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You know when you're older and you look back at those crazy personas that you had when you were younger? you know they dont just disappear right? (PS, Dont butcher me, i don't really know much about writing in first person D= ) View table of contents...


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"Happy birthday to you!" all ofmy friends sang around me.I thanked everyone and gave my girlfriend the biggest embrace that her frail body could handle. I never saw a suprise birthday coming, even though everyone seemed to have disappeared earlier today. Still, what a way to celebrate my 20th birthday. My best friend Jon came over to me holding a long glass wine bottle. "Time to party up, bro!" he shouted as he shoved the bottle into my chest. I was estatic. I'd finally get my first taste of alcohol, a year early to boot. I eagerly twisted the foil off of the bottle only to discover that in reality it was only sparkling juice from Welchers. "Ha! fooled ya!" Jon said as a tidal wave of laughter followed him. I playfully punched him in the chest. "Don't get my hopes up man!"

The party went on for hours, but soon all of the guests began to leave, all except Jon. I couldn't pinpoint the reason for him staying, which usually i can because i know him so well. I picked up an ornate green box from above the fireplace, a very personal item of mine, and began to walk upstairs, until Jon called me down.


"Ahh, yeah dude?"

"Just....i've known you for so long. Since i was in 7th grade....and now we're here. You've....You've grown alot. Im happy i got to see most of it."

"Oh dude. Thanks man it means alot to me. Haha. Im happy ive got a best brother like you." i replied with a smile.

"Happy birthday man." Jon waved as he walked out the front door. I was sad to see that he left, but at the same time, i was happy. I needed him to leave for what i was about to do. He knows about it, of course he does hes my best friend, but still i try not to bring up the topic so that he wont remember it.

i walked holding the ornate box close to my chest. This would be one of the last times, if not THE last time, i'd have to do this. There was a large cabinet against the wall near my closet. i placed it there strategically so that nobody would notice the door if they came into my room, and also so that i can try to forget it was there also.

Moving the cabinet was a chore, but once the door was revealed, i felt a sudden sensation of relief. I could finally put that piece of myself away, along with the rest ofmy past psyches. I opened the door and walked into the ever-dark room. In the middle of the room sat the large chest that was similarly decorated as the small green box. The box was inmy hand, and i bid it farewell as I opened the chest and tossed the box carelessly inside.

As i walked out of my secret room, I reflected about the past 20 years. Yeah, i was young. Really young. Ever since i turned 12 i was always in that "Trying to find myself" phase. ive gone through so many different personalities its crazy. I could still remember the first, Red, and how naive and childish he was. But as I got older, i began to isolate the old personalities and hide them away as the new ones started to resurface. I was confident that this would be the last time i'd have to contribute to my Persona chest. I'm 20 now. Its time for me to grow up and start being myself instead of hiding behind a mask.

Before i closed the door, A loud rumble came from behind me. The floor started to shake and i lost my balance, hitting the floor. In the cloak of the darkness, i could barely see the top of the chest swing open. What i saw next was truly horrifiying. It looked as if people were climbing out of it. One by one, they tumbled out of the chest and stampeded right over me. All of those people, all different heights and body types, running out of the doorway whooping and hollering. And the creepiest part? They all shared my face.

The last Person to leave the room was Jerry. I could tell it was him from the sigil that i had given him, A red bandana, and the fact that he brutally kicked me in the face as he jumped over my body. As i writhed on the ground holding my nose to stop the bleeding, I heard a smooth british voice from deeper in the shadows.

"Really now, Ryder? Did you think that we would just disappear if you put our sigils away in a box?" The voice came out of the darkness and was revealed to be Benjamin. I shivered in fear at the thought of being alone with this personality. He was the brutal, heartless, decieving bastard that i would turn into when i was in a particularly bad mood.

"We're all alive. We're all still a part of you. We share your life! And you stuff us inside of that bloody box! But now's the time we get a little fresh air don't you think?" Benjamin said as he readjusted the skull-and-crossbonesarmband on his left arm. I remember when i bought that armband and decided that it would be his sigil. His black and blue shoes came dangerously close to my face. Benjamin then raised his foot above my head. I looked up at him. The first thing i saw was his blue shirt. I didnt want to look into his face. I didnt want to see myself do this to me. "Goodnight!" Benjamin exclaimed as he brought his foot down on my head. The strike didnt kill me, but it left me dazed. The last thing i remembered seeing was Benjamin's blue silohuette as he walked away to the stairs as everything began to fade to black.


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