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Sestina for Madser

By: DeeMoore

Page 1, A simple sestina written about my grandmother, fondly referred to as \"Madser\"


Her house doesn't have that typical

quintessential, baking smell of your Granny

And the pictures aren't all old

She's not your typical Matriarch

Maybe because my Granny is young

Maybe because my Granny is madser


It was only strange to call her Madser

When I discovered it wasn't typical

But she was very very young

When she became my Granny

She hadn't yet been matriarch

She hadn't yet grown old


Her only older sister died too young

And suddenly she felt too old

Within twelve months she lost my Great Granny

It took a while to get back Madser

She grew up and tried typical

She grew up and took over matriarch


She is a brilliant Matriarch

Ignoring the fact she was young

She never quite mastered typical

She still can't even manage Old

So I still call her Madser

Never ever ever Granny


She's coming to terms with being our Granny

And enjoys the perks of Matriarch

But she's most comfortable with Madser

I think it makes her feel young

Though she'll never really be old

Not while she fights typical


For a small, smiling granny, she can party like she's young

For a settled Matriarch she doesn't seem that old

But for my very own Madser, she's exactly what's typical.

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