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The Path of Time and Memories

By: Robert Doust

Chapter 10,

I made a connection with my body from the future. Just had to concentrate a bit. Cloud put most of the effort. The old man did it careless. For a moment I was thinking that I stopped fixing mistakes and got into a problem that was completely pointless. When Cloud came, everything was changed, so I couldn't blame myself too much. - You did everything you could to fix your life. The fact that a paradox never happened its because this had to happen. You were allowed to fix yourself.- said Cloud, who was looking at the blue almost cloudless sky. She knew my condition was a threat, and that it was necessary for someone, specially me, to stand and do something. She showed me her heavenly body last night. It had a rare tattoo. I considered it amazing and unique. I was inspired by it and couldn't stop myself from watching, but Cloud's body made me want to touch it. -You can come and touch it, Robert. After all, I'm yours as well as you are mine. Our love can't be broken.- she said, while approaching slowly. Cloud is the only woman capable of making me feel like this. I couldn't talk nor move. Her body called mine and suggested a close encounter. I lost reasoning and fell for her. We had a secret, something that made it weird for us to be together. A terrible truth we had to deal with. Now it was time for her to send me to the future. To kidnap myself and leave Cloud with the rest of the work. Makise will reveal his true wishes to Cloud and I will modify the time machine. Some things had to remain and some had to go. But it was all for my sake and the world. Quickly, I was sent to the future.

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