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The Secret of the Haunted House

Novel By: Silgorious
Literary fiction

A boy kidnapped and imprisoned finds a group of Hokafandas headed by an evil dragon trying to finish him once and for all. Find out how he tries to defeat evil to bring peace to the land of Silgorious! View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 3, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

Secrets Unveiled

Sam felt someone shaking him up, and got up, rubbing his eyes. "Sam! You really are a heavy sleeper! Get up, and come down for breakfast!" he heard a voice, probably his mother's, waking him up. It seemed strange. He was feeling sick, with a dull pain in his head. He felt his whole body tingle and wondered what had happened. He heard footsteps approaching his bed, and finally got a look at the person entering his room. He found a young girl sitting on a chair beside the bed as he saw the boy he had seen before sleeping, enter the room. He smiled on remembering the events before he had gone to sleep.

"Who woke me up?" Sam asked the boy, getting up from his bed. "My sister woke you up. She will serve breakfast." he replied.

"Who are you? I don't recognise you. Are you my brother or something?" Sam asked the boy. "I'm your Silgorian cousin brother. My name is ..." the boy replied, but Sam cut in, "Silgorian cousin brother? What's that? I've never heard of any type of 'Silgorian Cousin'. Are you serious?" The boy just shrugged, and said, "Well, come down, you'll know everything." Saying so, he went out.

Sam had no idea what was happening. He came down after washing and cleaning himself. The house seemed to have a life of its own, and Sam was feeling as if he was familiar of the plan of the house. It was just a bit strange, he was oddly familiar with everything, yet everything seemed to be new to him, as if he was seeing it for the first time. Well, the answers were waiting for him in the dining room...

"Hi, Sam! Had a nice trip?" asked the girl that had been sitting on the chair in Sam's room. "Well, it was fine, I just don't know what's happening around me. Where am I? Better tell me this time." Sam said, to no one in particular.

As Sam looked around, sitting on the empty chair beside the boy, whose name was still unknown. He saw that there were five people, and he was the sixth. Mother, father, two sons, and a daughter - that's what the family was. Sam was really unable to piece the facts together. He had a queer feeling that something was not fitting properly in it's place, but he couldn't exactly determine it.

"Well, Thomas is right now in Blackdemon Prison, and you are in Silgorious. We are your wizard cousins, and my name is Tom Sawyer." the one he had met on arriving in this house said. He continued, "I'm glad I could get you here safely. I know you are a bit unsteady right now, but you should turn normal as your body accepts the magical influence of the house, and once your body neutralises the magical energy by absorbing it."

"Then, why didn't I feel that way on arriving yesterday?" Sam asked, curious. "It's because we had switched off all the magic near your room on your arrival, to keep you from being harmed by the sudden exposure to high levels of magic. Now, we have it up and in full power. You were exposed to magic gradually while you were sleeping."

"Does this mean I can do magic on becoming normal? Have I turned into a wizard?" Sam asked, both excited and afraid. "Oh, you! Naturally, you were a wizard but had lost the magical power as you had been in the other world for too long. Now, you just got your powers back, that's all!" said the younger of the brothers, named Jack Sawyer.

Sam noticed that the two parents were sitting still, doing nothing, and hadn't moved a limb. He suspected that something was terribly wrong, but was unable to prove anything. Finally, getting an idea, he quickly got up, and rushed out into the balcony. Just when they entered the balcony, he closed his eyes, thinking of standing behind the motionless figures.

A second later, he found himself standing behind the motionless figures. He now believed part of the story, but he needed to know what was odd. He pointed the wand left on the table by the sister at one of the dummies, and whispered, Reveal yourself! and was not surprised to see a surprised squeak, as a jet of blue light hit it. This dummy turned into a mouse and hurried away into the nearest exit, the balcony, just as the three rushed into the room, gasping at the sight.

"Hey! You fooled us! Brilliant!" exclaimed Jill, smiling. Now, the game was up. Tom glared at his sister, for being so foolish. She had to control the fake parents, till the day he would declare to the friends assembled for his birthday that he was able to do advanced magic, showing off the stunt of changing his stunned parents into creatures and back again, this time surprised and alive real parents, in the place of the mouse. "You really are a dumb witch!" Tom muttered, his mood spoilt, due to the failed prank he was planning since three days. With the 'father' bursting out of the house after being revealed as a silly rodent caught Tom off guard, upsetting his plans for the first week of summer vacations.

It was a pity, but on the positive side, he had an extremely itelligent friend and cousin. He hoped that by the time his real parents returned from their trip, he would have everything arranged as planned.

Sam was introduced to the group of pranksters, who started calling themselves Silgorian Army of Masters , or 'SAM' after their new leader, Sam Sawyer. He was thrilled to be made a leader, and that day was busily spent in planning their actions for the grand party, celebrating Tom's 15th birthday. He would be now able to formally deal with his matters as a Silgorian Adult. The group of friends now renamed as SAM departed, leaving Sam, Tom, Jill, and Jack alone in the house.


The three friends, Thomas, Samolina and James sat in the prison, discussing of ways to escape the dark place, and did manage to almost make it out of the prison. At the last moment, a group of hokafandas guarding the prison managed to break the defences cast by the three around themselves, and captured all the three, taking them to their leader. It was strange that they didn't kill them for trying to escape.

They took the three to a strange house, and pushed them through a door to meet their master. The three found themselves standing in a corridor, that had a dead end. It soon turned out that there was a door at the end, and they entered it, and came face to face with a very ferocious dragon spitting fire. James had the presence of mind to freeze it just before it burned them down. Many attacks followed, but it was useless, as the three fought with all their might. The dragon finally tried to blast the whole place, but, just then, there was a shrill whistling noise, as the whole building shook. James had finally made his opponent he had fought in the past in the lab lie down, dead.

This was the most powerful spell he had been taught, and it filled his heart with joy to see that his hard work had finally shown its fruit. He patted the two on their backs, and said in a triumphant tone, "We Win!" Just then, a group of hokafandas watching the battle with their master's dragon swooped in, intending to catch them. James slashed his wand, and soon all the fifty hokafandas sent for them lay in a heap. "Enough of this!" roared James, grabbing the two and running out into the other end, and finally managed a grand escape, by tearing through the time and space barrier around the prison, and landing straight outside the prison, unfortunately just in front of a great serpent on the ground. The snake moved forward to get it's food, just as a lightning bolt hit it's eyes, forcing it to back away.

"Hey, look behind you!" shouted Samolina, as Thomas just escaped a deadly blow on his head by a big rock sent at him. "What are you doing here, in my farm?" roared a giant, red with fury. "You just now killed my pet snake!"

"It's alive, not dead. Sorry, I did that to save myself." James replied, throwing a ball of gold towards the snake, which was thrown towards the giant. The giant smiled, catching the snake in mid air. "Thank you! I'll help you if you are a Silgorian." he said, smiling at James. "I am a deserving Silgorian. Will you help us reach Silgorin land? I want to go to the ancient Purely Magic University." James replied, amplifying his voice. Thomas was surprised, and asked Samolina "A Magic University?"


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