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Gandhi In My Dreams

Novel By: shubham pandey
Literary fiction

i dont how good a writer i am but i felt like writing a novel now after wrriting 7 short stories.

This novel is about a & year old boys who one night dreams og gandhi in his dreams. it is a very cute and yet very message oreinted novel. its all about the meeting of our father of the nation (INDIA) and a 7 year old boy who knoes nothing about him....

have a good read....:) View table of contents...


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It was vacation, and I had nothing to do;

I was at home and mummy daddy too;

My glance caught a sketch, of an old person;

He appeared to be the gentlest under the sun;

Strikingly, different was the expression in his Eyes;

Suddenly I felt guilty of all my lies;

His lips parted in a smile, so pure

He left me spellbound that's for sure

"Who is he dad?" was my question

"Come on, don't you know?" "was his reaction

He is the one who has set us free;

He is the one who has planted the tree;

He is the one, who was bold enough;

Firm and stubborn but never rough;

Truth and non-violence is what he taught

Same were the principles for which he fought

Preaching and practices for once were the same

His deed were worth name and fame

I have never seen a soul, so tall;

Oh dad; he appears to be the father of all

"You said it, child" said my dad

'Bapu' is the name he always had

I saw the sketch again and again,

His returning smile was my greatest gain,

October 2nd was the day my friends

That certainly changed my life's trends

Anand was reading his story book when the class teacher Pankaj Sharma arrived in the class. Reading stories was anand's Favorite past time and whenever he got time, he used to pick up his story book to read. Pankaj was going to read a poem on Gandhi. He stood up and said, "Children, I am going to read a poem today, who wants to listen." All the seven year olds shouted at once, "me." Pankaj replied, "Ok, so sit quietly and listen." He started reading

His heart was full of love

Towards all human beings

Himself, he was truth

And gentle like a dove.

He travelled East and West

But what was his quest

It was for the country's sake

It was for the country's best.

He freed our country from the foreign yoke

In a non-violent way

And gave his life for the country's sake

Facing the bullet of astray.

Hail to the gandhi

Hail, father of all my country men

You have left us a great legacy

Of truth and sharing with everyone.

You look so simple at the spinning wheel

yet glory of labour to us you have taught

To the teeming hungry millions

Hope you have brought.

Your noble pain we shall tread

And strive to keep our country free

From bare and selfish thoughts

And any kind of slavery

When Pankaj completed the poem then one boy got up and asked, "Sir, who is Gandhi?" Pankaj smiled and answered, "Gandhi is the father of our nation." Anand raised his eyebrows and questioned, "but my father's name is Mr. Sumedh Sharma." Pankaj started laughing at the cute reply of anand and said, "Anand, I am not talking about your father but the father of the nation." After this Pankaj explained a little history about India to the whole class but it was tough for the seven year old kids to understand as they were more interested in Tom and Jerry stories. This name "Gandhi" made a home in anand's heart. Anand came back home from school and ran to his mother in the kitchen to hug her as he daily does. His mother kissed him and said, "My Naughty Prince, did you finish your Tiffin?" Anand replied, "yes mom."

She was checking his Tiffin when anand questioned, "mom, who is Gandhi?" His mother was surprised by this question as this was from the innocent anand. Her reaction was not surprising as you do not expect a question like this from a seven year old these days. You may expect a question like 'who is the mother of jerry- the mouse' or 'would Snow white be able to live with seven dwarfs?' but a question about the most respected personality of Indian modern history was truly a surprise. His mother 's name was Kavita. Kavita changed his clothes and was feeding him when anand asked the same question, "you did not tell me about Gandhi?" Kavita replied, "he was a freedom fighter who won independence for our country." Anand was confused and questioned, "But teacher told me that he is the father of the nation but when I told him that my father's name is Mr. Sumedh Sharma then he started laughing."

Her mother smiled and said, "yes my Princy, gandhi is the father of our nation." Anand became angry after listening this and shouted, "then why did you told me that my father's name is Mr. Sumedh Sharma, do you know whole class was laughing at me." She took him in her arms and explained, "Baby, your father's name is Sumedh only but do you know one thing!" "What?" answered an angry anand. Kavita explained, "Gandhi was an angel who fought with British to win freedom for us, he fought like the superman but he never used any weapon and then everyone started calling him father as everyone love him." A cute smile came on Anand's face, he again questioned, "is Gandhi an angel or a superman?" Kavita did not wanted to discuss more about this with him as he was to little to know "who Gandhi was" so she replied, "Yes, he was a mix of both like a super angel." This answer satisfied anand. He went to play happily.

Next morning, he woke up and went to his mother and requested, "Mom, I want to go to the toilet, please come with me." Anand feared going to toilet alone as his friend once narrated him story that all the monsters live in toilets. He came to the living room and saw his neighborhood friend Rahul waiting for him. Rahul asked anand, "Hi Anand, would you like to go to Raj Ghat, dad and Me are going and I thought that if you would be there then we will have a lot of fun." Anand replied, "Not at all, don't you know that Tom and Jerry movie is coming today on cartoon network, I cannot miss it." Raj Ghat is a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi. It is a black marble platform that marks the spot of Gandhi's cremation on 31 January 1948. Anand had the opportunity to know many things about Gandhi but he missed this opportunity.

Anand watched the Tom and Jerry movie the whole day. At night too his desire for cartoons was not over as he remained glued to Cartoon Network. His mother came in his room and showed some fake anger as all the mothers do, "Anand, go to bed or you will not watch T.V. for the coming full week." Anand showed some resistance but in the end went to sleep. His mother switched off the light, kissed him on his forehead and said, "Sweet dreams baby." Anand's eyes were tired as they were glued to television the whole day. His body relaxed and soon anand travelled into his sweet dream. Usually his dreams used to be sweet but happy like meeting all the cartoon characters, a picnic to Disneyland, a school day off due to rain but this dream was the sweetest dream of his life. He met someone whom he never met before in his life. someone whom he never thought of dreaming, someone whom he just imagined, someone who had specs on eyes, some who was bald as well as bold, someone who was wearing nothing but a dhoti and shawl, someone who had lathi (wood stick) in one hand as a support for walking, someone whose name was Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi.


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