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The Faith Bridges

Novel By: Sophie Turner
Literary fiction

Heaven is the much loved, one of five, children, who recently moved to Oreon, America for treatment for Brooke, her younger sister with a rare form of cancer. When Brooke is suddenly rushed to hospital, Heaven her sister and two brothers realize how much Brooke means to them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 14, 2013    Reads: 6    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

The sea was deep yet inviting. Water swirled around my ankles, painfully chilling although it was refreshing in a manner. Salty fragrance played across my lips, and concealed itself in my nose. My board was tucked comfortably under my arm, fitting into the position it usually did. Only an hour 'til sunset, but Cannon Beach, Oregon, was close enough to empty. Above the surface, anyway. In the waters were colourful beings, swimming in the coral beds strewn about. That was one of two reasons we moved to America. The first being Brooke, and her treatment. She developed a rare form of cancer a few months ago, and the only treatment that was available cost thousands of pounds, as well as cost of travel. Our grandparents helped us out with the expense, though. The second reason was me. I had always been picked on, but not gravely. Not until recently, when they bullied me because of my difficulties. I have dyslexia, meaning I struggle to read, write or pronounce words that I am reading. I had intended to keep it private, but even my best friend turned on me once I had told her.

The currents were extremely weak, thankfully, so I could surf freely. Nothing was stopping me from diving straight into the sea, so I didn't decide against it. My mask was tightly strapped to my face so water could not drain into them, which also meant that I could see clearly into the world that I longed to inhabit. I would rather live in the watery world full of majesty and grace, rather than a world of suffering and pain. I watched the minute spheres of air float to the surface, glinting crystals that capture the light and stored it there. My imagination ranged from the fish, what they ate, why can't they breath outside of water, until I realized I needed air. I slowly drifted upwards. Feeling the warmth of the sun begin to fade, I swam to the shore. My feet padded up the steps, sand grasping to my bare feet. I rinsed off my board, and swung the gate into my garden. "Hey, Heaven." Trinity muttered from the chair. Her eyes were closed, arms folded across her chest. Isaac's nose was firmly in a book, as it often was. Studying, more likely than less. The swing was occupied by Brooke, her feet swinging forwards and back. Her hair soared behind her, the soft sea breeze fluttering her eyes. "How were the waves today, eh?" Mum asked as I trailed through the kitchen, awaiting the cleansed feeling she would earn after washing away the sand, salt and sweat. "I guess so. Dinner smells good, too." I smiled, shutting the door of the closet which now held my board. Mum returned the beam, before turning back to our dinner.

I wrapped the towel snugly around my shoulders, feeling satisfied. "You missed some awesome waves, Will." I mentioned as I passed Will and Isaac's room. "Bet I did." Will mumbled antisocially. That was something I had noticed recently. He had become more and more selfish. I wondered what it was.


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