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The Last War on Earth

Novel By: rosewaterkaren000
Literary fiction

It has been two months since World War III ended. Before everyone knows it, the world layed in ruins, crushed by the overwhelming power of nuclear weapons of all the countries. The earth only contained drifting continents with endless deserts while resources and food are scarce. The human population diminished rapidly and it is a fight between all living things to survive. Evelyn is one of the few remaining survivors living on her own in a 'now ruined' desert. She sets out to find other survivors and also to bring hope. But her adventure leads her astray and into many mazes and holes. View table of contents...



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Chapter 1: The Ruined Planet

The earth was never ruined until after World War III. Hard to believe, but all the countries decided to fight each other using the technique of All-Out-War. It would mean nuclear weapons too. Sadly, the war did not stop and kept raging. When the countries finally stopped, it was too late and the world was destroyed by them, destroyed by the humans. But that is not all. As a rebound, their war has caused a rapid decrease in the human population. Radiation poisoning made everything worst and nearly killed off all the humans. Luckily, some people like me survived. My name is Evelyn and it has beentwo months since the end of World War III. I am currently living in a 'now ruined' desert. This place used to be a small village where I grew up. But now, it is nothing but patches of sand. I built myself a small hut of the wooden debris. There were hardly any food here. Sometimes I would fall back in time and saw the past. I was eight back then and World War III had just started. Bombs were dropped nearby and the skies were always draped in a crimson color. Cries would erupt every day and night until I could not take it anymore. It was like being stuck in Hell with Satan torturing all the people and their cries echoes on forever. When I turned fifteen, I decided to escape. The war raged on but I could care less. I just wanted to get out of the fiery Hell pit of cries of agony. I waited for my father to go tend his crops miles away and for my mother to be busy in the kitchen. I packed my bag and escaped through the window. I ran out of the village and into the grassland nearby. I kept running until the village looked like a spec of dust. Dusk approached and the sky darkened. The red sky mingled with the oncoming black sky to create an unusual but beautiful color of dark red like blood. I turned my back to the village andkept walking.'They will never catch me now!',I thought happily. But I was wrong. It was theopposite. I will never catch them...again. Not long, a blinding flash glowed from behind me. I turned around just in time to seea mushroom cloud of dust and sand. The impact was so strong thatit knocked me several yards and also knocked me unconscious. When I finally woke up, I was in a barren desert with nothing in sight. I ran back, trying to find my village. My effort was fruitless.All I found was wooden debris half covered in sand.The heat and the impact was so powerful that it had destroyed all the people without a trace. I kneeled down and cried. I didn't mean to run away. I didn't think that it would become like this. I didn't know. Forgive me people of my village!With nowhere to go and no idea of how to survive, I had to follow my instincts.I gathered the debris and built a shabby hut. I still had some water and food in my bag but I tried to hunt for some more food. Water was essential but I could not find any in its pure form so i depended on water from the food. The place was really a desert with snakes, lizards, and scorpions. Whenever I try to catch one of those, they always hide under the sand and I would loose the game of hide and seek. The food in my bag was not enough and I had to get something to eat. Hunger pricked me thousands of times, making me reckless. At last I triumphed over my hunger and learned to be patient and at the same time cunning. I would meditate and depended on my ears to warn me of my pray. Being completely still, I could even become one with the tree. Suddenly, the sand moved before me something rattled. A rattlesnake! They are worth a good meal but extremely dangerous and hard to catch and kill. But hunger surmounted me again and I was forced to overcome the extreme. As quick and skilled as I can, I grabbed the snake by surprise behind its neck. It hissed at me, looking panicked and angry. I squeezed the neck and pointed the head downwards. I took hold of the neck with my second hand and broke its neck. But the snake was persistent to survive and kept twisting and rattling. Since the head would not be dangerous anymore, I stomped on it until it stopped moving. I skinned it with myhands and ate it raw. The meat was cold andbland but it tasted like chicken. There was little meat on it but still better than a lizard or a scorpion. Lizards are alright but scorpions have toughamours and is a pain to chew them.Scorpions are also very dangerous to catch but not worth it. I am not some meerkat looking for insect, Iam bigger and needs more foodthan that.When I found out that there was not enough food for me to catch and eat, it was time for me to leave. Sleeping under the stars, I though about random things. Why didn't I die sooner like with my village? Wouldn't that me nice since I have to suffer now. Why can't I just die? I am dirty, skinny, hungry, thirsty, and dying. Evelyn.My name....what of it? Evelyn means living light.Wait, perhaps I can bring hope. Not everything is about survival. Hope is what makes people survive. There must be more survivors out there somewhere. If I can bring hope, maybe the world can be restored again. Hope is the thing with feathers that makes us fly higher and higher into heaven. I still have hope left and that is whathas been keeping me alive. In order to redeem myself for what I havedone,I will travel travel around and restore hope and life on this planet. The people of the village lives inside of me and I will live on for them.


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