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Neighborhood Watch #1 Betsy and Abroham Chapter One

Novel By: RD23
Literary fiction

After a hard day of working John Carnes loved to relax in front of the television. But his favorite show wasn't on any network. it was one he had created, over the years John had wired every house and apartment in his neighborhood with cameras. Now he had his own cable channels on which he could watch those around him. View table of contents...


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Chapter One
After working all day at Breck's department store supervising the security section John Carnes liked nothing more than to come home and watch his favorite shows.The balding forty-five year old man dropped his six foot slightly over weight frame into the recliner flipped the leg rest up and grabbed the remote off of the table.
The picture was a little grainy and wavy at times.It looked like a picture that a 1970 cable company would have produced.An image of a man looking into a large canvas bag appeared on the fifty-seven inch wall mounted television screen.The man on the screen pulled one bundle after another of wrapped drugs out of the bag.When the drug dealer had emptied the bag John watched him as he opened a ledger and wrote down the number of bundles, thirty-five.The man with the drugs was Josh Bell and he was putting the bundles back into the bag now.When he was done Josh zipped the bag shut, closed the ledger and carried both into the living room.
John pressed "B" on his remote and the large screen flickered as the scene changed.
Josh was still carrying the large canvas bag and the ledger but now he was in the living room standing by a leather couch.He placed the ledger on the glass coffee table and then walked over to the decorative wooden chest that was sitting under the window.He placed the bag on the floor in front of the chest and reached for the blue curtain that was covering the window.
Josh ran his fingers along the hem.When he finally found what he was looking for Josh worked it out to the open seam.A key appeared at the edge of the opened hem and Josh pulled it out.
John watched as Josh worked the key into the chest's lock and unlocked the chest.There was a bag already in the chest exactly like the one that was sitting on the floor next to the chest.Josh unzipped the bag in the chest revealing not drugs but bundles and bundles of cash.He knelt beside the bag on the floor and unzipped the four outside pockets on the canvas bag containing the drugs.
Out of each pocket Josh pulled five bundles of cash.When he counted through one of the bundles John was able to see that it consisted of twenty-five one hundred dollar bills.Josh then placed each stack of bills in the bag that was already in the chest then closed the bag.Josh zipped closed the pockets on the drug bag and placed it in the chest also.
Before he closed and locked the chest Josh removed a handgun from a holster that was attached to the inside of the lid.John knew that the black handgun was a nine millimeter Gloc that Josh had brought into the apartment two months ago when he started bringing drugs in.After he pulled the slide part of the way back to insure that there was a round in the chamber Josh carefully let the slide go back into place and then returned the gun to the holster and closed the chest.
John picked up the red and silver remote and pressed four buttons, 802C.The wall mounted television flickered again and then there was a living room scene on it.
The television that was sitting in the entertainment center was on and a local news anchor was reporting the evening news.The lamps on the tables by the sofa and recliner were on.By the lamp that was sitting by the recliner was a cup of coffee that was still steaming, but there was no one in the room.
John pushed the D button and a kitchen appeared.A middle age man with neat brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard was making himself a sandwich.
The camera scanned the room and when John didn't see anyone else he pressed the N button. The scene changed to a teenage boy's room.The boy was laying across the foot of his bed as he played a video game on the television that was sitting on the desk.John watched as the boy moved his men through a mine field, shot a sniper and maneuvered into a church.
John then pressed the J button and the boy's room was replaced with a girl's room.The eighteen year old girl was leaning against her bed as she sat on the floor.She was busily typing on the laptop that was perched on her legs.The camera closed in on the computer's screen and John could see that the girl was chatting with three of her friends.Once John figured the chat was about boys in their class he pressed the L button.
The forty year old mom, like her daughter, was also in a chat room on her laptop.She adjusted the towel that was wrapped around her wet hair then started typing again.After she finished her response the woman got out of the chair, tightened the belt to her fuzzy gray robe, and walked over to the side of the large king size bed and stuck her feet under it.When she pulled them out she was wearing her blue slippers.
Betsy Hark quickly admired herself in the dresser mirror then returned to the computer.Her husband Ralph was in the kitchen or living room eating his supper and the kids, Kelly and Ken, were in their rooms so she knew nobody would disturbed her for an hour a more.The camera zoomed in on the screen as Betsy started typing again.
On the side: "Tomorrow, here."
Backyard Bum: "Sounds good.What time?"
On the side: "4:30, House is empty until 6:30."
Backyard Bum: "Be there with a smile."
The laptop was closed and Betsy walked into the bathroom.John pushed the R button and saw Betsy as she removed the towel that was covering her short brunette hair.After brushing through her hair and all of the tangles were out she went into the roomy walk in closet.
John pushed the "I" button and Betsy appeared standing in the closet.She pulled a couple of hanger off of the rod and looked at the night gowns that were on them then hung them back up.As she turned to the chest of drawers the camera turned with her.Betsy slipped the robe off and hung it on a hook.John thought Betsy had a good body for being a mother of two teenagers.He admired it as the camera slowly panned down.When she stepped out of view the camera zoomed out and Betsy was found over at the far set of drawers and was pulling a set of sweats out of the center one.
John watched as she got dressed.When she walked out of the closet he flipped through the channels checking on the rest of the family.
He liked watching the Harks.Ralph managed the Broken Egg, the best diner in town, and was a workaholic who was hardly ever home.Betsy was the loan manager at the Noasis Community bank. The children were typical teenagers.Ken was interested in video games, cars, and girls.Kelly was interested in clothes, boys and going away to college this fall.This family always had something interesting going on.The kids were always doing things behind their parent's backs, Betsy was flinging with the neighbor behind her families backs, and Ralph was always on his backside.
John pointed the remote towards the television again and pressed 803C.A different home appeared.The living room was scanned then the kitchen, and then the den.When a bedroom appeared the camera zoomed in on the computer screen. John immediately recognized the screen as the same one that Betsy Hark had been on.
When nobody was found in the bedroom the scene moved to the connecting bathroom.It was steamy but the image of a young man could be seen lathering up in the shower.John watched the man as he shaved.
This was Abroham Lines.He worked at the same bank as Betsy Hark.But that wasn't the only thing they shared.The two had been having an on going affair for the last two years.Once a week they were able to have a rendezvous.Living next door to each other presented many opportunities to be together.When Betsy's family was around the two seemed almost distant but when they were alone the two acted like teenagers in the back seat of a car.
John watched as Abroham washed the shaving cream off.He was very athletic, John knew that the single banker was playing some kind of sport at least twice a week and it showed.When the room became too foggy John switched to channel 123L#5.
Two year old red headed Brieghton raced across the screen.He grabbed hold of the corner of the large coffee table and slid over the wooden floor with practiced ease.As he stood at the end of the table Brieghton laughed.When Jill, his mom, entered the scene he laughed even harder.The long curly black hair fell into the thirty two year old face of the woman as she started walking between the couch and the table but her young son moved to the other side of the table and gave his mom a loud mischievous laugh which caused her to laugh also.
A quick faint one way and quickly racing the other way surprised the boy.He laughed even harder as his mom scooped him up and carried him down the hallway.
As soon as the two disappeared from view the television flipped to "J".The new scene showed Brieghton being placed in his bed and tucked in.Jill sat on the edge of the bed and removed a book from the nightstand.
As Jill read to her sleepy son John watched.It took ten minutes for the youngster to fall asleep.The book was placed back on the nightstand and the light was turned out.
John switched the channel and found Jill in the bathroom picking up toys and towels.When she was done John followed her into the kitchen where she put a tea kettle on the stove.Jill then went through out the apartment picking up Brieghton's other toys and putting things where they belonged.John continued to watch as she finished and went back into the kitchen to prepare her tea.After the tea was ready Jill went to the computer desk where she worked at paying her bills.John watched the young single factory working mom.
They had met one day at Beck's department store.Jill's son had pulled a necklace off of a display without his mom noticing.When John confronted the two has they were leaving the store he could tell by Jill's embracement that it had been an honest accident.She was very easy to talk to during the interview.Soon the conversation turned from the incident to personal.He found out that she was recently divorced and that her son and she were living with her father until she could find an apartment.John also discovered that Jill had just started working at the Dilford Component plant.The two talked longer, even exchanging phone numbers.
When the encounter was over John escorted Jill and Brieghton to their car.As they pulled out of the parking lot he waved to the two.John returned to his office and called Phil Serton immediately.
Phil was the manager of the two apartment complexes that were in John's neighborhood.When John asked if there were any vacancies Phil had told him that there weren't any units, which John knew was not true. When John told Phil that he was aware of the illegal aliens in his apartment complexes and that he also knew what he was having them do John could hear the breath come out of him.After that Phil was very pleasant and quickly offered John one of the biggest units at half the price.John informed him who was going to rent the apartment and that he wasn't to tell her anything about the conversation or their arrangement.That evening John called Jill for the first time, there have been almost weekly calls since then though, and told her about an opening in the apartment complex just down the road from his house.Within two weeks Brieghton and Jill had moved in and had been there since.
John watched Jill as she curled up on the couch to finish her tea.He watched her sitting there for a while longer then picked up the telephone and quickly punched in her phone number.
Jill looked off to left then got up off of the couch.John worked the remote with his free hand and followed her as she walked across the room and picked up the phone.
"Hello." Jill said as she headed back to the couch.
"Hi Jill.How have you and Brieghton been?" John asked as he followed her.
"Hi John, we're fine.How are you?"
"Doing well.I'm calling to see if you are still interested in buying a house?" John asked and zoomed in closer.
Jill sat back down on the couch as John watched her.She twirled her long black hair while she hesitated to answer him.
"I'm not sure if I can afford one.Money is tight and there isn't much overtime at the plant." Jill said.
John watched her and he saw the sad expression appear on her face, "Jill I hear you saying that you can't afford it but I get the impression that you still would like to own your own home.I think I found one for you."
The disappointment grew on her face as she continued to talk to him, "John there is no way I can afford a house.I barely have enough to make ends meet now."
"I know you have barely enough, maybe only thirty-five dollars at the end of the month."
John watched as Jill was surprised when he mentioned the exact amount that she had left over last month.He continued as her expression turned from disappointment to quizzical.
"The house I have in mind is three times as big as your apartment.It comes with a fenced in yard that already has a swing set in it, a two car garage that will have more enough room for your old jeep, three bedrooms so that you will be able to have that study you always talked about, and a kitchen that comes equipped for a gourmet chef."
He watched the smile appear on her face and as she shifted on the couch, stretching her legs out.She was a very beautiful woman and even though her life hadn't been easy she always held a positive attitude.
"John it sounds lovely but I can't afford a house like that." She told him as he watched her adjust her jeans.
"That's the best part.The owner is in a position that he can get rid of the property at below his cost.I have figured out your payments and they would be half of what your rent is." John told her.What he didn't tell her was that he was going to pay two thirds of the price that his neighbor Larry Barnsells had asked for if he would take Jill's offer.
He waited as the news sunk in immediately.Jill sat up straight and swung her legs off of the couch almost smashing her shins into the coffee table.
"Are you serious?Half of the rent?How can anyone do that?" Jill asked.
"Money is not important to this person.And when I told him that a gorgeous single mom and her young son were looking for a house he offered it before he even placed it with a realtor." John said baiting her even more.
"Who is it John?You have to tell me." Jill pleaded.
"I can't, I promised I wouldn't let anyone know." John told her.
"John I will do anything if you tell me." She teased him with.
"Anything?" John asked playing along.
"Anything at all." She told him.
John could see that Jill had her fingers crossed and she was smiling like a little school girl.Seeing her like that caused him to smile also as he continued to watch her and play their game.
"Well in that case then let's have dinner.How about Carvers? And when you get the house we can go to Pluto's Creamery for ice cream to celebrate?"
"If that is all you want then I can do that." She told him.
"I didn't say that was all I wanted, it's just a start." John replied.
"Well the offer may be off of the table by then.I think you better tell me now or at least tell me where the house is." Jill tried to coax out of John.
"No, all of that will be discussed over dinner and wine, pop for Brieghton." John told her.
"You do know how to treat a lady." Jill responded with.
"That I do." John laughingly said.
"Well then I guess we will see you at Carvers."
"Goodnight and remember you did say anything." John said and quickly hung up.
He watched as Jill said something.When she realized that he wasn't on the line any longer she laid the phone down and laughed.
Dinner was in a few days which didn't leave John more than a few days to complete the plan he had in mind.If it worked out the neighborhood would be rid of a drug dealer, he would be rich, and Jill would be his new neighbor.
Tomorrow night he would put his plan in motion. For now though he kept watching Jill.She put the phone back in the cradle and then walked down to check on her son.After she made sure he was still breathing she went back to the couch.John could still see the smile on her face as she watched television.


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