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the heart theif

By: kachasheenicka savage

Page 1, well i wrote it for someone i just cant say who its for because they dont know its for them as well as i am not sure who its for but i thought of one day after getting up from sleep


                                     This poem is called the heart thief

 someone help me please come right a way my most vaulable posetion has been stolen from me today by  the very person i would never thought it could be they have run off with my heart and now i see how strange it feels to understand why you have come like some random theif in the night and stolen my heart with out a word or fight youve taken the very best part of me that i thought could have never been for i would had never given it to you i had never thought of you in away that spoke to my heart with such bliss and joy that soaked up like a day in the sun you taken from me like a bullet with no gun you pierced my heart with love first kiss i shake my fate for to love you is just to cruel to my soul and mind for your heart doesnt beat like mine i lay in fear to say what i feel for i know you know to much and my feeling are all to real where to go how will you know you have taken what doest belong to you my dear heart theif  but you know who you are and know how i feel will you every reveal what you feel for me my heart theif

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