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It was Suiko Wilkerson's first day at Connington High. Nothing could go wrong, right?


Suiko's brother is the most famous guy in school, and she doesn't want to live by his shadow. While trying to avoid the spotlight, she meets some people who will make her school life more interesting - the overconfident Mitsui Wright, the Casanova Stunden Carleton, and many, many more.

Suddenly, she realized she's falling for one of them, but just as abrupt as that realization, a complication surfaces.. View table of contents...


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About the Characters

Suiko Wilkerson's first day wasn't that bad. After all, she decided, worse things could have happened.

And at Connington High, these things happen a lot.

It was her first day, and Suiko, following her brother Rukawa's advice, tried not to attract anyone's attention. But, as expected, she failed to do so. No one can actually ignore a Wilkerson.

The Wilkersons live just a few blocks away from Connington High. Well, yes, they do have three more houses-wait, mansions- located in three different countries, but they stay there at Connington because it was where they grew up. Suiko and Rukawa's father is a well-known and respected businessman. Their mother, well, they didn't really meet her. Mr. Wilkerson raised them on his own.

And then there was Rukawa Wilkerson, the basketball heartthrob, most famous guy in school.

Mr. Wilkerson is rarely home-meetings, conferences, symposiums, etc. - so Rukawa had been looking after his younger sister since they were kids, which wasn't hard to do, he had to admit, because Suiko was the nicest thing he knew.

Suiko Wilkerson is fourteen, three years younger than her brother. And like what I said, she is a nice little girl. She loves almost everything in this planet-the color green, the sky, children (younger than her, of course), chocolates (she would give everything up for sweets), bears, stars, ice cream, and many, many more. Also, she loves almost everyone in this planet, including her brother, their father, her bearded collie (Beau), the housekeepers Apple and Peach (how two fruits clean up a big mansion, I don't know), the driver Felix, her second grade music teacher, and, like I said, many, many more.

And oh, she loves her mother. Even though she's clueless about her mom, she loves her.

One thing about Suiko-she has so many friends from all over the world, that people wonder why she 'chose' Shizuma LeBlanc as her best friend.

Shizuma is her total opposite. Shizuma is the student council president since she was fourteen, after impressing the whole council by leaving the former president speechless in a debate. She is two years older than Suiko (16). Shizuma is a mysterious lady, and when you look at her, she seems to be thinking so many things at once. Only two people really know her well - the Wilkerson siblings.

The Wilkerson Company, Inc. was not the only super-famous company, though. There are three more big time companies that are sometimes the WCI's allies, and sometimes their competitors.

The second best company, next to the WCI, as Mr. Wilkerson believes, is the Carleton Group of Companies. Tied at third place are the LeBlanc Group Of Companies and the Dreisner Agency.

Well, there are a lot more characters in this story, and they will be introduced when the right time comes. For in love, and life, right timing is everything.


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