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Angela is called the queen of her school. Her top grades and her perfect attitude gotten her the title. It seems everyone admires her and want to be her. Yet, is she being truthful to her friends and classmates? Why is she the suspect of a missing person case? View table of contents...


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Angela talks to her lawyer at lunch time. Swanson came and brought her food since he was informed that she was not eating. It was not really appetizing so it was not her fault. He also brings her a book for her to pass her time. Swanson informs her that she was going to be transferred a juvenile detection center by lunch time tomorrow. Today was the last day for her plan to be able to work. To her luck the detective was going to do a final questioning that afternoon.

When Swanson leaves Anthony arrives. She is glad since it might help her nerves. Angela needs distraction for her to be ready for the afternoon.

"Has anything new happen while I been gone?" Anthony asks jokingly.

"Nothing," Angela says smiling.

"Oh," Anthony says.

"How are things at your end?" Angela asks.

"Briana is doing her political speeches at school," Anthony says.

"Let her try to evict me," Angela says.

"Nothing is going to happen without my vote," Anthony says smiling, "plus most of the royals are at your side."

"Has the school found out about me being here?" Angela asks.

"Yeah but they have different theories that are way off," Anthony says laughing.

"Like what?" Angela asks curiously.

"That you are helping the police capture mobs and other ridicules things," Anthony says.

"Can you do me a favor?" Angela asks.

"I'm still visiting you," Anthony warns.

"It's not that," Angela affirms.

"Okay," Anthony says, "what is it?"

"Do you still have my keys?" Angela asks.

"Yeah," Anthony answers, "Why?"

"Just asking," Angela says.
"What are you planning?" Anthony asks curiously.

"I'll tell you if you come and visit me tomorrow morning before school," Angela says.

"Deal," Anthony says.

Anthony's time ends and he quickly leaves. Angela hopes for him to get her message tomorrow. It was her only hope to have an advantage. She huddles on the metal bed. She was not feeling as well as she wanted. Yet, she was going to use that as an advantage. Every time a guard passed by they checked her. Since she had already fainted twice she was being watched carefully. With her huddle position and her non movements get the guards attention.

Soon enough the doctor comes and checks her. Angela makes her movements as slow as possible. She slumps her shoulders and keep her eyes half closed. His first glance at her, he shows worried, and he orders a guard to bring food. The doctor face seems to express his thoughts, worried and sympathetic.

"You haven't eaten have you?" the doctor asks.

"Not much," Angela answers.

"Have you been taking the medicine I send?" doctor asks.

"Yes but they only make me want to sleep," Angela answers.

"Try not to stress too much," doctor says, "I know the situation is hard but try your best."

"It's not easy with the detective pressuring me," Angela says.
"Just think it as his job so he has no choice but act the way he does," the doctor says.

"I will try my best," Angela says giving him a weak smile.

The doctor leaves giving a guard instruction to keep a close on her. To inform his of her situation, if she got worse she was to be taken to the infirmary. Angela returns to her huddle position on the bed until her food is brought. As slow as possible she gets off the metal bed and gets her food. Carefully she takes small bites of her food as the guard watches her.

Quickly she smashes her food into pieces with her hands. The guard was not watching her, his attention was on someone outside the door. Combining the food with water she lets it on the cell floor. Putting some around her mouth, she lays on the cold ground. With the mess she had done with the food, she was sure it would look like she had vomited. She begins to make choking noises and begins to spit up the food in her mouth. Then she lays quietly on the ground with her eyes closed shut.

Successfully chaos brakes lose. The guard starts opening her cell while yelling for back up. Her body is pulled upward as she tries to let her body as lose as possible. Angela could hear people asking questions and then her body is lifted upwards. She could feel the person that carries her is frantic and panicking. A door is opened and the doctor's voice is franticly is asking questions.

Angela begins to smell very strong alcohol odor. Slowly she begins to open her eyes as the doctor begins calling her name. She begins to cough as if she was about to throw up once again. The doctor tries to comfort her to calm down and rest. She watches him prepare an IV for her. He tells her that she has to be hooked on the IV so she can hydrate.

Angle is connected to the IV. She stays silent watching the doctor walk around the room. He gives her a smile every time he notices her stare.

"You gave the guard quiet a scare," the doctor says.

"I'm sorry," Angela says.

"It's not your fault," doctor says.

"I only make everything worse," Angela affirms.

"What do you mean?" the doctor asks.

"When I was young I was a cry baby. When something was too much I would freeze. As I got older my freezes turned to black out," Angela answers.

"When did the blackout start?" the doctor asks.

"When I entered high school," Angela answers.

"It was probably the rapid stress change," the doctor says, "Did you get checked by a doctor?"

"Doctors are costly and I didn't want my father wasting money on unnecessary things," Angela answers.

"How did you get diagnosed with anemia then?" the doctor asks.

"Those free on wheels clinics," Angela answers.

"You should have gotten a better diagnosis," the doctor says.

"I was but then I seemed to get better," Angela says.

"When did you get worse?" doctor asks.

"Around when I found out about Sophie being my sister," Angela answers.

"Your body is reacting to all the stress. With the situation you are living in. I expect things to be get worse," doctor says, "I will tell the detective to try not pressure you to much."

"Please don't," Angela begs, "I don't like to be treated differently."

"I can't allow you to overly stress your body. I have to tell him," doctor says.

"Okay," Angela agrees lying on her back.

Angela lies there watching the doctor move around the room. Carefully she examines the small room. There are two doors, one to exit and the other for a bathroom. There are three small rectangle windows on a single wall, the only windows in the room. From the three windows only one is open to let air flow into t he room. Cabinets with locks are lined up against the opposite wall. On her side there are three beds with their own curtains. There was not much in the room but the necessary it seems.

Angela is confined to the bed until the doctor gives her permission to stand. He carefully helps her up as she makes herself look weaker than in reality. The doctor helps her to the door where a guard takes his position of supporting her. The guard slowly walks her through the hallways. Outside the interview rooms they meet Swanson, who takes over supporting her balance.

Swanson carefully helps her take a seat as they wait for the detective. He asks her questions but she answers then halfheartedly. Swanson stops asking when she begins to run out of air. In silence they wait in the hallway as the guard stares at her. She barely finds the connection; the guard was the same that was in charge of her in the cells. His scare expression was still planted onto his face. She gives him a smile trying to calm him but he seems to get worrier. Maybe her acting was going overboard.

The doctor stops with her when he notices her. He becomes angry when Swanson tells him we are still waiting to speak to the detective. Angrily the doctor storms off looking for the irresponsible detective. He was angry that his sick patient that was not supposed to be stressed was being forced to wait. She wanted to laugh at the sight of the angry doctor but she was able to control herself.

Couple minutes later the doctor returns with the detective by his side. The doctor checks her one last time before letting her free. He tells her to take it easy even if it seems difficult. Angela gives him a weak smile and thanks him. He takes his leave as the detective opens the interview room door. Swanson offers his arm but Angela refuses. She stands tall and walks into the room with no sign of weakness. Takes her seat and takes a couple of breathes. This makes Swanson worry but she comforts him. Her acting was just going to escalate from this point on.

"Welcome back," the detective says.


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