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Guardian Angels Inc.

Novel By: soulcandygal
Literary fiction

It's mainly focused on the relationship between an older brother and his physically challenged younger sister. Guilt-ridden and blaming himself for his sister's condition, he tries to make life as normal as possible for her. The POV is mostly of the sister, but i'm gonna need to jump around a bit if required. ^_^ View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 24, 2010    Reads: 150    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

Chapter- 1.
They say each one of us have a Guardian Angel watching over us who protects us at all times. They constantly do the tedious work of watching our every step to make sure we remain safe and always do what is right.
Ever wonder how it must feel to be a Guardian Angel? Not that you get wings, are able to fly and all… just being there for someone you care about deeply. A love so sincere that you're prepared to risk yourself any time, anywhere, day in and day out to make sure that person is alright.
It's a job for a lifetime.
Your lifetime and it's worth every single moment, all the way.
It's the same story for me every morning. I wake up to the sunlight streaming into my room through the thick curtains. Sometimes I awake up feeling groggy and cross, otherwise most days are A-okay. I can't wait to go to the bathroom and freshen myself up to feel one with the new day.
But I have to wait for my brother- to help me up and out from my bed. I must have insisted a thousand times already and have tried probably a million times to convince him that I can manage on my own. He turns a deaf ear every time.
"'morning Sam. You're up early." Nathan said as he got a towel for me from my wardrobe.
"'morning Nat." I replied, "Yeah fell asleep early last night… got tired of sleeping."
My brother was yawning so hard I could almost see his tonsils. "Wow Nat, you seem exhausted. You could have slept late, ya know."
Nat rubbed his face sleepily as he shook his head. "Naw… I couldn't sleep any more. Now, lets get you all cleaned up." He bent forward and lifted me in his arms. Then he gently placed me on my wheelchair and pushed it to the bathroom.
After I'd freshened up, I looked through my clothes. What shall I wear today? I chose my usual- jeans with a comfy tee and a hoodie to brace up for the wind outside. I like to go for walks with Nat. Speaking of whom, he was taking longer than usual to take me out. I knew he would be miffed if i went around myself, so I made my way to his room.
The sight that met my eyes made me smile. Its football season and he comes home late everyday, stays back for practice and stuff. And he had been to a party at a friend's place last night, so he was really pooped out. He was asleep at the edge of his bed, all dressed up for our walk. I wheeled myself to him and ruffled his hair gently. He responded by settling more comfortably. Isn't that cute, I told myself. Soon he was in deep sleep, breathing rhythmically as I stroked his hair.
He slowly opened his eyes after a few minutes. When he saw me he smiled sleepily. Then, suddenly remembering our morning ritual he had nearly slept through, he sat bolt upright in bed. The side of his face he was lying on was cherry-red and hair tousled. I laughed at my silly brother. He blushed at first, but on realizing that I saw it, threw his embarrassment to the winds.
My sweet brother, Nathan.


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