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"My Siren's Song... For YOU"

Novel By: Spyguy
Literary fiction

My sweet & lasting love: Why don't you like the names that I call you?
Can't you understand my heart? Or feel the love in my voice?
What's in a name anyway...?
"A Rose, by any other name would still smell just as sweet...";

Would I care any more, or would you even be blessed... If the name that I called you, were more of a test?
You want to see inside me?
You want to lay me bare?
...You want me to tell you?
To know how much I care?
...Then ask me your question; In ways I understand;
Give me the honor, walking with you hand in hand...
Do you call your sweetheart names?
What, if any are your games? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 27, 2015    Reads: 79    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

Thanks for your lovely song my sweet little Siren...

I really appreciate comments;

When one inspires me, as yours have and always do, this type of poem becomes the result;

Would I care any more, or would you care or be blessed...

If the name that I call you, were to be more a test?
You want to see inside me? You want to lay me bare?

...You want me to tell you? To know how much I care?
...Then ask me the question; in a way I understand;
Give me the honor; Walk with me hand in hand...

(To YOU...):

I call you a flower when I feel you are soft & fleeting and your memory is like a sweet fragrance on my mind;

I call you a bird when I, in my own sense of self pity & low self image, feel that you may very easily fly away to the arms of another who may be more deserving of your love than am I;

I call you a sweet song because of the music that fills my heart, & my mind just knowing that you, in all of your glorious splendor, & with the rapsody & trilling of all of Gods creations singing in my heart of the advent of your beauty, glory, tenderness, & the elation that seeing you first thing in the morning, so fills my heart with song;

I call you a star because... (Aside from the fact that you've been given a celestial body by a loving God...), when you walk into or near a room that I'm in, or any place I stay, everything lights up for me... just as though you were a reflection of the sun itself;

I call you a summer's day, because it feels to me every moment that I'm near you, that I may burn up in the fleshy red-hot desire that you spark in my loins, the burning need that I feel... Within my heart to be near you, & the brightness of your splendor, that I know I'm unworthy to have continue for more than my one summer's day;

I call you a dream, since you fill me with a reality that I've never known before... A freedom, that can't be true, and a longing... For a permanent future that's impossible to achieve, but yet one I would be willing to die to continue... To feel & experiance forever;

I call you an angel, because I know that only Heaven above could create such majesty, such glory, such beauty, such a pure & unblemished virtue... YOU... Such perfection;

I'd call you mine...

But, alas, you are not...
I wish I could have you be mine...
For now & for always, but life...
Why can't I call you mine????
I wish I could call you mine.

Is it too much to ask that you truly give yourself to me?

If you like my work, pease don't just move on... Please "like" the page, then leave a small piece of the emotion or feelings that you got as you were reading...

(Some examples I include now, for your enjoyment):


Oh Spyguy, what a lover you must be. The best understand that the full body climax is only when the spiritual, emotional, and physical combine... This is my new favorite from your writing; It's sexy and still sweet, without losing its sizzle. Thank you for adoring my gender so passionately and vocally. love C; PS: I still love the kinky dolphin... Hot and wet make steamy. ;.D Posted: Nov 30, 2012

Author Comment: Ha ha ha... I love all of my Mermaid fans too... Thank you for your wonderful words of praise... It inspires to create more juiciness for your enjoyment... Keep coming around with your spirit of enjoyment... You are one of my favorite inspiring authors.

Darknesinhiseyes: Very beautiful! Posted: Nov 30, 2012

Author Comment: So glad you liked... By the way, you are NOT, you know... (Darknesinhiseyes) And even if you are, it's his problem, not yours... Hope the waves were flowing with rising swells, & flowing tidal ebbs.

sirens song


That was beautiful and very sweet. I loved it. Posted: Dec 1, 2012

Author Comment: So; Our little Siren approves of the tickle... So glad it could make a bit of a splash... Exude happiness...


Very beautiful!! Posted: Dec 1, 2012

Author Comment: I'm really glad you liked... Hope to provide you a platform for perfection in your own perfect ocean... Thanks for riding the wave, & leaving a portion of your joy.



Hey. So I decided to check out your work after you posted on my wall and I came across this lovely piece you wrote and had to comment. This is truly well written and I like the emotion, passion and feeling this gives off. Plus, you have a great style and your comparisons and analogies to get your meanings across help to clarify feelings that can be so hard to explain. I like the way you have such love and devotion to this person for the first part, and it's shocking the twist, that with such strong feelings, this person is not yours. Almost makes one wonder how you would feel if she was yours. The detailing was nicely done and is a beautiful description of one's feelings for another, pure passionate emotional devotion, and strong. Incredible job :) Posted: Dec 19, 2012

Author Comment: Thank you for noticing the true love that I feel for you very lovely, very giving, very Angelic little Mermaids... You, who are truly the center of God's greatest gifts to the human condition... The very pulse of all that represents the most Divine, Glorious, Dazzling, & Perfect of everything in this existence... I LOVE ALL OF YOU... I adore the frailty of your lovely bodies, the bountious fullness of your voluptuous mammary globes, filling our eyes & our imaginations with visions of joy that fuel our passions & activities... The simple curves of a slight woman who's not so well endowed, glorifying a perfect God who can also make simplicity dance with the dizzying glow of a world class performer... I revel in the touch of tender, caring, delicate hands, reaching out to complement, by way of assurance, a small deed, accomplished to your pleasure, & the lift that that simple deed can affect upon a lost & anguished soul... I stand all amazed at the similarities I feel in the true & devoted dedication & love that a mother demonstrates to her small & helpless offspring, especially in moments when that tenderness is tested, even to the point of showing Herculean feats of miraculous strength in those same demonstrations, cars picked up as though nothing & moved out of the way, to save a baby in distress, & more... Praise be to the Highest for his Divine gift to us all... Womanhood, the maximum blessing from on High... I LOVE YOU ALL... But most especially those of you who touch & inspire me directly, and for good...



This feels verry intimate, like you allow your readers a complete view inside yourself. Reading it I somehow felt like a voyeur or something, looking at something not meant for my eyes, intruding into your feelings for this person. And yet at the same time, knowing it was not written for me, yet, I somehow found myself blushing as if it were. By saying "you" instead of "her" you pull the reader in, not allowing for a distanced objective view... I think that is a good thing, but it also takes a lot of guts. Personally I don't think I could be so brave. I hope I didn't miss the boat completely on my comment, but this is how I read it and felt it; I liked it verry much. Posted: Jan 10, 2013

Author Comment: I'm soooo glad that you caught on to that slight little subtle point... You obviously are a very perceptive little reader, & I'm so glad I made you blush... Hopefully, I made a few other biological & chemical changes happen as well... One can hope can't he? Yes, I do, with all of my heart, & with all of my works, try very hard to draw you, the reader, in... Into my thoughts, to my feelings, to my "Secret garden of my mind" as, if that were not my intent, I wouldn't be sharing these thoughts on this site... I'm a passionate man, not able to fully fulfill my life's passion, & sharing with you helps to bring that fulfillment... If I can be a catalyst to a sensual experience for you, I'll be at the heighth of my glory, I'll feel success, I'll be rewarded in a most intimate way, & my life will be the better for having had that experience... So, my dear, read to enjoy, read to relax, read to exult, read to climax, or plateau, but most importantly; Please keep reading, for both of our pleasures... Read on...

Eileen Mcbriar

Nicely penned poem which explains an awful lot about why we call each other these infectious titles.As for my sister she always calls me a star.Perhaps I do tend to brighten up her finances when she's pestering me for handouts. Posted: Feb 8, 2013

Author Comment: Their are many attributes to, & definitions of a star... Perhaps you can really be defined, & embodied by several of those... I see resemblance in at least two of the definitions myself... (Smiling), & I barely know you... Shine-on...



I love this, its beautifully written and you can feel the love behind it. Great piece, a personal favorite! Posted: Apr 24, 2013

Author Comment: I'm so very pleased that my work reflects the depths of my soul, & the feelings of my heart... Excel



Wow, I do like this one! The power of love, the tenderness of emotion... Beautiful! Posted: Jun 10, 2013

Author Comment: You honor me with your praise my wonderful new friend... I hope to be as good as many of the other writers such as you on these cyber pages some day...



The heart that you write with shows through on this piece of how much you must love with it too. After reading over here on this site... I found new reasons to adore you. xoxo PG Posted: Aug 29, 2013

Author Comment: You are so awesome, and tender, to give such warm reviews... You honor me...



Passionate and intimate; as though you're talking directly to a lover, or are thinking these thoughts about them. The 'you' instead of 'her' made this even more intimate, and the lack of punctuation made the lines flow on to the next; starting off slow, building up to a peak, before, quite abruptly, falling, with the last paragraph. The reader gets quite lost in the words and imagery created, and the last stanza has them wondering how the tone has changed so quickly. Some can relate to this, wanting someone who they don't have, and you describe the need and thoughts they have beautifully, with gorgeous imagery and a shocking twist, leaving the reader wanting more. Good job :) Posted: Nov 15, 2013

Author Comment: Thank you for your flowing response... It warms my heart to know that the feeling comes across the way it was intended to... & yes, I wrote it to the love I thought I had... I wish I had... I think that once I could have had... If only what I felt was reciprocated in what she also wanted, what she also needed to feel...



This is a very beautifully written poem. It is by far my favorite. One never knows when they are going to find the love they are looking for. Sometimes you have to stop looking. This one makes me want to start looking again. Posted: Nov 20, 2013

Author Comment: Continue always keeping your faith & NEVER stop looking 'til you've found the special soldier in life's battle that will be the defender of your honor, your heart, & your love... No one deserves any less than that, especially not you...



Wow, yellow! It's such a warm happy colour, anyway I'm just here to comment on this lovely poem, (I'm just friendly, so yeah.) This is very emotional and I thought it was really good, yeah I suck at comments, I always run out of things to say. Posted: Nov 20, 2013

Author Comment: Your brilliant yellow comment brightens the ground of the "Mind Garden" that I cultivate, the type of sweet fertilizer you've shared here may be the catalyst for a poem or story of it's own... You never know the strength of the sharing that you give... Thank you for honoring me with the gift of your time, your talent, your like, & your comment... I feel blessed, please continue your visits my dear, & your beauty will also be felt by the mental garden in your presence...

Your Little Nightmare


It's beautiful, really deep if I do say so myself, it's like you just let people in with your writing. I love it when that happens, I can picture it all in my mind when writers do that.It's like the perfect little picture. Posted: Nov 20, 2013

Author Comment: Thank you; you've seen a peek into who I am as a person... I love to share with future friends... Thanks for taking your time to share... Hope you're enjoying the stroll through the "Garden"



With every carefully selected word you submit a sentiment that reaches deep into our psyche, reminding us of something ancient that we once beheld and treasured, but comes into our present day as mere sparks, fleeting moments of a past that once was, yet as you speak each word they reverberate like a siren within, awakening our hearts! Posted: Apr 15, 2014

Author Comment: Such poetic prowess you extoll upon me, your humble servant, is both an honor & an obligation to bring value to your table & give you good reason to take from your valuable time spent on the priorities of your life, to come to my Garden of the Mind, & beautify it's offerings by providing fertilizer at it's very heart... In addition, you bring a loveliness to the individual flowers within; you bring the Rain of Life to the thirsty plant in the Garden, making it swell to a new-found capacity, & grow & flourish with additional thoughts & feelings of love...

You never know,I just might decide to write something special for you... As I have for a few others...


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