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Angela is called the queen of her school. Her top grades and her perfect attitude gotten her the title. It seems everyone admires her and want to be her. Yet, is she being truthful to her friends and classmates? Why is she the suspect of a missing person case? View table of contents...


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Justin stands there looking at her with a huge smile upon his face. Anthony is a few feet away leaning against the wall. His worried expression made her uncomfortable. She had told him to leave but he probably noticed her urge to get rid of him and refused to leave. Justin offers the brown bag and drink in his hands. She accepts his offer taking the items.

"What are you doing here?" Angela asks quietly.

"You're not happy to see me angel," Justine says.

"You never do something without a reason," Angela says.

"I brought food to my angel," Justine says, "I heard that you were sick."

"I'm fine," Angela says.

"Are you sure?" Justin asks.

"Perfectly," Angela answers.

"I heard that Ellie is in protection child services," Justin says.

"Yeah she is," Angela confirms.

"You made a horrible mistake," Justin says.

"My mistakes are mine and no one else's," Angela says.

"I like someone that can accept their mistakes," Justin says brushing her cheek.

Angela gives him a smile while her sight goes to Anthony. He still is standing in the same spot as before. She was hoping he was not getting anything from the conversation. Hopefully she was talking too softly for him to be able to hear. Her sight goes back to Justin who smiles at her.

"Where did you take her?" Angela whispers.

"Take who?" Justine asks.

"We both know that you took her," Angela says.

"The only thing I know is that you had my daughter," Justin says backing away.

"You have to tell me," Angela whispers.

"Maybe if you find me," Justin says.

"Find you where?" Angela asks.

"In my new apartment," Justin says.

"What apartment?" Angela asks.

"The one I'm getting after I get Ellie's custody," Justin says.

"No," Angela says angrily, "You can't."

"What are you going to do behind these bars to stop me," Justine taunts.

Angela anger overflows as tears form in her eyes. Angrily she throws the cup and bag at Justine. The cup does more damage, wetting Justine face and t-shirt. The brown bag only spills the food landing at his feet. Justin seems shock staring at her as anger fills his eyes. At first he stands there but without a warning his arms go through the bars. His reaction was too fast for her to react. A bunch of her hair was in his locked fist. Angela tries to get free but she just ends up against the bars.

"You little bitch," Justine says.

"Let go," Angela says.

"Let go of her," Anthony says taking hold of his arm.

Justine lets go of her and faces Anthony's angry expression. Justin punches Anthony against the wall with a single shot. Angela is unable to moves, as Justin throws another punch to the stomach. Justin throws stop and Anthony lays on the ground motionless. Justin angrily turns to her and starts to approach. She wants to back away but her legs do not move from the current position. Her hair is once again pulled and her face against the bars.

"The deal was broken," Justine says.

"It was not my fault," Angela says.

"You still going to pay for it," Justine smirks.

"Not alone," Angela warns.

"If I go down I will make sure its not in vane," Justine says.

"You can't do anything," Angela says.

"Let go of her or I'll call a guard," Anthony threaten.

Angela watches as Anthony struggles to come to his feet. Anthony's hand is against the wall to support his week body. When he is standing on his feet he lets go of the wall. Standing as if nothing had happened with anger in his eyes, Anthony stares at Justin.

"Such a brave boy," Justine says, "is he your friend."

"Leave him alone," Angela says.

"I said let her go," Anthony yells.

"Bring your voice down or she is going to be hurting more than she is right now," Justine threatens pulling her harder.

"Anthony, just listen to him," Angela begs, "We can't have the guards get involved."

"That's the smart angel that I know," Justine says, "Now you remember that you are my angel. I will be watching you."

Justine let go of her then but not without pushing her head harder against the bars. He picked the empty cup and bag and stormed out. Her heart is beating rapidly and she loses her balance. She lets her body fall to the ground. Anthony leans against the bars carefully. He slowly sits across from her staring at her with a concern expression.

"Are you okay?" Angela asks.

"It was nothing," Anthony answers, "How are you?"

"I'm fine," Angela says, "I'm just a little surprised."

"You look scared not surprised," Anthony says.

"You can't tell anyone about this. Promise me," Angela begs.

"I promise," Anthony sighs, "but promise me that you will not be alone with him."

"Don't worry. I will tell Swanson to put him in the list of my prohibit visitors," Angela affirms.

"Now I get it why Sophie left," Anthony says.

"Can you do me a favor?" Angela asks.

"What can I do?" Anthony asks.

"Don't come visit me anymore," Angela says.

"Why?" Anthony asks.

"It not a good sign," Angela says, "He is probably looking to take out some anger."

"And you want me to leave you alone. Not in a million years will I leave you to deal with that psycho," Anthony angrily says.

"You don't get it," Angela says.

"I don't have to get it," Anthony says.

"For once can you listen to me," Angela says angrily.

"You don't listen to me," Anthony says.

"I'm done," Angela angrily says.

Angela gets up from the ground and walks to the bed. She lies on her back taking long deep breathes. Her headache was coming back and stronger than ever. She hated when Anthony did not listen to her. Inside the cell she was unable to do anything. An idea suddenly pops into her head. The only way that she could help Sophie was getting out.

"Are you feeling faint?" Anthony asks.

"I'm fine," Angela says sitting up.

A guard orders Anthony to exit, his time was over. He gives her a smile and she smiles back. Angela lies on her back thinking about her plan. She was calmer and her headache seems to disappear. It was the way it worked, the more stressed she was the stronger headache and inverse. Slowly she falls asleep deeper into darkness of abyss of regret.

When she awakens, her cheeks are stiff from the tears. It's getting dark outside and she begins to think about school. She was not going to be able to go and she knew that rumors were going to spread. All her father hard work ended in a weekend. She ruined her life and there was no repairing it.

"Angela," says a familiar voice.

Angela sits up to see her father there standing looking at her. She is confused for a second; she had not heard the door open. Then again, she was not in a very alert mode at the moment. With her mind thinking a million things she was not very present. She stays quiet not knowing what to say ignoring his eyes.

"Honey, come here," her father say.

Angela slowly walks to the bars ignoring his eyes. She knew that is she saw those eyes she was going to be break down. Her father grabs her hands and kisses them. She is surprised by his reaction, she was sure that he was angry at her. Why was he acting so nice toward her? Had he not heard about Ellie? She was sure he would be informed by now.

"I promise that when everything is over, I will take more time to be with you. I promise that I will tell you my reasons for not telling you about your mother. And I promise that I will always love you and be there for you," her father says kissing her hands again.

Angela looks at her father walk away tears forming in her eyes. Her plans could not change no matter what. She knew that in the end, everything was going to hurt her father. She returns to her bed and sleeps trying to numb the pain. Yet, she is unsuccessful since she kept waking up every couple of hours.

In the early morning she eats some of her breakfast but leaves most of it. The medication she puts in her pockets carefully not to be notice. Angela knew she was fine for now and later was when she was going to need them. She had a plan now that she was hoping that it would work.


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