, of course, the bus driver doesn't hear me and pulls off her brakes as she drives away.
We reach the end of the neighborhood and look down the road in the direction the bus went. Jessica frowns.

"Trey, I can't miss another day of school, my grades can't take that, I'm so screwed." I look down at her...so dang short. I pat her on the head and she looks up at me annoyed. Ok...not the time to mess around.

"Don't worry about it, we'll get to school somehow." I say. screech

Jessica groans. "Yeah right, highschool sucks." I feel bad for Jessica it's not that she doesn't try she just honestly doesn't understand the work. screech

"Maybe I can get my mom to drive us on her way to work, she'll be late if she takes us but she might do it if she knows your grades are on the line." I say comfortingly. Jessica smiles but her face drops into utter shock as a light fills around me. SCREECH. A swerving car slams into me, I'm knocked to the ground and my vision starts to blur into a bright light as the pain takes over me... and suddenly it stops and there's an angel in front of me. Great I got my eyebrows shaved off, got a headache, got mooned, missed the bus, and on top of that I'm dead.


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