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Chapter 2: The Burdens of Life and Love

Novel By: Tiffany Jones
Literary fiction

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Chapter 2

The next morning, Leland went to a local breakfast shop to have some breakfast. While sitting at the table, he began to think about what had happened last night. As he sat there eating a strawberry muffin and drinking a mug of hot coffee, his cell phone began to ring loudly. He answered it and noticed that it was Marisa again. "Leland, where are you right now?" she asked. "I'm at this breakfast place having some coffee and a little muffin. I had to get out of the house because I was really becoming depressed in there." "I was just calling to check up on you because you were on my mind." "I'm feeling okay, so you don't have to start calling me like this. My mind just wanders off to certain places, and it's hard to keep up sometimes." Leland really didn't want to tell her how he felt because he believed that some things should be kept left alone. "Well, I'll just leave you alone because you sound like you need to think a lot of things over," Marisa said in a low tone. "Okay, I'll be there before you know it." Hanging up the phone, Leland placed the empty coffee mug on the table and went out to go get some fresh air. As he drove down the street, Leland's thoughts of being single and having no personal life came out of nowhere again and they were intense. Pulling over to the side of the road, Leland closed his eyes for a while and let the thoughts pour in for that second. Tears began to trickle down his cheeks as they progressed on. There was this intense pain running deep down in his through his soul and he could really feel it. It was like nothing that he had ever felt before. There was a cloud of depression that began to hover over him as he sat there in his car. "Oh God!" he cried out loudly. Out of nowhere, there was a woman that came to up to his window. "Excuse me sir," she said while knocking. Leland opened his eyes and turned his head towards her. "Is there something that I can help you with, ma'am?" he asked. "No sir, I just had spotted you from a distance and saw you just sitting here. I decided to come over to see if you needed any help." "I'm fine, just thinking about some really personal stuff that's going on in my life." "Will you be okay?" "Yes, I will." The lady then went about her business leaving Leland alone by himself. For a couple more minutes, Leland sat there in his car looking around at the scene of the people outside the front window. He then progressed on with driving home afterwards. Arriving home minutes later, Leland immediately went to the kitchen to get a cold beer from the fridge. Sitting down at the table afterwards, the feeling of calmness had come over him. Resting his head onto the table, Leland's mind began to wander off into a different world. In this little state that he was in, Leland found himself in a whole different environment not being recognized by anyone around him. Back in the present time, Leland woke up and discovered that his beer had spilled everywhere. He then took a look down at the floor and found the can on its side. At this point, Leland had no idea of what had happened in the present time because he was so caught up in that imaginary world that he was in. He got up from the table and began to clean up the spilled beer. As the cleaning process went about, his cell phone began to ring constantly. Stopping what he was doing, Leland walked into the living room and answered it. "Hello," he answered after picking it up. "It's me," the voice answered. "Oh, hey Marisa, I was just cleaning up some beer that I had spilled." "Why do you keep drinking like this?" she asked in a serious tone. "You know that I have a lot of stuff on my mind, and it's getting worse." "Well, drinking is not going to solve the problem. I'm your sister, and you can address absolutely anything to me." "I'll tell you when I get ready. But, in the time being, I'm not going to say anything." "Leland, I can't believe that you're acting like this!" "There's just certain information that I can give out right now. I'm not comfortable with telling it to you right now." Marisa then hung up the phone straight in his ear, and didn't think about calling back. Leland sat down onto the sofa and thought about the trip to New York. He decided that he would cancel it due to the fact that he didn't want to deal with all the drama of his family. Getting up shortly after, he went back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up his mess that he had made earlier. After getting the mess cleaned, he went straight upstairs to go take a hot shower to clear his mind. Leland felt refreshed after the shower, and decided to take a drive down to San Diego for a while. Once he arrived there, Leland went down to the beach club house that he knew as a kid. But, it was now a renovated club house that local people had owned. This was a place that Leland loved and wanted to stay, but eventually his life took a turn for the worse and he had to move to Los Angeles. Leland sat out on the back patio of the club house while sipping on a glass of ice cold beer looking out at the beautiful Pacific Ocean in front of him. The birds were flying high, and there were surfers surfing the huge waves. Leland felt like he was in paradise at this point because there was no other place like it in his mind. Suddenly, this feel of paradise was interrupted by a phone call. He looked down and saw that it was Marisa calling him back. He just placed the phone back into the pocket of his pants and continued to drink his beer while looking out at the breathtaking views of the beach. Finishing up the last bit of his beer, Leland couldn't help but think about going out onto the beach for a while. He placed the empty glass down onto the countertop at the bar and went out onto the soft beige sand that covered the shoreline. This was something that Leland had missed for so long because he had a lot of turmoil in his younger years and couldn't enjoy it. While standing there alone, Leland looked around and took a deep breath in and out taking in the fresh air surrounding him. This place was nothing like Long Beach or Los Angeles at all to Leland, and he felt comfortable here. Suddenly, he spotted a woman walking towards him. This woman was medium-built, had tanned skin, and had honey blonde hair. She also wore a two piece black bikini set with matching flip flops. "Hello handsome," she said with her hands on her hips. Leland was frozen for a minute because he couldn't believe that this woman was talking to him out of nowhere. "Hello," he finally replied back while blushing. "I saw you standing here all alone from a distance and decided to come over here to keep you company." "Well, you didn't have to do all of that." Leland was hesitant to say anything else because he had never had this happen to him before. This was a very different approach for him, and he surely wasn't used to it at all. The last time he had been in a relationship or even spoke to a woman was five years ago. "My name is Kara, and I'm here in San Diego on vacation." Leland then began to loosen up a bit and introduce himself to her. "My name is Leland, and I'm also here on vacation from Los Angeles. I decided to drive down here to get away from the pressures of that city for a while. I'm also on vacation from work for the next two weeks." Kara then asked, "What do you do?" "I currently work for this company as a business consultant, and I'm also finishing up my Master's degree." "Oh wow, that is very wonderful." When talking to her, Leland felt on the edge of his seat and was starting to sweat constantly due to being nervous. "Well, I try my very best to be good at what I do. All throughout my years in college, I was a straight A student with not a single B on my transcript," he finally said. "Oh my goodness, that's very impressive. On my side, I'm a meteorologist and journalist where I live." "Where do you live by the way, if you don't mind me asking?" "I currently live in suburban Atlanta at the moment in the city of Alpharetta." "Oh wow, that's wonderful. You're a long way from home I see." "Oh, I'm good with it. I travel a lot, so I'm barely at home like that. But, since they are cutting my hours down, I'm having a lot more free time now to stay home and travel to different places." Leland was really starting to get interested in her while she was talking to him. This woman was so sexy and had his mind wondering to all different places suddenly. "Kara, you are very smart as well because meteorology is not so easy I know. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be in a field like that." "You got that right, and it really isn't as easy as it looks." "I bet it isn't." Kara and Leland then both started to walk together along the shore while continuing to talk. Leland still couldn't believe that he was walking on the sandy beach with a woman he had just met. But, he didn't care at all because he was enjoying himself away from all of the drama of Marisa and the people of his neighborhood in suburban Los Angeles. He felt that this was his chance to get away and just focus on himself and the environment that he was in at that moment. Since being on his own for ten years away from his family, he knew that it was time to really focus on the finer things in life. Later that day, Leland left San Diego with Kara's number. He was so scared to even call her on the phone because he had just met her today, and thought that she was taking it a little bit too far. Pulling over to the side of the interstate, Leland started to break down crying once again because he really knew that he wasn't ready for this. Stopping the crying shortly after, Leland continued the driving process on the interstate towards Los Angeles. He looked back at the outstanding day he had, and knew that he had to do that again just to be happy. Leland knew that there was a piece of the puzzle missing in his life, and wanted to make sure he did everything right in order to get it. He wanted to find it so bad, but knew that he had to wait a little while longer until it came to him. He didn't want to go around looking for love because he didn't know how to do it. He was feeling bad about that situation, but knew that there were other things to worry about in life. Then again, he thought about his age and how he was going to get these things accomplished.


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