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The Secret of the Haunted House

Novel By: Silgorious
Literary fiction

A boy kidnapped and imprisoned finds a group of Hokafandas headed by an evil dragon trying to finish him once and for all. Find out how he tries to defeat evil to bring peace to the land of Silgorious! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 10, 2013    Reads: 90    Comments: 18    Likes: 11   

Get Out!

Thomas was coming home from the market and had just reached the corner of the street. As he was about to turn to his house, he heard a loud pop behind him, and was frightened. He turned back to see a young boy standing behind him, holding a silver stick. He seemed out of breath and frightened. The boy faced Thomas and stared at him for sometime, and asked, "Are you my brother?" Thomas was bewildered and asked, "Your brother? What's your name?" The boy replied, "James Sawyer. And what's your name?" Thomas replied, "Thomas Sawyer." James asked him, "Do you live here? What is this place called?"

"This is my homeland, India."

"India? Where is it?"

"In Asia, you silly fellow!"

The boy said, Asia... India... Yes! I got it! You are probably my cousin brother my mom was telling me about!"

"What? You're my cousin now?"

"Yes, seems so. Please help me! I came here for the first time in my life!"

"So what?"

"I am lost, have no one to take care of me, have come here by chance, and now, you refuse to help me. Huh..."

"Is that so?"

"If you help me, I'll help you, and give you my mother's gift for my cousin."

"What gift?"

"I'll give you a magic diary."

"Are you mad?"

"Absolutely not. Here, take this." He said, taking out a small book from his leather bag.

"What's special about it?"

"I don't know. My mother gave it to me, saying that it was for my cousin named Thomas."

It was a beautiful small black leather bound book with silver pages. The cover page was completely plain black, with a thin golden border. There, in the middle was a picture of a book, and above it, "Thomas Sawyer, this is your diary, so please accept it as my gift to you." was written in beautiful cursive writing in golden letters.

As he was pondering what to do, he heard a sound inside his head. It was very strange. There was a beep, and then as Thomas looked at the diary, he saw the following lines written on it:

Hello, Thomas, why are you pondering over me? I'm real! I can read your thoughts very clearly. I'm going to introduce myself if you want me to do so.

"Are you really a magic diary?"

"I am." it said.

Thomas looked at the diary once more. He asked the diary, "Who is this boy, claiming to be my cousin?! "

"I'll show you his past, and you may know how he came here. He is your cousin brother."

Suddenly, Thomas felt dizzy, and everything turned black. He saw a small boy, around three years of age, playing with a very beautiful woman, sitting on soft green grass in a park, with other children playing other strange games. She would wave a silver stick, and throw a small balloon in the air, and he would jump and catch it, and burst it by pressing it, laughing heartily. Again the woman would wave a silver stick, and another balloon would pop out of it.

After sometime, the scene dissolved, and Thomas found the same boy, now bigger and stronger, around ten years of age, entering a room marked, 'Prohibited Area: No Entry'. Thomas went and tried to stop the boy, but his hand went straight through the boy's body, as if it were air. Thomas was surprised, and yelled, "Hey! Don't enter this room!" but, the boy seemed to have heard nothing. He stealthily went into the room, carryig a small diary, and a leather bag, followed by the invisible form of Thomas. He found the room filled with books, strange instruments, and a big transparent ball in the middle. The boy surveyed the books, and sat there for some hours, jotting down some notes in a small diary.

Suddenly, the boy got up, and took out a silver stick, and aimed it at Thomas. He was a little surprised, and turned around to see what was he pointing his stick at. What he saw made him really frightened, even when he was immune to any danger in his present form. A giant figure, with a snake-like head, and a long fish-scaled body, with a tail made of red fire, was floating near the doorway, and on seeing the boy, pointed a foot long golden and red stick at him, hissing loudly- "Agada Qatala!"

A jet of red fire came out of his wand, the boy ducked, and yelled, "Herenlo Reversia!", pointing his wand at the monster. The monster wasn't expecting him to be able to perform such a powerful well aimed spell. Had he not dived out of the way just in time, he would have been hit squarely on the chest, by his own spell. He dashed into the room, and tried to capture the boy, but, he was unable to do so, as the boy disappeared on entering the ball. He tried to enter it, but he was repelled by the force of the ball. He repeated it, but without any success. Then, after sometime, the scene blurred, and Thomas found himself leaning on someone. He felt as if he was waking up from a deep sleep...

"What did you see?" asked James, a little worried.

"I saw you fighting a monster!" exclaimed Thomas, unable to believe.

"Yes, I did try to." he replied.

"Show me your wand, then."

"Here it is." he said, taking out a silver stick exactly the same one that he had seen in his diary.

Finally, Thomas believed the boy's strange story, and decided to take him home. He planned to let him in as his friend who wants to stay with him for the summer vacations. But, he had to make sure that the plan was not foiled by the boy whom he had tried to help.It was time for dinner, and Thomas knocked on the front door. "Who is it?" asked his father. "I'm Thomas. I've a friend with me." His father opened the door and Thomas went inside, followed by the boy.

James was very happy. He flew and hugged Thomas' mother, saying, "Auntie! I'm so happy to meet you." Thomas'mother was taken by surprise, and before she could move, the boy held her in a tight hug. Thomas saw his father frown and turn slightly red. He was angry at the boy and wished that he had not met him at all. He wanted to escape the questioning and lecture that was about to follow, so he said, "He's ... Ummm... father. He…"

"What a friend have you chosen, Thomas! Such an uncultured and unmannered fellow he is!" said his mother, after being released from the hug.

"Thomas, who have you brought here?" roared his father in anger.

Thomas remained silent. He knew that the game was up. He had taken the risk and he was paying badly for it. He was thinking of running away in case his father hit him. It was just a week into the summer vacations and he hated to spoil it and miss all the fun. His cousins were coming on Sunday, and he was very happy. But this incident made it all appear far away, like a happy dream.

Thomas' father was a person who hated strangers and had really very few friends. He was always stressing that strangers bring more harm than good, and so on. He had repeated all the stuff to him to such an extent that he had lost track of the number of times he was told all this. Thomas' father came into the room, cane in hand, to give both of them a good thrashing. But, as he rushed towards James, he took out his wand with lightning speed, and within moments, the cane turned into a bunch of fine roses.

Thomas' father was surprised that his cane suddenly turned into a bunch of roses. "This is so sweet of you. Thank you very much."

Thomas' father remained open-mouthed on seeing it. "How did this happen?" Thomas' mother asked in surprise.

"Are you a sorcerer?"

"No, I am no Saucer."

"Magician! Get out of my house!"

"I'm going to stay here, as my brother invited me here."

"Thomas, THROW him out or I'll beat you black and blue!"

"Fine, just as you say."

Thomas quickly grabbed the boy's shirt and dragged the boy out of the house. The boy was very surprised and said, "It's unfair, Thomas! I gave you..."

"Shut up! I'll tell you why I did so." whispered Thomas.


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