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"Unemployed Youth's" History

By: praveen gola

Page 1, This poem indicates the grief of an unemployed youth who migrates to another country in search of a job.

I am "Rehmaan",

An Unemployed "Mehmaan",

Came from India,

To get Employment in Pakistan.


I am ready to do any task,

Which is not legally pass,

But to serve my family,

I came for underpass.


In India  I faced a lot of pain,

An "Employment Pressure" in my pain,

Now losing my self-control,

I want this Country to defame.


Only false promises are consigned,

But reality peeps from behind,

A common man is crushed,

In hope to get defined.


They call us "Zihaadi",

But never let us "Azaadi",

As I was in the list of unemployers,

20 years after my "Shaadi".


Now I want to take Revenge,

For this unemployed abuse trend,

So that in future,

An "Unemployed Youth" history recommend.

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