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The Path of Time and Memories

By: Robert Doust

Chapter 8,

The first thing I saw was kind of weird. There was a floating mountain and at its peak, an old man. He seemed relaxed, so we approached him slowly. He opened his eyes, stared at me for five long minutes and left without turning around. - He is that way, dont mind him.- said Cloud. .Who is he?- I asked, but Cloud was lost in her thoughts. - Oh sorry, its just that....never mind.. she said. We walked across a valley after floating to the surface.White tulips surrounded us and made Cloud even more beautiful. - I have longed for this Robert, the day I wanted to arrive so much. We came here to discuss something important. Its true that I'm a mage, but one day I will not be one anymore. You are the one and only one for me. The day is here. Miho. I changed my appearance to protect you. This whole journey was what I needed, to tell you the truth.- Cloud said. I could not answer to that, it was impossible to believe, yet it is true. Cloud, or Miho, just proved it by telling me how everything began. Since that last moment, fate took its place and many things began to happen. My life afterwards, my desire to see Cloud gave power to my imagination, many other inspirations came one after the other. The most powerful of all dreams gave me strength. Eyes opened or closed, either way, I could see anything. I could express myself in stories.- Then, what now? Oh wait, how come you could change how you look? There wasn't any type of technology that could do that at that time, or at least plastic surgery. You must be from the future. Explain that.- I demanded the truth, and so Cloud spoke it. - How come I'm your father?! That is a lie!- I screamed, but Cloud remained calm. We discussed the matter for a long time. Not that it took me a long time to get it, but Cloud wanted to explain it as best as she could. *Five days later* - The Robert Makise from the future succesfully invented an amazing time machine. It is a pen, with which you use like this: you write the date you want to travel to and thats it. You can imagine some paper infront of you and that's it. The reason why he returned to the past was to prevent your kid version from meeting with me. He wanted his life to be as it was, so somehow he changed your thoughts and so you didn't meet me. It was amazing. What a power. - Cloud explained. She said more things likehow was it possible for him to know that I could talk to Cloud. That I would have changed the future. I don't get it. Perhaps, he considered it. He considered that it was possible because of something he called the ¨Time Beater¨. Something that could alter any event. A person could be rich in the future, but as we know, if interfered, that person might not be rich. There is a world before us and after us. I might have decided to travel back in time, but what about if my past version at the end ended up forgetting it. There are three worlds. Past, Present, Future. Not impossible. But how did Cloud get her powers? - I am your daughter yet I love you. Not as I said, but as your lover. Its weird, and society might not approve it, but I want this.- she said. Cloud was serious. As a man, someone who is opened to everything,I think...I love her, not as a daughter but my future wife. Somehow I ended up marrying someone else and had Cloud later. I have to investigate about what I did or will do. Robert Makise, the original Time Dreamer.

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