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The Path of Time and Memories

Novel By: Robert Doust
Literary fiction

Time has passed. Memories are still floating in the air. A permanent image will remain in young Robert Makise, a highschool junior who six years before now, fell in love for the first time. After making the worst decisión of his life (he thinks it is), Robert is determined to either build a time machine himself or find someone who might be already doing it. His hopes for going back in time and fixing what he did will determine the world´s future, as he also decides to fix any other mistakes he remembers along the way. View table of contents...


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-Robert, I must say it is a miracle that I´ve manage to create a Time Traveling machine. I wanted to use it myself but you´ll get the first chance. If it works then I also can travel and do some research.-Syan said. He was exited and ready to send me back in time. I had a week off from school, so it was the best chance to do some time traveling. I was getting ready, my family thought I was in Japan with Miho and her family. She was cooking me something good and enough for two days (exaggeration), if I couldn´t manage to find where to stay, but that was solved Syan. He told me to visit him and tell him that I came from the future. I was in a mission. Midnight. Ready, mentally prepared, physically prepared, we only needed to set my destination. Fortunately, because I didn´t remember exacly when I saw Cloud, Syan had invented another machine that helped people remember past events. Immediately the exact date and hour when everything happened came up and now I was able to return. After I could even notice, a younger Syan was infront of me. He asked who I was, for which I must say that I didn´t know him as well as Miho. -Hi Mr. Vokoi. I am Robert Makise and I came from the future with a mission. To correct something that should have happened. The other you from the future did not permit this, but afterwards helped me. I told him, hoping he would believe me. -I know that. I know because of some weird reason *closes eyes* which I cannot explain myself.- he said. I was shocked but I got an idea why he knew, but it has to be impossible. If the future knew, the past will know. When it was time to go to church, I put some excellent outfit that would make it impossible for my younger version and my parents and even Cloud to recognize me. I looked cool and spreaded confidence and and aura of trust. I mean, I was the priest. With lots of time observing how priests did their thing, I managed to get to the end. I caught a glimpse of Cloud watching my kid version. Immediately, I approached her with another outfit. I was now her father. - Hey Claudia, why don´t you go and say hi to that kid you´ve been watching? I bet h likes you.-I said.-What? Well, I guess I can. I will attract his attention then.-she said, I was totally amazed! She liked me! Oh I missed my chance once but knowing this, I had to help my kid version. - Your mom and I will be at the church entrance.-I told her, and changed outfit. I was now an old man. When I got to aperfect spot where all the place could be seen, I was looking atmy young version speaking with Cloud. I could not hear, but certainly that was what I was aiming for. They talked and finished talking outside. When I saw myself giving her a good-bye kiss, Everything was worth it. The only thing that had to be fixed later was me going to a different church. My parents insisted on this because another church was closer to our house. That night I rested peacefully. *One week later*. This was the moment when my parents were telling to changed church and attend a different group. I was with Cloud! To change their mind, I first made suremy kid version wouldn´t wake up. Then I changed outfit. I was now me but younger. When dad and mom were about to tell me about their idea, I said - I don´t want to. I think I´m better where I am. Also, I want to stay with Cloud. Mom understood and told me it was ok. Dad agreed. It was a miracle. I changed the past. Now, I have to make sure that I won´t screw out everything. I have to keep my kid version together with Cloud. And maybe I could fix other things I did and didn´t do on the way.


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