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By: Philip Roberts

Page 1, A brand new poem, just finished, about my belief that the future does not exist!

We have to live for today
Because there will be no tomorrow,
The fascists ruling us today
Make our lives a sorrow.
So waste no time making plans
To fulfill some other day,
All hope and dreams are fading fast
As tomorrow is fading away.
Live only for the moment
Dream no dreams and make no plans,
For the future is surely fading out
Due to life’s unholy demands.
Dream no dreams of tomorrow
Hope no hopes for the future,
For nothing is just around the corner
Today is everything you are.
Hope no hopes or promises
For your hopes are surely false,
Your live is fading like yesterday
Like a patient without a pulse.
Only emptiness is around the corner
Don’t plan for a future not there,
Live each day as though it’s your last
For tomorrow is lost to despair.
© Copyright 2010
Philip Roberts

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