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Angela is called the queen of her school. Her top grades and her perfect attitude gotten her the title. It seems everyone admires her and want to be her. Yet, is she being truthful to her friends and classmates? Why is she the suspect of a missing person case? View table of contents...


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~~Anthony takes a couple of steps back and pulls her with him. Justin stays put at the entrance staring at them.
"Help me," Angela begs.
"How did he get free?" Justin asks.
"I don't know," Angela answers.
"Let me out of the room," Anthony demands pulling the knife closer.
"Go ahead," Justin says moving away from the doorway.
Angela gets pulled by Anthony as they make it across the room. At the door Anthony moves slower as she watches Justin. There in the hallway and her arm is grabbed by Justin. Everything is quick as she is pulled forward and pain travel through her body. Justin lets go of her half way and she loses her balance. She manages to put her hands out before landing on the ground.
Angela puts her hand on her stinging chest. When she removes her hand she finds it red stained red. A crashing sound comes from the living room and she once again on her feet. She makes into the room as Justin gets on top of Anthony. Angela sees Sophie's body now laying on the ground. She makes her way to the body as Justin continues to throws punches.
"Take Sophie to the car," Justin orders.
Angela tries to carry Sophie but she was too much weight. Justin notices her struggle and gets off of Anthony. Justin pushes her aside and takes hold of Sophie. Before Justin could walk away Anthony is once again on his feet. Justin struggles with Anthony while still carrying Sophie in his arms.
"You stupid girl!" Justin yells, "Come and help me!"
Angela gets up from the ground and grabs the knife that is on the ground. Justin is taken down and Anthony manages to get Sophie. Before she can do anything Justin takes the knife from her hands.
"Your not getting out of here alive!" Justin yells.
Anthony has to let Sophie on the ground to protect himself from the knife. Anthony takes hold of Justin's hands not letting the knife come an inch closer to his chest. Angela run to Justin side and takes hold of his arm
"Let's just go!" Angela begs.
Justin pushes her away and Anthony manages to take the knife away. Justin is furious and Angela retreats steps away from him. Anthony looks worn out but stays well alerted paying well attention to Justin. Justin attention goes onto her and his piercing eyes get closer. Justin hand goes up and before she can react she hits the ground.
Justin pulls her to her feet by a fist full of hair. She tries to free herself but its futile. Justin lets go of her and focuses again on Anthony who is checking on Sophie.
"You have leave if you want," Justin says throwing his keys on the ground.
Anthony gets the keys quickly without losing sight on Justin. Anthony gets Sophie in his arms and takes a few steps away from them. Justin then turns to her and she manages to take a step backward before he takes hold of her. Suddenly Justin hands go to her neck and it's hard for her to breath. Her hands struggle with his grip. Slowly Justin pushes her step backward until her back hits the wall. Justin starts laughing while she struggles to breathe by the second.
"But if you leave I will kill her instead," Justin says.
Angela tries to dig her nails onto Justin skin but that only causes Justin to tighten his grip. Silence feels the room as Anthony has not moved from his position.
"I can't breathe," Angela struggles to say.
"She has a pretty face that I always loved," Justin says caressing her cheek with his free hand.
"Please," Angela pleads.
Justin lets go of his grip but his hand stays on her neck. Angela takes long deep breathes. His other hand grabs her hair, jerking back her head. Justin forcefully kisses her and Angela is having hard time breathing once again. When he is satisfied he separates himself from her. His hand stays on her neck and she does not dare move.
"It's your choice," Justin says, "Your life or my precious angel's."
Justin gives Anthony a gentle smile and faces Angela once again. Justin grip tightens around her neck again. This time Angela is not able to breathe at all. She scratches his hands but his grip stays latched onto her neck.
"Okay!" Anthony screams.
Justin frees his grip and his hand goes behind her head taking hold of her hair. Justin drags her to stand in middle of himself and Anthony. Anthony puts down as gentle as possible Sophie's body on the couch. Justin pulls her head backwards and gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Justin then pushes her towards Anthony. Her hands land on his chest. Afraid to move she stays in the position, keeping her sight away from Anthony's face.
"I knew you were a good boy," Justin says.
Anthony moves away from her and she stays frozen. On the ground in front of her was the knife with her blood on it. She grabs it quickly and turns. Justin was taking out all his anger out on Anthony who was already bleeding from his mouth. She could tell that Anthony was not be able to take more of Justin's punches.
"You almost killed me," Angela says softly.
Justin looks at her and gives her a smile. He continues to punch and kick Anthony. Angela angrily approaches him and grabs his shoulder. She pulls him off Anthony.
"You were going to kill me," Angela says angrily.
"Of course not," Justin says gently.
"You don't care about me," Angela says.
"Yes I do," Justin says approaching her.
"Don't get close to me," Angela warn putting up the knife.
"Put that down," Justin says.
Angela doesn't put down the knife but Justin continues to approach her. Her hands begin to tremble and she tries to stable them. With her being focused on her hands she doesn't focus on Justin. Quickly he has hold of her arms and she tries to retreat. As she is able to take a couple of steps backwards Justin is able to take hold of the knife.
"What were you thinking?" Justin asks.
Tears appear in her eyes and she is frozen on the spot. Her hands tremble as Justin approaches. Angela takes a couple of steps back but her back ends hitting the wall.
"You were going to kill me," Angela says.
"That's not true," Justin says caressing her face, " I love you."
"You only care about Sophie and Ellie," Angela says angrily.
Justin caresses her chest injury touching it gently to not make it hurt. Then he pulls her face upward and shows her a gentle smile.
"Your my precious angel," Justin says leaning in and kissing her on the cheek.
"Then lets forget about everyone and disappear," Angela begs.
"You know I can't leave without Ellie," Justin says separating himself from her.
"See you don't care about me!" Angela angrily yells.
Angela slams her hands against his chest. Soon after Justin takes hold her wrists. Justin shakes her furiously.
"Stop it already!" Justin yells.
"If you cared you wouldn't hurt me!" Angela yells pulling away from his grip.
Angela tries to walk away but her arm is caught. Her body is turned so she faces Justin. His expression was pure anger and she tries to free herself. Justin instead pulls her towards him into his arms. Her breathe is taken away as he wraps his arm around her waist.


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