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Maximum Happiness

Novel By: SpasmoStar
Literary fiction

With summer break just ending Max and his brother-like friend, William, are starting as freshmen on Fairway High.
A high school with an accepting system giving the “weak” a chance. Or at least that's what Max thought until his path crosses Kimmy's, who shows him the true face of headmaster Percy Hewitt.

Along side her identical twin – Kate – Kimmy, Max and William try to show the headmaster's true intentions to the rest of the school and have him fired from his post.

Max soon finds this to be difficult seeing as he's already trying to hide a terrible secret; and falling in love certainly won't make things any easier for him.

Will Max be able to keep his secret and always have William cover for him, or will William get enough of everything and spill the beans?

In a place where not even safety exists there is only so much a teenager can take before he's had enough.

Maximum Happiness shows a world where almost nothing is safe
Where trust is hard to give and take
Where secrets are kept in order to protect those dear to you View table of contents...


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- Prologue -

She fumbled with her fingers, shifting uncomfortably in the chair in front Headmaster Percy Hewitt. Tears came closer and closer to show behind her, now glassy, blue eyes.

She had a frown upon her naturally pouty lower lips.

She clutched her skirt even tighter in her knitted fists leaving marks on it and making it wrinkly.

Headmaster Hewitt sighed heavily and looked at the blonde girl with cold gray eyes, his short silver hair shone in the natural lights from the window being cast in by the sun. His secretary was standing close behind him popping her glasses back on place looking at the file over his shoulder.

"I'm afraid this won't cut through Miss Reeves" headmaster Hewitt finally spoke "You are simply too dumb to get in here".

"But" her voice was cracking over and her eyes were burning with tears.

Headmaster Percy Hewitt had just called her dumb. It hurt in her entire body and ached in her heart. All her life she'd have to listen to students calling her that, but never before had a teacher called her stupid, let alone the headmaster of a school.

One would think the headmaster of a high school would be even wiser and not judge students like that; especially when it was completely against school policy.

The secretary, Miss Olivia Robbins, cleared her throat, crossed her arms and looked accusingly at headmaster Hewitt.

Not that he would notice when she was standing behind him.

"May I remind you Mr. Hewitt, our policy clearly states we do not care for trivial things such as IQ results or average marks. If you toss her out you will have to toss the other one out as well to not get trouble with their parents. Doing so however would obviously get us into trouble. Plus we'd lose two potentially fine students as well"

"More like one" Percy Hewitt growled impatiently giving the blonde a death glare.

The blonde girl frowned and felt the warm tears travel down her cheeks; embarrassed she looked down on her skirt. The last thing she needed right now was headmaster Hewitt seeing her cry in front of him.

Olivia looked, with chocolate eyes, through her glasses at the whimpering blonde and couldn't help but feel pity for the girl; and yet she also felt herself sigh and think silently to herself, that the blonde should grow up a bit and start standing up fro her rights.

"Mr. Hewitt please; this girl has very little chance anywhere but here, sorry Miss Reeves. Our policy, which we even made public on our newly made website clearly states that we do not take her marks in consideration; seeing as the marks she will make here will be counting for her future. Her marks from elementary school, as well as junior high, are insignificant in this matter. Is that not our policy?"

Headmaster Hewitt cursed under his breath with a very displeased look in his cold gray eyes. He snorted shortly and tossed her file on his mahogany table as if they were a pile of work he never wanted to look at again, because it was so frivolously, or badly done that it didn't deserve his attention.

"Headmaster Hewitt" Olivia spoke up again

"I get it already!" Hewitt snapped slamming his fist in the table, making the blonde jump in her seat.

She started shaking feverishly with how brutal this man seemed; how would she ever get a chance at this school if he already seemed to hate her this passionately?

"Very well Miss Reeves" headmaster Hewitt said with a tired non-caring voice, putting his head between his folded hands "Half a year. That's what I'll give you to prove you are worthy to even study. Though with grades like this, I doubt it. Your brain must be emptying out"

The blonde whimpered again and shook even more; she just wanted to go home and forget about this, and forget about education and forget about chasing her dreams. It was worthless anyways; how would she ever prove her worth to this cold-hearten man?

"However. If you, after half a year, prove to be just as stupid as these papers indicate; I'll toss you out without warning. Do you get that?"

She didn't speak. The tears were by now running freely down her cheeks, down to her skin and hitting her neck, blouse and skirt as they fell completely, just to get pulled down by gravity.

"Is that clear Miss Reeves?!" headmaster Hewitt sighed very impatiently, tapping his fingers on his mahogany table.

The blonde gave a nod of her head, not caring about her tears anymore.

He knew she was crying.

His secretary knew she was crying.

The whole world knew she was crying.

She would be mocked again, for being weak and helpless and stupid.

"Good" headmaster Hewitt's voice sounded as he handed her a paper with her schedule and the date, as well as time, they were supposed to meet the first time.

"I'll be seeing you on Tuesday August 15th at nine am. Now go. Other people are waiting to get accepted, and you already wasted more than what my time is worth"

The blonde picked up the papers, put it in her small bag, mumbled her quiet thanks and stormed out the door with tears flowing down her cheeks.

She was never going to get an education.

She was never going to become someone.

Other than that stupid girl down the street who couldn't even count to three.

Everyone thought she was that stupid, and who were to say they were wrong?


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