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The Secret of the Haunted House

Novel By: Silgorious
Literary fiction

A boy kidnapped and imprisoned finds a group of Hokafandas headed by an evil dragon trying to finish him once and for all. Find out how he tries to defeat evil to bring peace to the land of Silgorious! View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 3, 2013    Reads: 6    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   

The Encounter with a Ghost

After a while, Thomas opened his eyes, and asked, "Sam? Sam, where have you gone? Sam! Ugh... I feel..." He opened his eyes, and found himself leaning on James, while Samolina sat near him, smiling. "How do you feel, Thomas?" asked James, trying his best not to break down. "Fine, but I think I was in an oven... What happened?"

The two of them explained that he had turned into a wizard, and the wand now belonged to him. James was on the verge of tears, as this wand was a gift and the only gift that he had ever received from his father, as he was forced to go into hiding before James could turn two. He was thus brought up by his father's younger sister, who had married a man by the name of Marjhana Garadie, a reputed and respected Silgorian.

When he had turned seven, Mariana Garadie, the wife of Marjhana Garadie, made him study all day, made him do all sorts of tiring spells, taught him personally for two years, and finally on turning eleven, she let him into a private laboratory owned by Marjhana Garadie, where all sorts of new and advanced magical items were placed, with a big shiny silver ball in the middle.

He was to take notes and then return to her house secretly, as he was in constant danger, as Mariana Garadie had told him.

She said that his mother had left him a magic diary, and said that she wanted it to go into the hands of a man or boy by the name of Thomas Sawyer. She also said that he will have a challenging fight before meeting his real friend, Thomas Sawyer, and will have to be prepared for the Grand Victory and defeat someone... It is all a pile of junk, what in the world will be happening?, James had thought when Mariana was telling her all this.

But, now it was really making his heart break, he had endured more than he could, and wanted to break free. He wanted to lash out at those being the reason of his troubles. He'll really be showing them what happens when someone messes with the lives of the Sawyers...

"Hey! Now will we just sit around and keep quiet?" asked Samolina, as both the boys had been strangely quiet, both in their own worlds. She wanted something to do, and sitting around without speaking made her feel uneasy, mainly as their moods were not good.

"Well, what should we do then?" asked Thomas, coming out of his thoughts. He had seen Sam sleeping in a cozy room, and was about to wake him up to ask him where he was, when he suddenly felt himself sweating due to extreme heat and he fainted in his dream. He felt someone pulling out a thing from his chest, and finally he woke up, in the dark prison, to find Samolina and James leaning on him.

"I have lost my wand! It's now yours!" wailed James, finally breaking down. He had been able to resist crying for so long. Now, it just slipped over the edge. Samolina tried to calm him, but it was not so successful. Finally, Thomas said, "James, don't worry, we'll share this wand. It will have tripple power on shared ownership. Do you agree?"

"How can you be sure? It's really a silly idea!" wailed James. Thomas really wasn't so sure, but he felt that what he had said was true. He knew that there was a strange power in being united, and he wanted to test his theory of a shared wand being thrice as powerful if three people shared it. But, how to do it?

Thomas gave the wand to James, saying that he was willing James to own the wand, with all the three Silgorian's power combined together. As he handed the wand to James, a bright lightning bolt flashed accross the sky, right above the three friends. Then, as James handed the wand to Samolina, and as he took it back from her, he almost threw away the wand as it turned hot due to the combined power of three Silgorians. Soon, it cooled down, and now they wanted to test the power of the wand.


Unknown to the three, a ghostly figure roamed throughout the prison, listening to their conversation. It was quite interested to find the three helpful and kind towards each other. He was surprised to see a girl hand over a wand to a boy, and thought he might have some fun. He conjured a snake, and sent it towards the boy with the wand. This snake was nearly indestructible, and only those who knew the secret of the snake could destroy it completely. He watched as a boy simply vapourised the huge snake, and before he could do anything else, the three had caught him hiding in the darkness, and the boy with the wand quickly trapped him, preventing his escape.

The taller of the boys said in a loud commanding voice, "Peskinit! What's all the mess you are trying to make?"

The ghost was surprised. How did the boy know his real name? Might have just blurted out a name... SLAP! "OW! You! How dare you slap me?!" screeched the ghost, feeling pain in almost a century. It surprised him that a silly small boy was able to do it, when even the bright wizard of his age would recoil in fear on seeing a snake, and a ghost. SLAP! "Want some more?" taunted the boy, looking straight at the ghost. Now the ghost was really frightened. SLAP! "No! I'm sorry!" the ghost wailed, struggling to escape the magical bonds placed by the boy. It was really good for James, as he could finally vent his anger on someone, even if it was a ghost. After becoming satisfied with his work, James finally loosened the bonds a little. "Well, if you help us, then I'll be releasing you, and if you please me, then you'll be rewarded. If you betray me, I'll kill you. Is that clear?" whispered James, so that only the ghost could hear him.

The ghost said, "I'll not believe a coward like you! You filthy ..." SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Dare to insult me?! You should die! "No! I'll help!" wailed the ghost, clearly unable to bear the severe pain James' magical slaps were offering.

"Well, then first of all tell me your story. How did you get 'employed' in this junk of a prison? How long have you been torturing kids and innocent prisoners?"

"I'm not employed! I'm a prisoner too! Please don't slap me! It's the truth! I... " "LAIR!" shouted James, getting red and hissed angrily. "I want the complete truth, not one word other than it! One more lie, and I'll make you die!" "Fine, I WAS a prisoner, now appointed as the chief fear spreading ghost, under the Hokafanda leader's orders. I like to spread fear and hopelessness, and aspire to be included in the inner circle. I and my friends are going to simply eat Silgorian wizards' pathetic hopeless souls one by one and then we'll get everything in order. You silly creatures will be the very first among all the people present here, once I get my orders!"

"That's it?" taunted James, as another slap made the ghost unconscious, and it fell on the ground, as if it was a translucent balloon human filled with water. "We have to escape before they attack silgorians!" whispered the other two present.

"James, how did you manage all this?" asked Thomas, utterly bewildered by what he had just seen. "I'm just doing my job, that's all. I was thoroughly trained for two years on all this rubbish, and will surely put an end to it!" James replied. "Now, we need to dispose this bit of garbage out of our cell. Watch!" he said, pointing his wand at the unconscious body. It was blown up and it vanished as a red light struck it.

"It vanished! Is it dead?" asked Thomas, really horrified by James' actions. "No, it's just lost it's powers, and thus it's now practically like nothing, or you may say that it's now a dead roaming virus that becomes alive on getting some power." James replied, now finally his cool friendly self again. He smiled, and said, " Let's explore our 'prison' a bit. It'll be fun to meet some more friends... I hope no silly creatures in our prison dare to oppose us. I'll really get angry, and who knows what will happen?"

Saying this, he led the group towards the door of their cell, by the dim light of Samolina's blue glass balls. "This prison isn't really what it's thought it is... " James heard Samolina whisper in his ear. "Well, then what is it?" he asked, sitting down on not finding any other inmates in their cell. "You'll know it soon, my dear." Samolina said, smiling.


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