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The Path of Time and Memories

Novel By: Robert Doust
Literary fiction

Time has passed. Memories are still floating in the air. A permanent image will remain in young Robert Makise, a highschool junior who six years before now, fell in love for the first time. After making the worst decisión of his life (he thinks it is), Robert is determined to either build a time machine himself or find someone who might be already doing it. His hopes for going back in time and fixing what he did will determine the world´s future, as he also decides to fix any other mistakes he remembers along the way. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 11, 2013    Reads: 4    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I spend my time in the past at Syan´s house. Little Miho ran all around and played with her dog Irito. It was a surprise that nothing is affected here by my stay. One day curiosity hit me hard and so I headed for my house, A great sight made me feel relieved and happy. It was Cloud and my kid version playing together. She was very happy and so I was. That moment ended with Cloud and me leaving to watch a movie, holding hands they were. My kid version did excelent progress. The rest of the day was calm and sunny. The city was as always and a good hamburger was my prize for success. -Thisplace is so interesting. Remember when we were working there before DABC? Long time.-said a stranger behind me. Their conversation was rather odd, so I kept on listening. I discovered them. They were time travellers like me. How? Without been noticed, every detail about their conversation was recorded with my phone. -Syan! I must tell you something where are you?!- I shouted. Miho appeared and told me her father left with some men. Fearing for the worst, I travelled back in time to make it home before Syan left. As Miho said, two men came. They were those two men! -Syan! Run!-I shouted but when he tried to run the two men grabbed him and shot him in the back.-Syan! Damn Miho is still inside, I must save her.- We managed to get to safety. Miho was silent. No noice nor sound came from her. I knew something was happening that made feel strange. If SYan died here, wouldn't I be back in the present? This world would be different. Everything logically would be out of control.-I see you see we see, daddy sleep.-Miho was singing. A terrifying song that made the hotel room darken. The sky turned gray. Blue lightnings were striking. Everything went dark and then I saw nothing..................................... -After the worldwide blackout, electricity came back but the sky was now black. Streets known to be dangerous were feared so much everyone tried not to be close. Miho slept. I was completely different. Dressed in a white and red outfit. Seemed weird. Miho was dressed in dark green outfit. She had the outfit's hoodie on. What happened? -Makise, meet me near McCamel Restaurant now. Leave her there. She won't leave.- said a stranger at the other side of the door. I saw his eyes. Looked golden. We met at the place where he said.-You created a new world. Makise you....changed this world.-he said. -What?. I asked. The man didn't answer. I want answers! Tell me what did I do?! What do you know?!.......


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